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  1. Would be interesting to know what Cormack privately thinks about the current situation. The hatred towards Mcinnes by a growing section of our support is quickly becoming poisonous (I don’t include myself in this).
  2. We didn’t make any attempt to win the game once down to 10 men. Unacceptable for an Aberdeen team. A draw should not be seen as a good result.
  3. Didn’t particularly rate Leigh last season and wouldn’t be enthusiastic about a return for him.
  4. Completely agree but not sure how this is going to work in section T. Currently full of season ticket holders who sit. In the absence of proper safe standing, the club are going to have to make it absolutely clear anyone staying will have to stand.
  5. Is it just me who thinks we weren’t that bad last night? Certainly much better than previous away performances this season and to me we were the more likely team to score in the second half. If we play like that we will comfortably finish third this season. I realise that doesn’t really bring much excitement in itself so we really could do with doing something in the Scottish Cup.
  6. Agree with the commentators. Lyon looked more dangerous than the fast bowlers.
  7. Surely only the light can save England now
  8. This really is proper cricket. Love it.
  9. Personally don’t think he is good enough for the premiership full stop. Will be disappointed if he starts another game for the famous.
  10. Fancy England to win the series as long as Anderson is fit. Don’t think Australia are particularly good even with the return of Warner and Smith.
  11. The good news is it looks unusually cool for the time of year on Thursday
  12. The most unbelievable piece of luck in the last over of the normal game when New Zealand looked to have won😂
  13. Obvious that umpires call was the best case scenario there. A waste.
  14. Buttler looks like he is batting on a different pitch
  15. Buttler rotating the strike properly but is it too late?
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