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  1. Can't see a rush for Sevco season books with no warchest likely and the current squad, or whoever they recruit from the bins in England.
  2. I've addressed this in that Hibs thread started by a Yam. £5 entrance, most important game of season, 0-0 balanced, but only 40k Orcs showed up. Do you think you'll sell out Ibroke for Motherwell? Or will the missing 10k remain apathetic even at a fiver per sevconian.
  3. English is a prize tit. Sevco couldn't fill Ibroke on Wednesday with the score at 0-0, not 0-2, and the admission price was £5, not £15. Did English criticise Sevco fans?
  4. Any of you radges watching this? The lovely Catriona Balfe, very gorgeous and a good actress, a cross between younger Helen Mirren and Madeleine Stowe. I think Sam Heughan is an excellent actor also, could have a good future. The show is a romanticised take on the Jacobite period, but very enjoyable, well scripted and Tobias Menzies also very good. I'm a practical unionist but still sympathise with the Jacobite cause. Bloody Germans.
  5. yet when Sturgeon was pursued on what was actually said she clammed up and mumbled some unconvincing nonsense. The truth is surely she did intimate these sentiments and they were recorded correctly, just because the French ambassador guy has distanced himself to save face doesn't mean it didn't happen. Why should it be a surprise to anyone that Sturgeon wanted a Tory government? In her wee mind that means a proletariat revolt up here and more yes votes - and that's her bottom line: another ref vote.
  6. The influence and power of the RC church has certainly waned hugely in Ireland, this is proof positive of that.
  7. Labour now backing Dave's eu ref bill. This is the party that told their idiot voters that no ref was needed, all hunky dory with Brussels and migration levels. A sham party with weak and confused leadership, just like their socialist cousins the snp.
  8. He's got a contract for a year, but I think £500k would get him which rules out all of Scottish football except Celtic but they won't want a £500k player when they need guys proven at higher level to get through CL qualifying. He's staying at Hibernian.
  9. I caught the interview on Sky News Sturgeon gave, the young bird interviewing gave her an absolute roasting. Sturgeon, used to having her ass kissed up here, was floundering. Lost in translation claimed Sturgeon, as if something that clear cut could be lost in translation, no it was faithfully recorded by the civil servant you foolish person. The memo did not hurt her up here as the muppet vote was always secured but it did set her off to naively demonstrate her anti Tory credentials and in the process help Cameron and damage Miliband. Thank you for that Ms Sturgeon. She's still the toast of Conservative central office.
  10. If Well put Sevco out their misery don't rule out 16 team league reconstruction that will include Hibs Sevco, Falkirk and QOS, as well as St Mirren staying put. That would be an interesting court case for Sevco as they have £2.5m to pay out to Ashley and Gardeners should they get promoted. If Sevco stay down we'll have a fight on our hands, otherwise we'll walk it next year.
  11. Momentum might be behind them after lucking past Hibs but Sevco go up they've got to pay Supper, 1m, Ashley, 0.5m, various other gardeners and players a total of 1m in bonuses. No credit line, no share exchange, owe Ashley 5m and Park 3m. The hordes are also drifting away. £5 a head for last Wednesday and only 41k showed up. The notion they're going to sell 40k books to orcs to watch this current team struggle in the prem is laughable. Well should put them out their misery.
  12. Have to laugh at Hearts fans. £30m a of unpaid debt, CVA, cheating for over twenty years, a shameless disgrace of a club. When cheats get caught in other sports like Lance Armstrong they get stripped of medals.
  13. That's my take, maybe on tv it looked different. We had two lapses in the first game and got punished twice without taking any of the chances we made. We gave them nothing today, and on another day would have found the early goal. It was certainly an improvement on Wednesday, that was obvious. If Motherwell show the same commitment as we did today they won't be far away.
  14. I don't think they will, but remember 98/99 when their big money cup team needed to win on the last day to stay up. I seem to recall Darren Jackson was the main reason they stayed in the spl.
  15. Have to say, Stubbs team gave everything they had. I've no complaints about the effort and the performance. Talk of bottling and the like was well off the mark. Sevco knew they were in a fucking game for sure and if the goal had come earlier then it might have been a different story. The fans were also amazing with the backing, Just hope we can keep the same squad together as these guys are good enough to win this league next year whoever is in it.
  16. So the fat gardener is on £1m if Sevco win promotion, Ashley £500k. Who else is on a bumper bonus? Other assorted gardeners and players must take it well over £2m. So.. Ashley owed £5m. Park £3m. GASL, possibly £1.5m. Maybe I should be supporting Sevco vs Motherwell?
  17. I see your point about their monkey support but I hope they stay down, even though it makes it tougher for my team to get promotion. I hope Motherwell batter them.
  18. No, to your credit you won the league with a side within your budget. First Hearts team since Mercer's days who were not juiced.
  19. No laughing matter for the creditors of Ukios Bankas who took on Chris Robinson's £18m bank debt and were saddled with a £30m black hole. Hearts, juiced club that should have died like Rangers FC.
  20. The better team is staying in the lower tier, Sevco are not a good side. McCall has added guile but nothing else. Good luck Motherwell. Hopefully McDonald and Sutton do better with the chances they get.
  21. £30m in unpaid debt If you were operating within your means you'd still have won nowt.
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