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  1. I think all we wish to know is how do you expect to get around the points made? Is it going to be a case of bonus structures or sponsors taking the hit? As pointed out above there are many laws that would need to be followed to ensure paying players was above board, I don't assume the swf would be a lenient as the juniors in this regard as they do not need any damage done to the grade. Have u had a chance to watch much swfl2 football? Not as many games as i would like but i fully intend to take 1 game in per week from now until season finishes and before our trials begin. I have already spoken with swf, regional coordinators and NT managers on my "dream" none of whom suggest i am doing anything illegal at all.
  2. Tonight we are announcing the first two of our management team for the new Woman's Team. Robert McCallum shall be taking on the role of manager and his number 2 shall be Gerry Cummings. Both have been involved in the game for many years and we are sure they will be a success for us. Robert comes with a UEFA B License, Gerry goalkeeper license and is also undertaking his UEFA B this year. Gerry is also Central regional goalkeeper head coach. While licenses don't guarantee success we feel that both of them together shall be an exciting partnership.
  3. We would like to announce DGES who have agreed to come on board with our new adventure in a paid womans team. kenny from DGES is delighted to have penned a 2 year deal with the team and will be an avid supporter at the games also. We are absolutely delighted to have kenny and his family business on board and will ensure we work to help each other out. If you are reading this and wish to sponsor or to find out more details of what we are going to achieve please get in contact with Robert on 07818002241. It’s time to change the game!
  4. It is with great delight I can formally announce the Imperial Bar has joined on board for our new Woman's team beginning December 2019. Many Thanks to Charlie for his support. I am still on the lookout for more like minded sponsors for next season if interested please get in touch 07818002241
  5. Hi folks - apologies for not responding i am not getting notifications on the post which is odd so i didn't actually know anyone had responded. To all of the above comments the answer is simply yes! There are many ways and means to reward players for their efforts and we will be doing exactly that. Do i know the difference between SWPL and division 2 - that is really laughable guys - come on do you think i'm a blinkered idiot? yes we are out scouting - why shouldn't we? We need to see the players we want to attract and yes of course it will not be SWPL players or even younger SWPL players as they cannot be involved with the NT teams if they are playing SWFL division 2 football - i already know that My aim is to build a team to win division 2 then add players as we progress to ensure we have the correct quality to gain promotion in each division. I spoke with a motherwell fan when watching them play and he did say - you are being very ambitious are you not - i simply replied - why not! Watch this space!
  6. It is with great delight i can announce our first forward thinking sponsor for our vision of a paid woman's team beginning officially March 2020 as Indigo Communications. Trials will be on offer from December 1st at our own home park. We have the vision and the facilities to have the credentials necessary to get in to the SWPL League and aim to do so! Just like our juniors, we shall be offering a pay as you go model for sponsorship. Pay as you go sponsorship allows every company the opportunity to get involved with Gartcairn Woman FC. From £50 per month to £1000 per month depending on what advertising best suits your business. Gartcairn have nearly 30,000 followers on social media through twitter and Facebook to which we can post good news stories or special offers at any time. We also have the opportunity for YOU to be part of the Gartcairn Woman's Committee if you so wish, meaning you will have direct input into the teams future and spenditure for the season. We will play around 15 home games in a season to which your company can have a quarter, half or even a full page within our match day programme. We also have the options to place advertising boards at home games for all supporters to see your brand. The best thing about this is…… you can stop paying at any time! If it’s not working for you or if you want to add more then it’s easily done! This new team needs your support both at the park and away from it. Be part of something special! ChangeTheGame! Any enquiries please call Robert on 07818002241.
  7. Scottish Cup Images Gartcairn 3-1 @maud Images courtesy of David Rankin photography #MTCPAP https://t.co/goLtl3kHM1 https://t.co/2jrEf5SDqR

  8. @KatLee_necgcpl @rossvalejuniors @ArthurlieFC Maybe next week Katie and Lee if your back down we have a Pie and Bovril with your name on it

  9. https://t.co/DZzQMwvUbb

  10. Coin Holdings cup action for Cairn tomorrow when they take on @DunipaceJuniors who are unbeaten in the last 4 leagu… https://t.co/Mg2psP5zbG

  11. Cairn take on @SaintAnthonysFC this Sat4th Nov Ko 2pm. Ants sit joint top of the table with Cairn who have never h… https://t.co/L5wTbZz3k1

  12. Pulled from the archives a rare picture of @Daviegreig65 almost smiling #hives https://t.co/DMlqwWH6FH

  13. Cairn travel to @JohnstoneBurgh1 this SatKo 2pm ,fears of the game being off due to weather have been dispelled &… https://t.co/MILbfXX6AI

  14. far too early to disclose but we have plans.
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