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  1. Boost, lower pay off. Aye, can't imagine he'll be back
  2. People talking about the squad and signings for next season seem to be overlooking the fact that Wycombe Wanderers' players' player of the season 2019/20 is still under contract for another two years
  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Much more like it. The dementors are properly terrifying for kids. There's an actual plot with twists and stuff. It's still silly obviously but not completely dumb. Brilliant scene-chewing performances dialled up to 11 from the ensemble of Thewliss, Oldman and Spall. But Alan Rickman steals the show in this one, i don't know how he manages to make "page 394" sound quite so sinister, but it's brilliant. The aesthetics in this one are much improved too. 7/10
  4. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Better than the first one. The elf and Ron Weasley’s mugging are extremely irritating. Ken Branagh and Jason Isaacs are brilliant. Quite a bit darker than the first. Utterly stupid plot. 5/10
  5. Bavidge to start please. Hopefully a nice sunny day with the game played in good spirits.
  6. Ok, wales is 3% less brexity than Scotland is yoony. Happy now?
  7. Not sure if you're calling me misleading, but I don't think i was. 38% active support for brexit in wales =38% active support for union in scotland. If it's enough to make wales Brexity it's enough to make Scotland yoony. Or maybe there's a range of views in both places that means it's hard to generalise. Most people i spoke to in wales about brexit were firmly remain. Caveats- i didn't discuss it much because it was quite boring- i'm almost certainly part of some urban lefty middle class circle. Leavers who gave reasons included a politics grad who thought the commission was an undemocratic institution and a fat boot who wanted Farage to stand up to the Muslims.
  8. 38% of wales voted for brexit, which makes Wales as Brexity as Scotland is Unionist.
  9. Can't quite believe we ended up third after how shite we were earlier in the season. Credit to the management and recruitment team for some of the players they've brought in. Duk's been an absolute joy to watch. Miovski and Roos have had some top moments and Ramadani's been good too. The two cbs plus Shinnie were exactly what we needed from the January window. Clarkson and Scales have also been great since then. Hopefully we're adding to these guys more than replacing them over the summer. Now we just need Celtic not to spectacularly drop the ball n the cup.
  10. I thought indinia jones fought the nutsies but in my defence i was about six.
  11. The sales people prefer a nice quick "no thanks" and door shutting. It's a numbers game, they can move on more quickly and maybe speak to someone who is a sucker. Don't want to waste time with some polite ditherer who's never going to bite.
  12. I have a monocle. It falls out comedically when i'm surprised
  13. I hope this is one of those "even a stopped clock...." moments
  14. Got lifted while high as a kite after being spotted on cctv helping myself to a publication that had been delivered to John Menzies outside their door. It was some teenybopper magazine with a free boyzone cd on the front (ask your gran, kids) which I thought would be hilarious to arrive home with. The police actually let me go after about an hour in their car. I’d like to think it was because of my eloquent legal arguments on the impossibility of stealing something which was free but I suspect they just got bored and thought I was subnormal.
  15. That’s almost unreadable. The guardian needs to employ people who can write. This is one sentence: “The values ecosystem, populated by a majority rightwing media, gullible and compromised institutions such as the BBC and the vocal representatives of well funded, opaque thinktanks such as Policy Exchange and the Legatum Institute (both represented at the conference) has successfully blocked any change in attitudes from materialising in the form of policy or a progressive political programme. “ A maze of parentheses and sub clauses. Rubbish.
  16. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 1-3 are on Netflix now so getting rewatched with the youngest, who hasn’t really seen them. This one’s shite. 4/10
  17. Was shocked to discover recently that Agatha Christie was a well known roller skating enthusiast. I don't know why that surprised me, but it did.
  18. We had a bench, but not a for sale sign. Did have a shopfront awning with"Regal" on it. It was a bit big for the living room.
  19. One of the few perks to working in chain restaurant kitchens as a student was the ability to stay well fed on a budget. Not much actually made it home but a couple of extra lemon prawns here, a couple of breaded garlic mushrooms there, the odd “accidentally “ overdone steak, all adds up. Would have felt bad at a small place but whitbread, S&n and the likes get no sympathy.
  20. Why would anyone have been paying attention?
  21. I see what you’re saying but if we lose at home to st mirren it’s hard to argue we deserve Euro group stages.
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