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  1. That peat bog grant does sound like a good deal for land owners. Privatising stuff is usually associated with the right wing historically but isn't necessarily. In my opinion, If the government can do social things with the money and there's realistic competition that means the social output of the subject business isn't compromised, then there’s no reason not to privatise. Strongly suspect that's not the case with the ferries though. But that blog article, holy shit. Not sure what he heard at his morningside/ kelvinside dinner parties in 2006 is robust evidence of what he's claiming. Desperate, desperate stuff from the author there.
  2. Easier to not over or undercook, granted. Cracking it into the pan, not sticking it to the pan and getting it out in one piece and on to plate/bread/ gammon etc are all additional steps that can go wrong. Given @Miguel Sanchez couldn't peel an egg without burning himself i don't want to encourage him to be around hot oil.
  3. I get that Labour is in a bad place and that Scottish input won't change that much. My question is really if next referendum is for the Union, what then? Does the SNP replace Labour as a mainstream centre left option in Scotland even if its main reason for existing has gone? Although that might not have a huge impact on the UK govt it might still have an impact. From responses on here it looks like people are turned off Labour by more than just Unionism, which is understandable.
  4. What English parliament? If you mean the UK parliament, well no, but they can't be trusted to look after the interests of their own constituents either. Scotland doesn't have interests. Scottish people have interests. And the interests of the wealthy and corrupt scottish people will be getting looked after very well. As much as the interests of unemployed single mothers in Surrey will be neglected.
  5. Only reheating tinned food or making toast rank easier on the cooking difficulty scale. Baffled by the whole "taking the shell off" bit if they're hot as well.
  6. Nah, that was some other guys donation. Yours was spent on a big box of foxes biscuits for a meeting and a single day return from Waverley to Glasgow Central.
  7. Agree with that. I think a strong Scottish base in the PLP could rein this in. Disagree with this. Without Scotland, rUK shifts ever so slightly to the right. With first past the post and the votes for the big parties fairly evenly split that might mean a minority Tory government even more often. And rUK isn't just England.
  8. Of course Scotland can't make a difference, it doesn't get a vote. You could say the same for any geographical area of a few million people. A vote in Scotland is worth roughly the same as a vote anywhere else. All eggs in the indy basket then.
  9. At the moment, the UK is stuck with a Tory Government and Scotland is stuck with the UK. At what point do Indy supporters admit defeat and start trying to make the UK work? Would losing indyref 2 do it? How many of you would vote labour if they committed to a referendum?
  10. Willing to forgive him if he publicly apologises, admits he has a problem and goes for reconditioning treatment.
  11. Dunfermline must be delighted. Terrific news, what an achievement!
  12. I don't see why he needs to come here at all. France is a perfectly safe country so he should just stay there. He's not a genuine refugee so if he tries to cross the channel he should be sent to Rwanda. Lovely country, excellent human rights.
  13. What did you expect brain to taste like, out of interest? I was 8 or 9, so "squishy" met my expectations.
  14. £27 for 90 meals at 30p each. Still got £94 for sky sports, fags and lager.
  15. I'll get them in the loft before the next frost.
  16. This will play well with their support base who will (wrongly) see this as a sign that he is competent and clever, rather than a greedy social climber who married an heiress.
  17. That's ridiculous. Did you check the meter when you moved in and cross check against your bill? We had a fight with SSE trying to charge us for the previous occupant giving them dodgy readings when we moved into a new house.
  18. I've eaten something that i was told was monkey brains, along with snake meat. It was what i'd expect brain to look and taste like but i've no way of confirming what it was. There was no live monkey attached though, so no.
  19. That's a fair point, but they are not really "free market" privatised yet because of the rules which prevent the sale of goodwill in a GP practice. That's why there aren't massive groups consolidating GP practices like they are with Dentists, opticians and vets.
  20. Fascinating spectrum of shaggers, there Misunderstood "caught it from a mandrill" imo.
  21. Our poorly paid GPs are easily swayed by the tens, sometimes even hundreds of pounds that you can save out of disability benefits. This is why we need to cut benefits and privatise GPs.
  22. But every couple of years there's a tabloid story about a guy who said he had a bad back then got filmed moving a couch or a claimed a gammy leg and played Sunday league. This is cast iron evidence that they are all at it.
  23. Truly the calling card of the low grade troll.
  24. I know they cheated I know they died It is a new club in most respects but the same club in other respects. Why can't you just enjoy their tears without the tedium of a ten year old debate?
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