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  1. All these Accies fans have obviously never seen Kilmarnock recently.
  2. I’d be quite partial to this outcome as well.
  3. Very disappointing from us. Tommy Wright seems impervious to trying new things. He says the right things in post match interviews and identifies what needs worked on, but that rarely carries over into the next game. He has to change his dinosaur tactics and field his best team and formation based on who we’re playing against. The fans can see it. If he does, there’s no reason why our squad (which has to be, on paper, the strongest in the league) can’t start performing to their potential.
  4. The only solace I can take is that I hope Ayr will be marginally worse than us.
  5. I live in Prestwick about 5 miles from it and I heard the explosion. Kincaidston is basically next to Ayr Hospital but apparently the 4 people in hospital were taken to Crosshouse as that’s where trauma and orthopaedics are based.
  6. A struggling club, with fans raging at their board and manager, desperate for a win is the perfect recipe for an early Killie Christmas present. These are absolutely the sort of games we lose. It’s the Kilmarnock way. I’d love them to prove me wrong though.
  7. Boy oh boy it’s going to be a long season. Well done Raith.
  8. Euan Murray is basically the Franco Baresi of the Championship. An absolute unit.
  9. I used to go to school with Gordon Dalziel’s nephew, so have vivid recollections of Killie v Raith games in the 80s and 90s. Hopefully this will be the game where our team finally realises we can keep the ball on the deck and string some passes together. I’m hoping we’ll give Hendry a start to see what he’s capable of. Also, Euan Murray to body Zanatta within 5 minutes, thanks.
  10. I think we will too. We’re still a bit light in the final third and we need to stop the hoofball shite, but I think the depth and strength of our squad will talk over the course of the season.
  11. Our whole household had Covid about a month ago. Fucking horrendous. Like a cross between the flu and chemo. It takes a long while to shake, as well.
  12. Joel Nouble is a decent player and a good lad.
  13. We’ve been absolutely dug shite tonight.
  14. Thanks son x aye, I’m actually enjoying it too this season. Decent teams, decent wee stadiums and a squad who look like they give a f**k.
  15. Hither and thither. Just stopped coming on here tbh and Killie being relegated didn’t exactly make me want to hurry back. Anyway….
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