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  1. What happened here then? At work and can't hear the audio..
  2. Both, you beautiful old octogenarian. Christ, I've missed you. Hold me.
  3. He was like that on Dragon's Den as I recall. No fucker could make out what he was on about.
  4. Sounds kinda popular, this chap you're all talking about.
  5. Is Ad Lib actually factually standing as a Lib Dem candidate? Please let it be true,
  6. Donohoe is one of a very few Scottish MP's to have no Twitter presence. Also, Central Ayrshire SNP are doing some fairly hardcore leafletting and doorstepping. I do hope Donohoe is out a job come 8th May.
  7. Hello a'body. I shall be placing my X in the box next to Ess Enn Pee.
  8. Bannatyne was taking up the "token c**t" chair, I believe. I'm hearing he can't even pronounce "Russia" properly.
  9. I recorded this last night. Not sure I can watch it now after reading the last 3 pages. Oh, UK.
  10. I would think anything over 30 would be good. My own guess? 38.
  11. I very much look forward to Bairn's prediction for Central Ayrshire.
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