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  1. That's what you'll find if you look up Nathan Austin in the dictionary.
  2. The ball hit his leg then onto his arm .am not sure you understand but its never a pen Wise words fella. Someone who knows the rules.
  3. Yes this seems over the line ... surprised the ICT players didn't seem to call it
  4. Aye ... add to that ... Only managing two draws in two games and outplayed both times.
  5. As the leader of the free world said ... We are going to build for a Decon Tent for County and get the Royster to pay for it.
  6. Would bite hand off for that however what makes you say that. The team has a long journey ahead and although our away form is good, im sure ICT are the form team in the country. Anything we can take from this would be welcome. It' s just force of habit. The only thing that will prevent TheScarf's weekly bad feelings and ICT defeat predictions is an international break
  7. Eh? Either you weren't at Cappielow today or your name is Mr Magoo?
  8. Coming from the north, where is the best place to park for Cappielow?
  9. The announcement of 6 mins wasn't a surprise. The delay for the clash of heads between Oakley and your centre half justified it on its own. The collective wringing of Caley hands was because no way was 6 mins played from the announcement. We naturally wanted more time after the equaliser. However it's been clarified by someone in the know that the 6 mins had already started before the announcement was made. Seething at the missed opportunity to get to 3-1 but fair play to your digging in to the end.
  10. Aye ... but I suspect you will be the first of the teams to leave the play-off party. Utd's spectacular fall to utter gash-ness makes our omission from proceedings that bit tougher to take!
  11. I'm getting the general vibe that you're a glass half empty kinda guy
  12. Having been at tonight's game, that is entirely possible. Utd were surprisingly poor. The only reason the margin of victory wasn't greater was our somewhat toothless attack.
  13. Beautiful ... beautiful ... and so well set up for you by a Dundee fan
  14. Aye ... a Falkirk fan from Dingwall ain't gonna have much time for ICT though
  15. John Robertson on Sportsound before the game ... jr.mp3
  16. A penalty? Yes, stupid challenge from Polworth. Always going to give the ref a decision to make in that situation. Vigurs? Show me a player who wouldn't turn around and face up to the opponent when he's been chipping at his ankles constantly for several seconds. But he walked away of his own volition. And a second yellow for exchanging pleasantries. Really? We'll be seeing abandoned games soon for lack of players if that's the measure. Over the piece, harsh to be off for these two incidents. Loved the way Samson gives a gesture of thanks with right hand to the ref for his yellow ... he himself thought he was gone. Anyway games are won and lost by putting the ball in the net and so St Mirren managed that. ICT didn't.
  17. Most refs come from the central belt and too often one gets the impression from their performances that they don't fancy the A9 ... and are maybe they're doing their bit to bring it to an end Unfortunately we don't an intimidating home crowd atmosphere to sway the ref either
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