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  1. McInnes confirmed in his interview that the rule they had broken was the "four households" one. He was pissed off they went to the pub but that sounded like it was because he doesn't want them going drinking and he thought they shouldn't have gone out after losing.
  2. I thought he was a w**k because of his stupid wacky waistcoats that overly aggressive fist pump and "come on!" manoeuvre he did when he won a frame (like a frail stuart pearce) and his stupid fucking face. I can't speak for others.
  3. Stone circles are obviously cradles for flying saucers. The carnac stones are like ancient runway markers pointing towards the landing zone at silbury hill. You couldn't park a flying saucer on a pyramid because it would fall off.
  4. They can train in isolation. Judging by the performance against sevconians that's what we've been doing anyway
  5. In their defence, they were probably shitfaced by the time they decided to move on.
  6. Those in isolation would be allowed out on the 19th. They need a days training.
  7. From the reason given for the postponement i think they're tbc. The fermers game was postponed so we could demonstrate adherence to protocols and not because of unavailable players so they aren't necessarily postponed.
  8. But some 2nd rate hacks have been tweeting about bubbles. They wouldn't repeat half understood inaccurate rubbish.
  9. Points deduction and sackings all round for the Hibees as well then. Unless we are only punishing people who catch it, which would be a bit harsh tbh. Should probably just hang all teams to be on the safe side.
  10. If the players were told they could go out for a beer then the blame moves from the individuals to the club. If that's the case then Aberdeen should be punished severely. If we're dealing with imaginary scenarios i'd expect the SFA to expel St Johnstone if they were involved in an international sex trafficking racket.
  11. It seems to be an urban myth off of the twitter derived from a requirement to prepare for matches from home where possible. Unless there are also unpublished rules somewhere. It seems far from clear that the letter if the law/protocols was actually breached here. Clearly though the spirit of the agreement is to be extra careful so games can be played. As far as i can tell the agreement is between the clubs/authorities and the govt. Presumably players will be tied in by the usual conduct and availability clauses. I can't see any way in which players are directly subject to a restriction on their freedoms apart from the normal social distancing stuff. I expect there's a legal minefield to navigate and that's why everything's being requested and agreed rather than imposed.
  12. The bbc (only place i can see this so far) is saying the game is postponed. Would be unusual to give a walkover for that.
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