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  1. Do you think two virulent mutant strains would be better than one?
  2. I've been researching caterpillar cakes for the last 20 mins and think that Sainsburys (wiggles) and Waitrose's (cecil, ffs) look more like colin than Cuthbert does. I can only assume that they are picking on Aldi as part of the brexit trade wars to make the eurocrats let our prawns in.
  3. I enjoy Aldi's repeated sailing close to the wind on IP infringement. Their thinly disguised imitation beer is great fun. On the diversity training, i think that it is sadly still required, but that lots of the actual sessions are guff.
  4. Was meant to be going back in tomorrow but the lateral flow tests we expected aren't available. It's a crying shame it really is.
  5. Laundering money isn't as easy as some would have you believe.
  6. If any of this became common knowledge then, well, a large proportion of the UK and a majority of Tories would probably think it's great that he's standing up to the muzzies.
  7. Nicky Walker's great-granddad invented Walker's shortbread. Darren Mackie's Dad invented Mackie's ice cream. Kenny Miller's Mum invented Miller lite.
  8. Jesus! That almost made me have a fit and I'm not even epileptic. You lot definitely don't need Hawaiian shirts with monstrosities like that in circulation.
  9. Not the same thing exactly but i noticed that our local "health suite" was open last night. I'm guessing that they don't do an outdoor option and that not all services are compatible with wearing a facemask.
  10. While not one for the purists, that looks magnificent.
  11. Sounds a bit humane, i'll let her wake up a bit first.
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