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  1. Well done Saints. I hope that cheating wee shite Naismith is rather upset this morning.
  2. You'd have to be a bit of a shit to ask for a partial season ticket refund from your own club. Unless you're a Sevco Scotland Ltd. fan. They'be shown themselves to be wankers since their club was formed 8 years ago.
  3. I sincerely hope you stick several past Hearts. Insufferable fucks.
  4. Hardly surprising that no one has started a thread yet with these two shithouse teams. Clearly, the Buddies are capable of a result on their day, as was shown when they handed Motherwell their arse a couple of Tuesday's back, but then they go and draw with the fermers and take a scudding off ra Sellik. Similarly, we're capable of a performance, but there's serious doubts about Dyer's tactical nous and that he sometimes plays his pals over what's best for the team. As ever, with no basis for it at all, I'm alarmingly confident. 2 - 0 Killie.
  5. Better leave within the next ten minutes to get there in time. I reckon it'll be a 2 - 1 win for Ayrshire's good guys.
  6. I think it's cute that some Aberdeen fans think that we might beat them.
  7. I think, in this age of brotherly love between the two teams, we should amalgamate both stadium names and, henceforth use this for both stadiums. The games shall be played at "Park Park". I thankyou.
  8. We're sexy, DESPITE having the bold Gordo as a fan. That's how sexy we are.
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