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  1. My dear friends, Again I must depart! It has been brief tonight but The Underground is calling!! I shall visit again good people! Stay strong, stay true and above all keep the love! Peace and Love friends, Peace and Love! xxx
  2. My friend, I like to share the peace and love and help my fellow man\women therefore I PLACE THE DIVIDER!! xxx
  3. This forum should be about positivity and happiness, instead of negativity, Ww should concentrate on the now!! peace and love xxx (Arabianknight we can be friends)
  4. Hey friends good evening to you all! Araby Knight chap - I think you will find the situation that you refer to has been massively dragged out of proportion. I will leave it up to the lovely friends of P&B to decide whether I am that villian which you speak so harshly of! I have to say Dundee FC are lucky to have such a passionate fan to support them! I open the floor to questions and discussion again friends! Peace and Love! xxx
  5. Friends, For the moment I must depart, I will be back, Pleasure to speak to you all in person! Peace and Love! Euge xxx
  6. Private eyes was a job mate, Barber is a career xxx
  7. Politics aren't high on my list of importance friend, as long as it dosent bring harm to others.
  8. The time in question was a long time ago, there are many people who disagree with my lifestyle but I promise you that a Lady will never be treated as this comment would suggest from me! xxx
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