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  1. El Copa Del Mondo for me. Fucking love international tourneys.
  2. Lee Johnson saying Hibs did enough to win the game. Ultralolz.
  3. Heartfelt commiserations. It’s nae fun when your team is fucking pony.
  4. Thankyou Hibernian FC for being even more fucking dreadful than we are.
  5. Lucky for you then you’re playing Kilmarnock. The ideal tonic for a struggling team.
  6. Have you looked at our team? We’d struggle against Hill O Beath Hawthorn at the moment.
  7. Lump EVERYTHING on Hibs. We couldn’t beat an egg at the moment.
  8. Here’s how Derek will choose this evening’s line up.
  9. The players have to turn up for this one. And seeing as how our strikers have no idea where the goal is, we’ll need to rely on wee Danny or our centre halfs for goals. Nothing less than a win will do, thank you.
  10. I’d take a point tbh tbf. Depending on what McInnes’ tombola raffle pin the tail on the donkey team selection and formation is, we’ll either get pumped or squeak a win.
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