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  1. Whether we agree on individual performances or not,what can't be in doubt is the signing of Brennan. He made important saves at the right times and has done so in many games this season. I hope that the club in allowing the other keeper to go on loan have all options covered. Whilst the jury is out on some signings, praise must be given on Brennan.
  2. As has been said a great result and performance by Dunbar. Delighted for Congalton to be back in the team. Well done to the manager .
  3. With 12 of our 13 goals against us in the league coming in 6 away games,there is a good chance that we will concede,but how many depends on selection. We do score away from home so there should be goals . I would settle for a point but much depends if we can breach the best defensive record in the league.. Good luck to Dunbar.
  4. What factors to consider?. Are you saying he shouldn't put his best 11 out. Feel free to explain to us idiots as to why the manager shouldn't pick his best available team against Nitten.
  5. The manager picks his best 11 available, he should know them by now.
  6. A great result away from home. To beat a team 2 leagues above us on their own pitch is to be applauded. Makes the long return journey not so long when you win.
  7. Absolutely, Nitten and Dunbar would have been thought of as favourites . Why wouldn't they..
  8. Nobody questioning the same team being picked, absolutely correct to do so and If every supporter was happy ,no matter the result or performance, then we wouldn't be on here giving an opinion which is what the platform is for. I wish Dunbar the very best for the rest of the season.
  9. Seems to have slipped peoples minds that we lost ,away again. Once again 3 goals against us. There is no doubt we are a different team away from home. Our home record in the league is excellent but something changes. Same team as last week. Its not so bad losing a cup tie,we aren't good enough to win a cup yet IMO, but the manager needs to come up with something for the Nitten game which is more important than the Gretna game although I hope we can pull of a shock.
  10. Anyone know if suspended overage players can play in u20s league games.
  11. Cup ties the next 2 Saturdays and as we are not going to win any cup ,a chance for the manager to give players who dont get a regular game and coming back from injury and new signings some game time in preparation for the big league games coming up. But I still hope we can win these Cup ties and get a big draw at home. My opinion and wording only.
  12. Not this season,beat Preston 4-1 in a cup. Kinnoull aren't a bad team,they just had a bad day and we took advantage. That's my opinion anyway .
  13. Good win against a poor Kinnoull. It was a very one sided game and we could have scored more. Young Gregor scored on his full debut and generally done well. An improved performance with a few players missing again but it was better.
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