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  1. It's slang for posterior. Surprised you've not come across it before.
  2. I suspect that demographics plays a part. Poorer countries have way younger populations. That's the optimistic view anyway. It might simply be that they have done fewer tests. As you say, if it takes off it will make us look well prepared.
  3. Yes it has It hasn't been particularly devastating there yet, but there's still time. It has been widely reported on many international news outlets and dailly updates published by the WHO.
  4. She's spent the last two weeks moaning at me for not giving the kids a decent breakfast, despite me giving them fresh pancakes, eggs on toast etc (ok-admittedly one day i let them have jelly and cheese). She is insisting i give them cereal and pushing golden nuggets as a healthy option. She doesn't appear bothered enough to get out of bed and give them breakfast herself though.
  5. That's a hard graft. I bought a machine sacrifier because it scunnered me after doing it twice. I'm considering miniaturising other garden tasks for exercise and time killing purposes. Might do the edges with secateurs.
  6. Have you scarafied it? I am choking to do this to my back grass but the thought if having to scarify it given that its 98% moss gives me the fear I scarified mine this morning. Its not huge but i consider it a major achievement because my (cheap plastic) lawn rake shattered when i tried to use it so i did the whole thing with a 14" weeding rake/hoe thingie.
  7. I feel you might struggle with some of the more complex maths needed for this epidemiology lark
  8. Home bargains for toiletries, medicines, noodles, condiments and toys (for the kids' pals at party time); aldi/lidl for most other stuff.
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