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  1. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    For the record, this cheating consisted of sending off a Rangers player for kicking an opponent off the ball. The SFA inexplicably reversed the obviously correct decision, but also hate rangers and are part of the anti rangers conspiracy. This is really good stuff. Celtic levels of mental.
  2. Unpopular opinions.

    Good in theory, but the goverment would spend the extra money on other things, like more railways for London and nuclear weapons. Even if they did spend it on homelessness, the fannies would just raise awareness/funds for other things.
  3. 86 years without a cap for perth, impressive. I 've often felt that Dandies were unfairly overlooked due to being an unfashionable club (not now obvs). Is there any truth in the bleached fanny's solipistic mewling?
  4. Unfairly overlooked?

    hemmin! i checked the official site. This never officially happened. I was using alternative facts provided by st johnstone.
  5. Tommy Robinson to visit Hearts

    I like that they were wearing masks from his website. Anyone know what a Tommy Robinson brand mask is like?
  6. Poverty Proofing

    My folks always refused to buy me branded clothes because they were a waste of money. Correct decision for good reasons. Never got bullied for it though. It always tended to be the poorer kids with the labelled stuff anyway. Maybe it depends on your area?
  7. Random things you didn't know.

    He was brilliant in Carry on Battery Farming.
  8. Donkeys XI

    Andy Dow was (arguably) our best player one season. I think we might have finished 10th. Probably says more about our squad. I was looking to see if he got player of the year. couldn't see it. However, our POTY from 08 to 10 were: Diamond Langfield Foster.
  9. Unpopular opinions.

    completely disagree. I had zero awareness of the icebucket challenged until their youtube campaign.
  10. Random things you didn't know.

    Breaking news on Bernard Cribbins?
  11. Things you want to share with P&B

    A man walked out of the supermarket in front of me yesterday. As he did so, he unwrapped the clingfilm off a pound of cheddar and started biting it off the block. I've never seen anyone do that before.
  12. Donkeys XI

    forgot Gary mcdonald, funnily enough. Thought guntveit was consistently ok though.
  13. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Nice, eh? Whereabout's in England's that?
  14. A World Government

    too many people will always put the interests of their class/caste/religion/country/clan/party above the interests of humanity. Possible only with a hegemonic totalitarian regime imo. In which case i doubt it would be much of a laugh.
  15. First World Problems

    i made a roast beef and salad baguette for me and the wife. I cut the baguette in half before filling. I wasn't paying attention properly and filled mine upside down. I was faced with a choice that no-one should ever have to make: whether to eat it with the bread or the filling upside down.
  16. Donkeys XI

    He had an Aberdeen superhero mask, so was spared by having good guy points (see also: duff man; Mackie)
  17. St Johnstone players overlooked by Scotland

    It is important to bear in mind that Peter Grant has a single figure IQ. He probably genuinely thinks that a keeper who keeps a clean sheet in the face of one speculative long ranger has had a better game than one who has made 6 top class saves and been let down by a badly organised defence. Anything more difficult than counting goals will confuse him.
  18. Work colleagues

    Received yesterday- subject line "you wouldn't steal a car" "so please don’t steal my butter… Hate to be this guy, but please know that it is NOT OK to either use, throw away, or just take other people’s food (In this case a tub of Lurpak that I bought and had only used once!). In a building full of adults it shouldn’t be necessary to write my name on things that belong to me. This is not even the first time this has happened. Please be respectful of other peoples things. Rant over."
  19. Donkeys XI

    Bossu McQuilken Bus Diamond Ifil Mcnamara Thornley Winter Young (De) Fallon Wright(T)
  20. Nazi cakes - should they be allowed ?

    Guilty. I made banana bread.
  21. Unfairly overlooked?

    please email perthstjohnstone.co.uk with your complaint. if true, this proves conclusively that: 1 - StJ's aren't unfairly overlooked br Scotland. 2- St J haven't updated their website since 2011.
  22. Unfairly overlooked?

    cryptic- would you like to elaborate? I made sure to spell the team name right and checked my stat on their website. don't tell me i missed the news and he's been drafted in.
  23. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    It's true. Those three are revolting.
  24. I reckon someone probably has done similar to the usual suspects in the distant past. These are the spineless line-toers who didn't object and did what they were told to.