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  1. Yep. We have to attack the second half of the season like a big attacky thing.
  2. I’m surprised to see that much dig and passion in Polworth. He should maybe try transferring that to the pitch.
  3. 2-0 to the mighty. It’s time we started rattling c***s.
  4. I’d agree about Utd fans. They just seem more civilised than Dundee fans, who are borderline feral.
  5. I’d start Tait and Mackay to see what they can do.
  6. That’s Lafferty signed. Debut tomorrow?
  7. I feel your pain. We had the same when Greg Stewart went back to Birmingham City then straight out to Aberdeen.
  8. To be fair, Billy Bowie is bankrolling a lot of this himself. And will definitely be bankrolling the rumoured Lafferty deal.
  9. This will be a league winning signing if it goes through
  10. I’ve seen some of the United forums in the run up to this. They don’t appear happy with their team and are convinced Killie will win. As mentioned, we’re the underdogs and have nowt to lose. I reckon we’ll edge it 2-1.
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