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  1. McKenna can kick the ball really hard and can jump quite high. Definitely good enough for Scotland
  2. Yes https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiEj5Pc0qrmAhUZ4O0KHb00BxgYABAAGgJkZw&ae=1&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQeD2YrsFyVHSmxbwzDOVnr2vZSjM08HMZUI5k15SIKxpLg45lnXCtEyFmLyDUjOX_wOmWuJewaY9LM77QqRd3Zq2&sig=AOD64_1OVj3qX_6qZ49AEE3V3kf-Y91Emg&q&adurl=https://www.zealand.dk?gclid%3DCjwKCAiAob3vBRAUEiwAIbs5To-SFUDna95aMGOAlsAxKCdVyDU7ur9JQYsT5oGMMYjgSZtnu-MtYRoCWoQQAvD_BwE&ved=2ahUKEwjR-4zc0qrmAhUlQxUIHQMRCOsQ0Qx6BAgUEAE
  3. Both downloaded-will give them a listen. Thanks for the recommendations
  4. Consi 's goal was almost a carbon copy of that weaselly fucker' s at the other end. Defenders standing watching as one player benefits from experience and awareness. "Jacko" is a cracking player (c**t though) and has been for years, but no more so than Consi, who will never have this universally accepted by telly and paper c***s, because Dons. Wilson was quietly effective and did more defending than hedges managed against the yokels, and Gallagher had the best game I've seen him have in red. He is still a bit shitey though.
  5. Just watched highlights on sportscene. There hasn't been nearly enough love for Wilson waltzing past 2 of them and taking a sair een for our first, nor for big Sam's tenacity for our second. Well played folks
  6. It's been a while and I couldn't be fucked looking it up. I am a heathen though. The Judeo Christian god is a w****r.
  7. I've been asked to choke an ex and the current wife (although not since marriage Obvs) . I feel really uncomfortable with it and not at all turned on. They are both less likely to have seen it in porn and this was before widespread broadband. I often fantasise about choking the wife when she's half an hour into the regular diatribe about my shortcomings, but that's more about 5 minutes fucking peace than sexual kicks. I do not advocate murder or violence in any form.
  8. Seriously, you need the shit sandwich technique here. ”cuntybas is clearly intelligent, charismatic and capable of progressing. Informal feedback from colleagues suggests that he can give the impression of coasting and lacking application at times. (Insert example eg morning meeting he organised on his day off). He could address this by taking increased responsibility for completion of tasks without delegating inappropriately. He could develop his ability to lead by example by more visibly taking ownership of issues to resolution. If cuntybas can address these perception issues there is no reason he can’t realise his full undoubted potential in this role.”
  9. “Lazy, devious cretin” back up each with a screenshot of a post from here (outside working hours). send directly to him and cc manager.
  10. Way off topic, but my interesting fact for the day is that Ignacio there is played by the actor who is Saul in Homeland.
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