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  1. Most people would probably think you meant the maverick antique dealer and take it as a compliment because he was a bit of a shagger.
  2. I did eventually, but she'd been smelling "something" for about an hour before it properly packed up and smoke started coming out the engine. It wasn't exactly a traditional burning smell either, it had a sort of fruity piquante bouquet with a note of vinegar.
  3. Smelling burning can be a sign of a brain tumour. Worth getting checked. Of course it can also be a sign that something is on fire. My wife has twice smelled burning in the car that i've initially dismissed. Once when i forgot to put the lid on the oil bit and once when the clutch burned out.
  4. I like Shay as a player but a three year deal is madness.
  5. Compulsory swimming lessons in primary school, that's what we need. Reinstate all our old swimming pools that were just concrete and rock on the shore to give kids experience of cold water. Inland types can probably use lakes or rivers. Kids nowadays are too soft.
  6. I'm willing to bet that not a single person, including the entire government, has seen that comparison and thought "maybe king's college have got something wrong"
  7. I don't know about "no point". It's a constant education for me. I would have thought that someone who relied on cheap continental labour and beer wouldn't have been stupid enough to vote against their own interests. I thought Wetherspoons c**t would be a real outlier. I've always regarded the notion of "false consciousness" as middle class do gooding bollocks but Brexit's like a textbook case study of it.
  8. I only watched two Arbroath games (on the telly) last season and neither vittanen nor Ruth were the standouts i'd hoped they'd be. Virtanen did look tidy and composed but wasn't dominant at all (against Hearts and Dundee tbf). Ruth had a nice touch but barely got involved. I'd like to see them both given a fair chance of a couple of starts. Maybe Ruth is worth developing more but imo it's sink or swim time for Virtanen at 22.
  9. I still look out for google reviews left by a former colleague. He mainly reviews fast food chains, car parks and cash machines. You'd be surprised how many cash machines are poorly positioned and badly affected by glare.
  10. I don't think Scotland would elect exactly a Johnson style arsehole, but i think it's wishful thinking to believe that the Scottish electorate is less prone to poor judgement than the British /English electorate. I think that PR has been a big factor in keeping Scottish politics relatively sensible, not a superior moral character.
  11. Fucking hell. How much would be raised? Which part of the income and wealth distribution will be working past retirement age? Tax some of our poorest people more, for working longer? Great idea. My plan would involve higher taxes on unearned income and capital gains. I think the planned rise of the CT rate to 25% is a good start as well. Investors in companies benefit from the state providing the protection of limited liability. They should be and in my view are willing to pay a bit more than the current fuckall for that privilege.
  12. Aye, you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Some posters don't have a tv licence
  13. On the other side of the coin, if I've lost something I won't tell my OH now as I'll just get an unending barrage of pointless questions which are of absolutely no help at all in locating said item such as "where did you last have it?" or "have you left it somewhere?" I have to ask because she'll have "tidied it". Tidying involves taking something that i've deliberately left somewhere handy (for example leaving a library book i'm taking back by the door) and putting it somewhere mental (sock drawer). Sometimes I can put things down for a minute and they'll be gone. It drives me nuts, which i'm sure is the intention.
  14. This is on the money. Brown sat in front of the defence cutting out passes and showing for short balls out. 10 million-pound-rated Lewis Ferguson was doing that last year but today, instead, he hit the post with a great shot when we needed a lift and scored a screamer as well as spraying dangerous passes about all day. Just hope we can keep him.
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