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  1. BBC should unleash Mhairi Bleck on the unspecting British public, warts and all. I couldn't hate her any more than than the odious Owen Jones. At least she has an excuse for being an ignoramus.
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3096621/Average-Scot-1-600-spent-Englishman.html The foolish Ms Sturgeon, her muppet voters and the 55 plus Mhairi Bleck are upsetting the English. You know you should never bite the hand that feeds you. Simple rule.
  3. they'll be back for sure. I'd be okay with a sale to anybody if we keep the other boys in the squad together. There's lots of guys who are going to be available, Stubbs defo has an eye for a player compared his clueless predecessors.
  4. So the natsy's all want to stay in with the treaties unchanged, despite the obvious catastrophe it is, and keep kissing the Brussels ring, how unsurprising.
  5. At least I got one prediction right this season. Delighted for the young man. Hope he takes the EPL by storm.
  6. I know it caught flak and didn't make money, it also upset Muslims (oh dear) and the anti Israel mob as well as some other politicised perma offended types. I just saw it as a piece of entertainment, and as such 7 out of 10. Not quite artistically as good as the Cecile B Demille version.
  7. I hope some fans of Scottish football, fair play and integrity (that intangible but precious commodity the SFA trampled on by passing the felon Dave King as FPP and there various prior attempts to shoehorn the newco into the then first division) go along and support the Steelmen if they can. It will be a great day for the vast majority of Scottish football if the loathsome entity - trading while insolvent as The Rangers - is kept in the Championship.
  8. Exodus: Gods and Kings... really enjoyed Bale and Edgerton in the leads, amazing looking picture although I would have liked a bit more meat on the bone, but classic Ridley Scott . 7.5/10 which might rise if there's an extended version later.
  9. Just finished the first season. An odd way to end a season I thought, but I'm intrigued enough to consider reading the novels. I need to add Laura Donnelly as another fine talent to watch.
  10. The SNP is the road to HELL, not just on independence but because they have no idea what fiscal responsibility is. Just as Labour regimes in England end in shambles and tears, so would they, just very much worse for Scotland. See Greece for more details of what fiscal disaster looks like. And here is a very attractive and intelligent business woman for you muppets to pull your wee man to while your looking this up.
  11. I'm fine mate. I've said Hearts won the championship league fair and square, and within budget for the first time in 23 years. Well done for that, can't take it away from Mrs Budge or Levein (the fat controller). Hibs have improved greatly this season under Stubbs, a slow start but better football and players. We finished above Sevco in the league remember and just fell a goal short in the play off verses Sevco, a tribute act club fully emulating the deceased entity by fielding players they can't afford. As I said, not a level playing field when cheats are allowed to compete against clubs running to budget by the governing body. Hearts under Robinson and Romanov were cheats that ended up as a CVA. Rangers (rip) under Murray and Whyte were cheats that ended with a failed CVA and liquidation. But no shame from fans of Hearts or Sevco. No honour among thieves! Sevco are cheats, any club that is losing 700k a month is cheating.
  12. I see Thompson and Stewart on Sportscene both tipped Sevco to do Motherwell, just desperate to get the newco in the top league.
  13. has the look of Cyril Smith about him, an appearance on the register can't be far away.
  14. There is too much bedroom stuff in it I'll warrant you that. Books were written by a woman so par for the course.
  15. I feel your pain, but I'll take that as an admission every word is true. Now go give your unlettered and inbred outbursts to HMRC, HBOS and the Lith Bank (for you Hearts fans) No shame have you? You are a fan of a reanimated corpse, just remember that when you're next howling your party tunes.
  16. You look at Heart of Midlothian FC and the club that was called Rangers FC (rip) A total of £100m in unpaid debt and a list of owners who were crooks and fraudsters. Robinson - a grossly overweight pie devouring charlatan that ran up an £18m bank debt and won one trophy with it. David Murray - a bank and HMRC defrauder who bought Rangers with bank money and bought 9 in a row and players way beyond turnover with more bank debt, underwrote a failed share issue with £50m of bank debt, now owes the bailed out entity, now known as HBOS, £800m and has squirreled away tens of millions of Bank of Scotland depositors money in trust funds, and is recipient of an obscene knighthood, his businesses wound up and no cash in sight. Vladimir Romanov, facing charges in Russia of fraud, embezzlement and money laundering. Hearts were his little toy for a decade, and he put in lots of money that wasn't his and left a £30m hole. The level Hearts were juiced by Romanov during his ownership will likely never be fully known. Safe to say, Hearts were inflated by money obtained by mafia type practices for ten years. Craig Whyte, the last and final owner of Rangers FC (rip). The man Keith Jackson said boasted off the radar wealth, no less a fraud than Murray but couldn't raise the capital to keep the juiced club afloat and couldn't settle Murray's unpaid tax bill. Result, the end of Rangers FC and all its history as confirmed by Mr Charles Green. Charles Green, now there is a soon to be case for Bar-L. Certainly one to watch given Sevco, the laughably reanimated corpse of Rangers FC, and it's current Chairman, a convicted felon, are teetering on the brink of insolvency. And now to Hibernian FC, an honest club run within its means by a genuine business man, Sir Tom Farmer, for 25 years. A man who has never sought a CVA, been bankrupted, failed to pay players, creditors, HMRC or defrauded banks. I would say the same about Stuart Milne at Aberdeen, a genuine business man who has ran Aberdeen through barren years in the face of juiced up clubs like Heart of Midlothian and the late Rangers FC. £100m of unpaid debt between them and probably much higher than that over the piece. But their fans have no shame at all, despite the corruption, insolvency and tainted trophies. No shame.
  17. Hmmm, I watched on Amazon prime instant video.
  18. Loak might want to sign lots of players he can't afford. or would want to play for his latest diddy outfit.
  19. Eh? What's your point caller? CVA, £30m in unpaid debt... these are now points of pride? Gorgie Pride?
  20. Watch the Sky interview, as I said Sturgeon likes the idea of more yes voters more than she does who is in number 10 and your snp approved take that the civil servant wrote down something that was a complete fabrication is more implausible Ms Sturgeon's denials or other politicians covering it up.
  21. As I've said it's easy to sit back and mock when your club was juiced with a free £30m over the past 23 years. The only game Hibs have failed badly in with a level playing field was Hamilton at Easter Road, but then again they were flying with Neil in charge. We matched Sevco in both games but they got the breaks.
  22. Got yourself the new Rainjurs tap yet? £60, Mike gets £55, Sevco £5. Sevco get the chump change.
  23. I'll take that as an admission you won't sell out for Motherwell with a £5 entrance in the biggest game in your three year history. And I forgot the average Orc has to work a back shift on the supermarket tills and in the warehouse weeknights. Too busy stacking Chum dug tins to see their newco Chumps. 13.5k Hibs fans showed up, the ground holds 20k. I would double check any change I got from you at Asda.
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