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  1. Just the latest example of Scotland being closed for business under this authoritarian SNP government.
  2. I am not going to lie, the whole handling of this pandemic has put me right off the idea of independence.
  3. When I say 3rd minimum, I don’t mean we should be finishing higher than that, more I would hope to be doing better than getting knocked out of cups by lower league opposition.
  4. If we allow one of the Edinburgh clubs to get 3rd and potential group stages it will be a disappointment.
  5. I said before the season started my instinct was Glass was out of his depth and I have seen nothing to change my mind. For me, 3rd is the minimum this season with the wages we are paying. If we had qualified for Europe or won a cup, more leeway would likely have been given league wise but the Raith result in particular has put him under a lot of pressure already.
  6. As far as I am concerned, the vaccine passports are distracting from the Scottish Government completely mishandling the reopening in their usual fashion of attempting to be seen as more caring than the UK Government. I would have removed all legal restrictions at the start of the school summer holidays with the obvious advice to keep following basic hygiene measures. Instead we had the 9th August reopening a week before the schools went back and only a few weeks before universities. I think this would have allowed the exit wave to subside before a further spike, leading to less pressure on hospitals at one time.
  7. Surely would have to be in parliament for any changes?
  8. Personally I think we have a slim chance of turning it around. I thought before the game last night we couldn’t afford to go behind against an experienced team in Europe. I live in hope though.
  9. The SG have completely lost the plot. Horrendous abuse of emergency powers.
  10. They are actually trying to pretend it wasn’t originally going to be banned until they saw the reaction
  11. The polls I can see show independence became more popular when Nicola was seen to be “handling the pandemic better” in the early days but have since been on a fairly rapid decline. It seems obvious to me that maintaining restrictions going forward is not going to win the votes of the more sceptical.
  12. The thing is though, it seems the days of floating independence voters being attracted by more restrictions are long gone.
  13. You have to question why we have more measures than any other ground and appear to be more strict in enforcing them.
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