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  1. On the topic of loudmouth p***ks on their phones, i took the wife and kids away for the wife's birthday to a niceish hotel which gained me brownie points for not being tight. Cockney w****r wanders in to the bar and sits on the next table shouting into his phone for about half an hour, including: "THEY'VE GOT A DEAL ON SO I GOT A SUITE FOR SEVENTY POUNDS! THAT'S RIGHT, SEVENTY POUNDS! " p***k.
  2. John Major ran away from the circus to be an accountant. He might post on here.
  3. Good to see a youngster with a firm grasp of apostrophe use though
  4. No no no no no. That was bruce wayne
  5. The first half hour we were outstanding. I thought McGeough in particular was great for that part of the game. Some of the passes he was picking out were most unexpected.
  6. Don’t worry about the bad man, it’s only a story.
  7. That could well have had an influence. To be honest i don't think most of the troglodite communities in the valleys knew what the blue flag with the stars on meant on all the building sites. As far as i could tell it was mostly cheap Polish trades people and asylum seekers getting all the flats that swung most of south wales. Except my hairdresser who, as I'm sure i mentioned before, was for brexit because it's about time someone sorted out the muslims. Fair play, you are right that that's coherent. It is just really unlikely.
  8. That makes sense as an idea in general but not as an argument for leaving the EU. The EU as a whole is broadly centre left whereas the uk will only vote for a left wing party when they pretend not to be left wing. The Eu was the government investing in backwaters that Westminster neglects, whoever's sitting on the speaker's right. I appreciate you're not advocating this as an argument but it's no more coherent than complaints about unelected bureaucrats.
  9. I enjoyed Frankie Boyle's opinion on watching Gervais' stand up. "i felt like Fred Astaire watching a man in calipers falling down an escalator" I hope people aren't counting night at the museum as a Gervais film because it's class. He's been an annoying c**t since that sunday programme he was on with iain lee and Ali g but he is intermittently funny. May give after life a go.
  10. I have let go of a huge rasping fart when i thought i was on mute. The VC thingy we use highlights the picture of anyone making noise. I just pretended nothing happened. I realise farting and wanking are different pastimes, but it seems relevant.
  11. In most political debates, including Scottish independence, i think that it is poor form, unnecessary and untrue for one side to call the other thick. Brexit is quite unusual in this regard as i haven't yet seen a good argument for it. By good, i don't mean persuasive, i just mean vaguely coherent and even slightly plausible. The sort of gibberish that could only be believed by utter morons passes for an argument with these twats.
  12. When i was 27 i'd just started graduate work properly, was renting a room in a shared house and spent all my money on cds, weed and going on the pish. I win.
  13. It's like soviet scientists all being members of the communist party, except with iron age fairy tales instead of ideology.
  14. The convention in zombie films and shows of never saying "zombie". The protagonists exist in a world which is identical to our own in all respects except that no one has ever come across a convenient and commonly understood word for a reanimated corpse that eats people.
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