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  1. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Well done getting 3rd and definite Europe. Well deserved. I hope your next manager is shite.
  2. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    What about eye bleeding anti football? That's surely a tactic. Apologies in advance for our talentless cloggers beating your highly skilled football artists again.
  3. Why is it mental to ask questions? You haven't answered any of them though.
  4. And going with setanta instead of the evil Sky overlord.
  5. Or to put another way, why should clubs outside the top tier get money for the top tier being on the telly? Historically Milne and others have propped up losses. It is sustainable if they continue to do that, but is high risk and i’d Prefer if the dons were self sufficient, I don’t particularly like the way the cash is shared either, particularly with the top two. I am playing devil’s advocate (ie being a dick) because the OP is a non specific whine that reads like a toddler tantrum. There are probably good arguments for a change but the spl insisting on 10k 20 years ago is not one. Let’s hear some.
  6. Scottish football can survive. Maybe not all the current clubs can. Why should clubs in the fourth tier get a share of TV money when better supported clubs in the juniors and Highland league don't? Would it increase the standard much if all clubs had an extra 50k per year? What do those sums look like when divided by the number of supporters? What do you propose?
  7. Didn't look a red to me tbh.
  8. Milk

    Bathing? Cleopatra* used to bathe in ass milk. This one: Not
  9. Last Book You Read....

    Darkening age by Catherine Nixey. Narrative history of the early years of Christianity, focusing on them burning books, persecuting philosophers, flaying heretics and generally behaving like ISIS to usher in the dark ages. Pretty decent, although it laboured a couple of points too much. Really good anecdotes told with a lot of vivid detail.
  10. Your top 3 Comedians?

    Billy connolly before about 1995 Emo phillips Tim Vine
  11. Why do people keep having kids?

    Sentient people need to outbreed the morons.
  12. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Rhyming "van gogh" with "toe". f**k's sake
  13. If that's the midfielder then we should totally sign him as a squad player. Not interested in the right back, he was shite