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  1. Not sure whether this is mindless sticking a flag on stuff or a political statement
  2. "nationalisation" thread mate.
  3. I didn't realise it was (almost) 2 months now, sorry. The private sector had 25 years. You clearly regard that as insufficient so lets go for thirty.
  4. I ran into two different people i went to school with out in town in my mid twenties. At school, I don't think i was a bully, nor was i badly bullied. First guy was a wee camp chap who i wasn't particularly friends with but we'd nip out for tabs between classes sometimes and often end up in the same groups having a drink at weekends. He told me to f**k off because apparently i was one of the guys who'd made his life hell at school for being gay. I was quite taken aback and surprised, but after a bit of introspection i think that what i thought was banter between mates was taken in a completely different way by him. I've tried to be much more thoughtful and less of a dick since. Second guy was the year above me and used to just randomly punch me and call me a p***k. I broke my ankle one time and the hospital never gave me a stick so i borrowed my granny's spare one. This big stupid c**t took it off me and snapped it over my leg. I saw him in a bar, shitfaced and at a table by himself. He called over "coprolite, you're a c**t. Huhurhur." I just laughed and ignored him.
  5. That's only a problem for my argument if you can demonstrate that privately owned Scotrail wouldn't "slash services". It seems unlikely that one month of public ownership is the root cause of any issues to be honest.
  6. Nationalising the Railways is a good idea for a number of reasons. It is a natural monopoly and can provide social benefits which are hard to reconcile with a profit motive. Your beloved tories are having to nationalise a few franchises down south because the state is paying millions that is going out as dividends while services get worse. Great example of a market failure. The shipyard wasn't nationalised as an old style lame duck bail out but because the government was its biggest creditor and it was insolvent. It's not unheard of for governments to own transport infrastructure. I believe the bolshevik council of Bedfordshire owns Luton Airport, for example. Lets look at some of the benefits of privatisation shall we? Scottish water is still public and could raise a fortune. As a consumer of water in Wales, i benefit from choice in the market and am able to buy my water from, erm, Welsh Water. Unlike some English companies they're "not for profit" but are ripped off instead by managers-the CEO got £3/4m p. a. not long ago. Still cuts out the waste you get in the public sector though. Can you please stake this issue up with that Kenny guy on another thread who is complaining about stuff getting privatised. Thanks.
  7. It could have been an accident or a misunderstanding
  8. Not only them, the men who have sex with them too. Welcome to page 1.
  9. Divide and conquer. Anyone steps out of line, kick the shit out of them. Workers need discipline.
  10. That peat bog grant does sound like a good deal for land owners. Privatising stuff is usually associated with the right wing historically but isn't necessarily. In my opinion, If the government can do social things with the money and there's realistic competition that means the social output of the subject business isn't compromised, then there’s no reason not to privatise. Strongly suspect that's not the case with the ferries though. But that blog article, holy shit. Not sure what he heard at his morningside/ kelvinside dinner parties in 2006 is robust evidence of what he's claiming. Desperate, desperate stuff from the author there.
  11. Easier to not over or undercook, granted. Cracking it into the pan, not sticking it to the pan and getting it out in one piece and on to plate/bread/ gammon etc are all additional steps that can go wrong. Given @Miguel Sanchez couldn't peel an egg without burning himself i don't want to encourage him to be around hot oil.
  12. I get that Labour is in a bad place and that Scottish input won't change that much. My question is really if next referendum is for the Union, what then? Does the SNP replace Labour as a mainstream centre left option in Scotland even if its main reason for existing has gone? Although that might not have a huge impact on the UK govt it might still have an impact. From responses on here it looks like people are turned off Labour by more than just Unionism, which is understandable.
  13. What English parliament? If you mean the UK parliament, well no, but they can't be trusted to look after the interests of their own constituents either. Scotland doesn't have interests. Scottish people have interests. And the interests of the wealthy and corrupt scottish people will be getting looked after very well. As much as the interests of unemployed single mothers in Surrey will be neglected.
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