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  1. I still think @throbber looks like Alan Bennet and @Jacksgranda looks like Grandpaw Broon. I may lack imagination
  2. I think he's the right man for the job we need to do for the remainder of the season. Extended trial to the end of the season is probably a good way to see if he'll work out permanently. It's not great continuity wise for next season even if he does stay on. Pathetic defeat to the fermers on Saturday now inevitable.
  3. Sounds like you've failed to adjust for either the variation in size, the different texture or the higher sugar chemical composition of your buns. You shouldn't be expecting the same outcome with different baked goods and I for one have no sympathy.
  4. That was great. After the second went in they completely lost their shit. The more rattled they got, the funnier our gamesmanship got. Hickey rolling back onto the pitch was a belter. It's not like they weren't up to shenanigans. Just not as good at it as us. And we played some good stuff when we kept the ball. Lovely
  5. We've had 2 coaching staff leave, one come in. Someone needs to put the cones out.
  6. The US constitution was written by people and could be changed by people if it wasn't for idiots. Yeeha!
  7. It's only Steps they ignore. Bee Gees version went to number one
  8. As more of an abhergreen type, I won’t make up my mind until I’ve heard John Hartson’s “thoughts” on the matter
  9. If this is true, I like your infantile work.
  10. Only if they’re linked If most people are right wing then most unionists and most nats can easily be right wing. Or maybe it’s 40/60 in one and 50/50 in the other. Then there’s centrists. The counter argument to the contention that most unionists are right wing can only be that there is not a majority of unionists that are right wing. It’s a quantitative argument, not a logical one. Whether or not most unionists are right wing (I suspect there’s proportionally more right wing people among unionists than among nats and there’s probably a slight majority) I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest that some people who are both will make crass racist comments. I don’t think anyone suggested that all unionists would.
  11. If that line is between primary four and primary five maybe. Although “bum” and “poo” are both very funny words.
  12. I guess this wasn't exactly serious but none of those were invented in Scotland, the steam engine was only improved by a Scot and Logie Baird's claim as the inventor of telly is shaky. They do make a reasonable case that there's a brain drain, which could explain the dearth of political talent. Mind you, Westminster's not exactly dripping with political nous and rousing oratory.
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