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  1. I would fancy either of the two in the top league although I haven't seen Rob Roy. Guess we will find out soon though!
  2. That would be my preferred outcome. Would keep both happy. Kilwinning are a good attacking team and Arthurlie are definitely a premier team. Good history and ground.
  3. Rob Roy will be up soon but not sure it will be this year. RRG sure as hell makes things tough on himself but maybe you should all give him a break.
  4. Think they will be a good addition to top league. Just need to find out who will join them. Saturday could go either way for Arthurlie. Rob Roy will need to show real bottle to get up.
  5. It was scheduled for this week then changed. Would have thought it made sense to get the playoff spot sorted out first and leave a potential winner takes all tie until the last game.
  6. Well done largs- great run of form and won't make same mistakes next season.
  7. Was that on a phone or a laptop?
  8. Saturday games are obviously better for a club's finances. A few more neutrals would also go along. It's a no brainer really.
  9. If the fixtures guy can't arrange it so that teams aren't left to play the same club twice at this stage then he should admit his faults and schedule games the best way possible. If that means back to back so be it!
  10. You could argue that Arthurlie are getting Talbot at a good time after playing Glenafton on Monday night. I think they also get Hurlford after they have played a few games in a few days. I know both Arthurlie and shotts are still in the west. Shotts do seem to be getting best deal here after their well publicised injury woes. Also didn't agree with kilbirnie asking to move game v Clydebank however with the way fixtures have been scheduled it makes things a bit fairer. Also for troon they would rather play shotts rather than sitting idle. God knows what they are doing about Ayrshire cup.
  11. What are the unbeaten stats for largs? Have noticed their form has been very good lately. Their points total before that was shocking though and may see them relegated.
  12. And you didn't start a thread when pollok were romping the league and Rob Roy were no more than an afterthought to the rest of junior football.
  13. Those 3 clubs have all to play either Talbot or Hurlford so it will be interesting to see if any of them can pick up unexpected points. Shotts will look to the troon game as their best chance. Kilbirnie to the Clydebank game and Arthurlie to the Glenafton game but you never know.
  14. Poor defending and goalkeeping from Clydebank.
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