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  1. I agree but I limited my search parameters to sentient humans
  2. This feels about right but possibly too high. The next 4-5 teams down account for one cheeks attendance. The next 15-20 account for the other. I’d guess the fourth tier, highland league, juniors, regionals account for the same again. Rangers had 500 million fans apparently but they died so don’t count.
  3. We simply need to look for someone that's displaying classic signs of coke use: shiftiness, arrogance, aloofness... Oh, hang on....
  4. If you even think of a "white Christmas" you get the jail.
  5. If i put everything in a joint account i'd starve to death with no electricity but shitloads of cushions and garden ornaments
  6. Everyone else.: that's obviously offside Celtic fans: we're the real victims
  7. Beaton had no idea if that was a genuine pen or not. He saw a chance to give one and took it. Turns out it was a pen, phew.
  8. Only caught the highlights of this. Livi looked like they were going to score from the two attacks that were shown. One of them had Jet covering half the 18 yard line himself. Fortunately Livi were dung at shooting. Unconvinced we're any less chaotic and frail at the back. Still, 2 good goals, no injuries, 3 points. Glass half full.
  9. Excellent journalism. Particularly enjoyed "most of them that come here are in jail"
  10. The tragedy of the commons never happened. It was a thought experiment to demonstrate a hypothetical point. In real life the commoners generally solved the collective action problem between themselves because they weren't all stupid and selfish. What actually did for the commons was enclosure.
  11. True as at 2019 Covid reversed the poverty and income trends. Hopefully temporary, but what other shocks to the economy are still to come?
  12. Even worse when it's a shot of the manager, just standing with his hands in his pockets or a notable in the crowd. I'm also irritated by the use of super slo mo. This would be great for watching tricks or controversial foul/ dive calls but seems to only get used for facial expressions of the most famous players.
  13. Might advertising be restrictrd because it clashes with a sky game?
  14. Feels like a heavy defeat incoming for some reason. No real logic behind that, maybe that we beat them earlier so might be a bit blase. Mainly just a feeling of impending doom. 0-3
  15. It would breach human rights law and is incompatible with International treaties. So the obvious solution will be to repeal human rights law and f**k the treaties?
  16. If you smear some cooking oil around the inside of the bin before you put them in it will come out no problem.
  17. Some recent posts were. I didn't reply to those though, i replied to yours where you suggested that people must be ill-informed if they had a different view from yours.
  18. Or they know their stuff and have come to a different conclusion about national identity? Here's Tom Holland's view https://www.newstatesman.com/uncategorized/2014/07/tom-holland-our-island-story-what-england-and-scotland-share-politically-and
  19. What you have described there is nothing like a banning. You have described something going out of fashion and becoming anachronistic. Dr Seuss, like enid blyton, is also utter shite so they're no great loss. I get that that's no defence for banning them but felt it needed saying.
  20. The correlation seems robust but i think the causality is reversed.
  21. Never knew licence plate was an Americanism. Boy, am i pissed.
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