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  1. Lewis Ferguson

    Some of the things that the panel has to take into account are: 1st team experience costs incurred other offers received contract offerred. i expect the first is in Accies favour and the others in ours
  2. Lewis Ferguson

    It was in the Sun. It must be true.
  3. Lewis Ferguson

    obsessed diddy.
  4. Lewis Ferguson

    There is a formula but it is only for the development fee, not the compensation. The development fee is payable whatever happens. The tribunal sets the compensation if the clubs can't agree. both don't get paid though, only the higher sum does. The telfer thing is only precedent if the facts are similar. There are a number of factors listed in the rules.
  5. Change my mind...

    i like biscuits
  6. Favourite/inspirational quotes to live by

    "trying is the first step on the road to failure" "if something is hard to do it's not worth doing" "always pull down your trousers before having a shite"
  7. Brown on Naismith - compliance officer?

    excuse me, but the lesser team had the man sent off. know your place, diddy.
  8. i had the opposite complaint about my dream holiday to Lesbos.
  9. Brown on Naismith - compliance officer?

    why would a decision wear a hat or need a job? You've lost it.
  10. i reckon we've fielded starting 11s on less than that this year. I'd be surprised if your lot had fielded whole teams on much more than that, ever.
  11. Brown on Naismith - compliance officer?

    having seen BBC footage, have to agree that was great awareness from brown and a well delivered (and well deserved) elbow in the puss. Naismith should be ok, as kicking someone isn't violent conduct.
  12. reportedly on £30k a week. Does that mean he should be really good or do EPL clubs pay all their reserves like that? or should i just not believe reported wages?
  13. Brown on Naismith - compliance officer?

    Not at all clear from that that it was an elbow. Definitely lifts his arm and if i had to guess, it probably is. I guess the proper footage doesn't go fuzzy at the crucial moment though. The original exchange is classic whataboutery though. FAO Hearts fans: Scott Brown being a thug doesn't make your thugs more acceptable.
  14. Fair point. if we'd signed Kamberi and mclaren we'd still be hearing about our declining squad. I think the wee clubs have lower expectations.