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  1. f**k knows how this is going to go. I think I'm right in saying that Livi haven't won since they turned over Sellik at the start of October? When a team needs a little boost, we're usually quite obliging in that respect. We should win, but we'll see.
  2. I thought this was a poem until the last sentence.
  3. When you're that great over 20 minutes, why exert any more effort?
  4. I like super soaraway St. Johnstone, so, although understandable, it's not nice to see their fans on this thread have absolutely no confidence in their team. We've been there many a time. It's not that long since the fermers were perennial top 6 fodder. It'll come round again, lads. I'm going for 2-0 Killie.
  5. #juggernaut #toffee #standard Back in your box, spoon burners.
  6. So it seems Hibs fans are quite touchy.
  7. I thought HIbs fans were the good guys of Edinburgh. They've turned this thread into an absolute car crash.
  8. Since when did Hibs fans turn into this year's Dundee fans? Some of the patter in this thread from them has been horrific.
  9. 6th v 5th here. Jack v Angelo Hibs have scored 7 in their last 2 league outings, whereas we seem to have tightened up our defence. I fancy us to sneak this by the odd goal. Thoughts, lads?
  10. Fingers crossed, the wee shite. I'm not confident for this one. Hearts will have the post-Avril bounce and we still have all the attacking threat of a bronchial kitten.
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