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  1. I was working as a midwife when I had Cal (he'll be 17 this year) and I breastfed for 3 months. I won't say it was easy though - he was 8 and a half weeks early and I had to express initially until his suck developed. He refused point blank to use a dummy so pretty much used me as one - screamed all the time, never slept at night unless in with us. Ended up at about the three month mark I couldn't take anymore... thankfully the anti-depressants kicked in about 3-4 weeks after we changed him onto formula.
  2. Started to put in email then decided against it when that came up - tiscali
  3. On the back of the seat in front. No idea - I started to type - put in TI and that was what came up.
  4. Heading to Modlin airport in Poland today and this is what comes up on the buspad!! What are the chances? Hands up - who's been in Warsaw
  5. I don't have a degree and have been nursing for nearly 22 years. I work with nurses who have a degree and their knowledge is woeful - I actually wonder how they even completed the course if I'm honest. I recently returned to Uni and have completed one module towards gaining mine however I have another two to complete and I found the last one hard going with working full time and having a house and family to look after. Will no doubt be forced to complete it eventually though. Working as a Deputy Manager though so not having one hasn't stopped me and I do believe that experience counts greatly.
  6. You appear to have disappeared from there and I deleted him a long time ago
  7. Now, I'm trying to work out who you are Shame I pretty much recommended that one all day
  8. Oh my god. What have you done? Dislike, dislike, dislike
  9. Congratulations xx She is gorgeous Sounds like you've had a bit of a time of it. They do say it's a pain you forget...until the next time... Enjoy every minute of it, I'm sure it's all worthwhile now
  10. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The only thing worse than that is leaving someone's living room covered in sand. c***s
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Not sure what's not to understand though
  12. Well, that was my first game in five years. Last game was the brechin Play-off game in 2011. Decided last night that I had been at the Airdrie and Brechin promotion games so should head along to Somerset today. Dire game - at times it looked like the team had never met! Really wanted someone to score in normal time so that I didn't have to watch another half hour. It was almost as if neither team knew what was up for grabs. Penalties is never a good way to lose a game. That said, I shamelessly pitch invaded at the end... Next season is looking rather interesting
  13. My boyfriend (now husband) posted on here and I'm a nosy cow
  14. It only saves it for so long as well then it wipes it out!
  15. This. I found 30 way more traumatic than 40 - possibly the not being in my 20s anymore. 40 just kinda snuck up on me and I didn't want any fuss anyway so it was all good. I'm also 47 and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the next milestone...
  16. Needy attention seeking folk. Have a bloody word with yourself
  17. The Leader is good, the leader is great. We surrender our will as of this date.. Pretty much sums up any Ayr fans that are left
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