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  1. Hi guys Strange request but im looking for a copy of a programme from 5th November 1988 where the Shire played Stirling Albion at the Shire. Would anyone on here happen to have one going spare or know someone who might be able to help? Cheers PW
  2. Long ball...only tactic? Hardly mate. Jardine, McIndoe and McGlaughlin all had plenty of the ball today in the midfield and caused issues for you. Certainly dont rely on the long ball as much as Clyde rely on the long ball for Goodwillie to chase. But in any case, we are improving and i would have taken the point before the game
  3. Well, without Hamilton, Moon, Barr and Smith this was always going to be an ask for the Binos and so it proved to be. Not going to pretend the Pars didnt deserve their victory, they did, particularly on the second half showing but i thought we did ok. Kept trying to play football and had some decent passages of play, especially in the first half with some of our younger players Push on Stewart in the box in the second half at 2-1 ? Thought so but Mike Roncone is the worst referee ive seen and he waved it away. I assume it was Dave McKays reaction that led to him being invited to take a seat in the stand. All in all, beaten but hardly disgraced and a few of the younger players did themselves no harm. And, good to be back at East End. Always enjoy my visits.......even though we never win Best of luck to Pars for the season ahead.
  4. Fair play to those Clyde fans who went up there tonight. Safe journey back down lads. its pretty grim out there tonight
  5. I do think Clyde will take something from the Peterhead game, might even sneak it, just depends on how your centre backs get on against McAllister and McLean. But Peterhead have not been the all invincible conquering team many predicted so let's see. With Goodwillie in your side you will always be in with a shout. I do like a dig at Clyde fans but if I'm honest, I enjoy the games between the two teams. like others have said, you get at least something resembling a crowd and the games are rarely dull. IF we weren't to go up this year I would probably have both teams as pre season favourites for next year.....Clyde just behind us you understand
  6. Ah! the old Clyde default argument of attendance figures. Afraid we beat you guys on that as well. Average at Stirling 656 (1st in league). Clyde 488 (5th). Still it was a good effort Good luck for Tuesday. You could do us a wee favour at Peterhead actually Pass my best wishes to Kevin Nicols elbows. They must be agony the amount of times they were smashed across Danny Jardines face.
  7. Which would suggest the ball is on its way back out.......goal. (clock ticking to Larry Hood dislikes this post)
  8. Lets just call it three and be done with it
  9. With the exception of quarter of an hour around the equaliser, Albion bossed the game throughout and with a bit of luck could easily had three or four. Clyde rely on Goodwillie but the petulant child lost interest in second half and Nicol did his usual fouling with impunity before the ref eventually gave him the yellow at least three of his tackles richly deserved. How the linesman misses the obvious goal and the ref fails to give the penalty is beyond me but in the end not required. We march on. Thanks for the game
  10. Im glad Clyde are celebrating this point. They deserved it......maybe even more, but sadly its indicative of how bad they have become that a point against a much depleted Albion side is seen as some form of moral victory. Not being sarcastic, genuinely mean that but I guess after Ferguson and Chapman, id feel the same. Thought it was a good game actually. Clyde certainly had the better chances and forced the saves where as any chances we had, we were wasteful. Thought the young lads who stepped up from the youths did themselves no harm at all More than decent support through from Stirling as well. We will play much better and lose im sure, as for Clyde....im not so sure. Guess we will see. Ill take the point thanks and retain first place and look forward to Smith, Caddis, Robertson and McDonald returning soon.
  11. Ooaft. Bit of vertigo kicking in for us Bino fans. Long may it continue
  12. Serious question. What happens if Goodwillie fecks off in January? Thought you deserved your victory against us last week. We didn't reach the level we have been at but Goodwillie was clearly the difference. I would fear for you if he goes.
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