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  1. Watch lads. He has a keyboard and clearly not scared to use it
  2. As well as Jay, Robert Snodgrass was also loaned to us for 6 months and I think it's fair to say he is fondly remembered at Forthbank.......no real point here, just remembering better times. As for the transfer speculation regarding Easton, I'd be delighted if he did sign at Stirling but I genuinely just can't see it.
  3. I'd never want the Albion to go down and drop out the league and given at various times this season, we flirted with that possibility, I have every sympathy with Cowdenbeath supporters. Ok, Central Park ain't The Emirates but Cowdenbeath were not the worst team I seen play against us by a long way so I'll be supporting the Blue Brazil in the playoffs. good luck guys
  4. Was at the game which actually was a decent match. Well done to Arbroath. Great turn out and very vocal. If only all the lower league teams could get these turn outs every week. congratulations again
  5. Serious question. How can you get rid of a guy, when it's pretty well known in football circles that he foots a lot of the players wages? He goes, the finance goes! Im no lover of Clyde, but that club has been allowed to get itself in to a hell of a mess over recent years. I can see the attraction when naming Ferguson as manager given his contacts etc but let's be honest, he is clueless and Boab Malcolm?...,,wtf? That being said, I hate seeing one of us diddy clubs in so much turmoil so good luck......after Tuesday
  6. Just before he left he was starting to show that he could impose himself on games I thought. Smashing player. Be a shame for him to be brought back only to sit on the bench. Hope Cathro gives him a chance. Morrison is injured at the moment. Has been unlucky as he arrived just before the new manager and all the ins and outs then he gets injured. In the games I've seen him however he didn't look out of place......but Bikey is different class
  7. Dear Hearts Congratulations. I genuinely think this guy has potential to go very far. Cant remember the last time people got to their feet at Forthbank when a player got the ball in excited anticipation but Bikey did that every week. Be patient, give him time to adapt to the jump to the premiership then sit back and enjoy And if you think for a minute he doesn't have it send him back home to Forthbank where he will be welcomed with open arms (along with Beith if that's ok) cheers A devastated Bino
  8. I'm told he will be at the replay next week at Broadwood to say farewell.
  9. Having watched the game last week, Mckenzie will certainly add to your team. Very quick going forward with the ball at his feet. Sometimes end product fails him but you would never fault his effort and most Binos I know we're sorry to see him leave....and from what I understand he wasn't one the new boss had pencilled in for leaving either good luck to him........unlike JP
  10. In many respects you are right Yoda but I think what the fans like, well me for one, is that he hasn't minced his words about performances and where he thinks we are failing on the park. Previous managers would give the politicians answer where as mackay has openly stated that we are extremely poor and on current form looking in severe danger of the drop He said in January he would be making several changes and he has.......he might not be finished yet either. Going by yesterday's improvement and result, it's a real statement of intent from him and if it continues its exciting times for us. Of course it could prove to be another false dawn but something tells me that Mackay isn't there to fail i wish him every success
  11. For the most part it was men v boys. Three scored but could have been at least twice that. Four of the Albion starting team making debuts. Five if you include Robertsons return. Positive signs that the second half of the season will not be anywhere as tedious as the first Clyde looked pedestrian throughout. Ferguson stopped yelling when second went in.......clueless. In my opinion, they will not make playoffs. Barry needs to take his money elsewhere
  12. I agree with every sentiment of this statement in relation to attendance. It's shameful the backing the club gets from the people of Stirling. We we certainly cannot throw any stones in that glass house
  13. Nothing against Clyde, but great to see that wee cardboard gangster Ferguson and his mob take a pasting tonight. Personally bankrolling players contracts in a desperate effort to be a success and fulfil his destiny to wear the brown brogues of management at Ibrox. Pleasing
  14. From an outsiders point of view and having seen both teams, it's Annan for me by one or two goals.......simply the better team from what I've seen
  15. Moaning the length of grass. Can't blame Berwick for the rain
  16. With the exception of the offside goal and the post, Berwick offered nothing in the first half. With the exception of a terrific free kick , they offered nothing in the second. Terrible when you think both our centre backs were out Never felt as nervous as I have in recent games as Berwick were poor. Had Lamont and Cunningham released the ball a bit quicker we could have had a few more chances. Just a bit greedy today Hate going to Berwick, truly the most depressing ground in the league and never understood where their fans get the superiority complex from so delighted to get the three points. Oh yes, please ask Santa for a lawn mower, the pitch was a feckin disgrace.
  17. Tell me........how is JP McGovern playing these days,
  18. Serious question......where do you guys get shirts to fit Smith, Andrews and the odd looking number 4 .......Stevie Doris looked like the gable end of a pound note in comparison
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