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  1. I expect that the same people who have an issue with non white populations are largely the same people who think the British Empire was great but lack the critical faculties to connect the two things.
  2. Private school fees don’t just pay for education services. They also pay for bed and board and a whole raft of other activities which are only loosely “educational “. I agree that education is a social good to a degree but inequality has a cost. Education is also a private good for the person receiving it. Absolutely no social benefit has come from the likes of Boris Johnson being expensively tutored in dead languages but he’s done well out of it. Charging VAT gives only 1/6 of the cost back to society. R4 this morning was majoring on Leicester becoming majority non white. Why pretend it’s about religion when they can get straight to it.
  3. Not accepting any more "This proposal also quite absurdly given employers' responsibilities around Fair Work and SNCT conditions of service, suggests that even more demands of teachers could have been made, adding to their already intolerable workloads, had employers chosen to do so."
  4. I’ve never tried wanking a kitten tbh. Intersectional sexual pathology thread for this.
  5. Ok. Now we’ve established the threshold for “very well paid” I’d like to take a few minutes to establish what salary counts as “extremely well paid” and “ridiculously well paid”. This shit is important.
  6. About 2015 or 2016. It was one of a number of factors that was leading them to focus their marketing on developing countries. Other factors were that they were c***s and loved money. There's a fairly steep drop following the final ban in 2013 https://news.cancerresearchuk.org/2017/05/19/this-is-the-end-of-tobacco-advertising/ I had a look at some academic stuff yesterday because i'm a bit of a nerd. Most found some link between advertising and smoking rates. The most interesting one (bear with me, this is relevant) found only weak relationships between partial bans and reduction of smoking and strong relationships where the ban was complete. That, to me, strongly suggests that a ban in football alcohol sponsorship would be ineffective without a comprehensive media wide ban. I think your claims about a ban benefitting big brands are a bit wild, but i do agree with you that only banning advertising won't have much effect. Does society have the appetite to shut down the alcoholic drinks industry like tobacco? I doubt it.
  7. I think you've completely made that stuff up about tobacco advertising. It's completely at odds with what i was told by a tobacco company. Evidence please.
  8. Snooker and motor racing were both supposed to die when tabs were put on the naughty list. Other sponsors turned up. It's undeniable that alcohol causes harm to individuals and society. There's probably decent reasons to do this. On the other hand, sweets, fizzy drinks, gambling etc all cause their own problems. Are we going to turn them all down? I don't feel particularly strongly about this either way, but it feels like it's being driven by an anti football agenda more than a pro health one. Unless i missed the call to rugby sponsorship too? If it was betting companies i'd be 100% behind a ban.
  9. If local shops weren't open exclusively at times when most people were at work they'd do better. I haven't done the research but i reckon that a significant reason for "the death of the high street" is the demographic shift to (near) full female participation in the workforce. Fewer housewives traipsing from greengrocer to butcher. Most local shops are massive national or multi national chains anyway In summary:
  10. For once, i agree with Vincent. Hope he gets a decent gig and doesn't go to the cheeks.
  11. Another Brext lie. Get our blue passports back. It's still black, like it always was. It's hard to tell from a simple fall in exports what impact the deal had. Maybe the fall would have been worse but for the deal. This bit of the linked report suggests otherwise: " In all cases but one, Japanese exports and imports of both goods and services with the UK performed worse than the equivalent flows with the EU or the Rest of the World" The exception is goods imports from Japan. Which is bad for balance of payments and Brexit was sold as an export creation scheme. Buuut, given that the deal was basically just the EU Japan deal with an extra bit about automotive standards and a paragraph for each of whisky and stilton, it's hard to see how the deal itself could have made much difference. I'd suggest an alternative explanation, that the Japanese trade was at least partly trade through the uk to the EU, and it's Brexit itself that has caused the damage.
  12. Wales v Australia. Turned a 10-15 min drive into town into 90 minutes. Rugby c***s
  13. Quite enjoying Ezra Collective's latest "Where I'm meant to be". It's fairly rangey in style, and i have taken to just skipping the pure jazz numbers. The collaborations with Sampa the great and Kojey Radical are the highlights for me.
  14. Yes. They exist to generate fee income for unscrupulous lawyers, accountants, tax advisers etc.
  15. I'm sorry if i've confused you. There is of course no literal social contract. It's a metaphor for the complex network of interpersonal obligations, commonly understood rights and mutual expectations that people in society have. It is a subjective concept. Often, this is reinforced by the legal system. The two are not mutually exclusive. Where the two diverge, there may be a percieved injustice. This is the case i was referring to concerning the non dom rules. I shall pass on your real world information about people not shelling out voluntarily to charities and churches, who will be disappointed, of course. If you need me to explain what a metaphor is i'm happy to help out. X
  16. I never had you down as a Thatcherite.* *This is a lie
  17. I get that argument and it’s reasonable. i disagree with you though. We have a social contract. People who benefit from our relative legal and geopolitical stability to protect their fortunes can pay for the privilege. Plus we shouldn’t be engaging in beggar thy neighbour race to the bottom economics. It’s not sustainable in the long term and is small time.
  18. Into Dinosaur Valley with Dan Snow (C5) This is both “annoy” and. “delight “. It’s a history programme about the US’s early palaeontologists so is kind of a crossover show about dinosaurs and other beasties from the olden days. So that’s all good. Only Fogle outdoes Snow in the punchability stakes. It’s a shame all those Therapods are long dead and couldn’t eat the c**t.
  19. I recently found out that the speaker is allowed to have an alcoholic drink in the chamber during the budget, and they usually do. I’m very disappointed that they haven’t gone for a holiday style pina colada with umbrellas and sparklers and served in a pineapple.
  20. To benefit from the “remittance basis”, yes it is. I think it’s £30k for a couple of years then £50k for a couple and after that they have deemed domicile (or more likely go and live in the Caribbean for a bit). Otherwise they can be taxed on their worldwide earnings. It’s clearly a very regressive tax to benefit the super-rich. If you have overseas income in six figures or more you can benefit. If you have, say, overseas dividend income of £11.5m you can save well over £4m of tax, with an effective rate of about a quarter of a percent. Whereas a Lithuanian brickie who is working here while renting out his flat in Vilnius for £3k a year will pay 20% to 40% on that rent.
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