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  1. If it exonerated them they'd give it to you. You need court orders and stuff, probably.
  2. I followed a link to a site called conservativehome yesterday. I didn't know where i was going but once i was there i thought i'd step outside the echochamber. Their article was nominally about British conservatives now claiming not to have any ties or not supported Trump. What they said about the internal politics of conservativedom seemed quite sensible and they claim to be moderate centre right. However, the whole thing was framed in whataboutery so pathetic it would make the celtgers blush. Apparently we almost voted in a hard left government which would have resulted in much worse anarchy. Leaving aside the unfounded speculation, surely no one can really think that Corbyn was hard left in any meaningful sense? Also they seemed to think that the blm protests were in some way comparable to storming the capitol. I must have missed the stories about the indiscriminate use of force on people with maga caps.
  3. He didn't show that much when he was at hibs. Just give us some money and we'll buy elsewhere thanks.
  4. Folk should just use the unmarked bay right outside the front door. Hazards on, no problem.
  5. Do you not think that the headline referal to covid might be a bit of misdirection? Anything else happened recently?
  6. They're leeches mate. Better off without them. So long as you don't need any trade jobs done. Or agricultural labour. Or medical treatment. Or anything cleaned. Better off without them.
  7. It's a dilemma. On one hand, Stewart could fit into a front 3 and i can see him and hedges combining well. On the other hand, he can f**k right off.
  8. I tend to agree with you that disrespecting the other side can entrench that bipartisanism, but i think that it's reasonable to point out to these people that they're supporting racists and fascists.
  9. Refund received. I take back the mean things i said yesterday.
  10. They don’t have to deduct the tax at source. That would be silly. They should keep a record of the value of all gifts including non cash gifts which derive from each employment and include them on a tax return after the end of the year. Except tips collected by the employer which do have to go through PAYE.
  11. They weren’t very open about anything. They were pursuing herd immunity by allowing spread but it turned out to be a bad look so decided to pursue a “mitigation “ strategy instead. The aim of the mitigation strategy isn’t here immunity. It is to avoid bad headlines. Any suggestion that this government has any goals or strategy beyond staying in power from day to day is laughable.
  12. Seems counterproductive to keep shutting everything if that’s the strategy. I’ll look out for your revolution on the news. God speed.
  13. Heard immunity is a very sensible goal. The problem can be with how it’s achieved. If it’s from letting the virus go unchecked then people will die needlessly. If it’s from vaccinations then I can’t see that herd immunity is a problem.
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