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  1. Thorn a force this year again I see ! Still fancy Eastfield to go close in Scottish tho.
  2. knapp be the one they'd wish for boys a class act. Lothian vale never got out there own half the 1st half and 2nd half struggled in large parts
  3. eastfield but have hard game against dumbarton. few big boys out so west is wide open. wishaw vs glenburn also tasty tie too
  4. Eastfield young hungry team with great set up in place wont be far away
  5. catrine are animals watched a few teams over the last couple years in Ayrshire they're one of the worst behaved a gang .At least crosshouse have a young team who just want to play football the right way
  6. Couldn't tell it was league decider huge gulf in class. Shortlees number 7 unplayable tonight. What a crowd for amateur game. Worth the trip down . Well done shortlees Scottish and league
  7. Hurlford better team simple fact. Bad sitter missed just before ht big moment and it was never a pen kick tbh but tackle was desperate because cb was wrong side.Shortlees will need to step up if bringing the Scottish to there scheme.
  8. Took semi final in last night. Bannockburn decent team easy on the eye. Sharp all round. Few good players for bannockburn there number 6 stood out. Shortlees defence stayed deep 2nd half no space for bannockburn in behind left Knapp up top for counter (which I thought bannockburn struggled with all game his pace and strength is top notch). He will be even better at a big park like Hampden. The shortlees sweeper organised there defence superb tho bannockburn never asked enough questions with all there possession
  9. watched crosshouse against glenburn and they did well.Didn't look like there where 3 division between them.If add in summer should go up again
  10. Colville 4-1. Is the boy mcmillian playing for Possil ex-rangers if so where does he play.Surely he stands oot.
  11. Good to see a team of lads together not from any of the big sat teams getting to final. In past gantry,cranhill,harvester and now boutreehill hill all had top players from Sat that came in now and again. #attitudeoverability
  12. What Saturday teams do most of the boys from bullfrog play with.
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