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  1. I think I speak for all kiilmarnock fans in suggesting that you f**k up
  2. I’m actually quite jealous of him. I’ve had a sore neck for about a month now. As he doesn’t have one, he’ll never have to go through this pain.
  3. Yeah. I’d like us to have kept him but he’s gone. Rumours are he’s going to St Mirren as a player/ coach. He was excellent in the second half of the season.
  4. Mon the super soaraway St Johnstone. The meh derby must return next season!
  5. I’ve not seen one Killie fan “crowing” about this, young Lexington.
  6. Absolutely not bragging. Poor jokes aside, I’m very much on the fence about him coming back.
  7. Perhaps his heart just wasn’t in it last season. He had split up with the woman of his dreams, and found a new bird in Paisley. She was ok, but not a patch on his ex down in Killie, so he was just going through the motions. He’s now back with his dream woman again. Tale as old as time.
  8. The only thing that’s embarrassing is you saying this is embarrassing.
  9. I saw some of the section b banners. What’s the story there? I assume it’s some cap doffing reference to their big brothers from Govan?
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