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  1. Damaged in a big way economically how? We're paying 10bn euros net just for membership, sucking in 600k migrants annually, have a massive housing shortage as a result and huge pressures on public services and a shrinking tax base as these people hardly pay anything in. The trade will continue unaffected by coming out, no trade barriers will go up, and we will renegotiate a deal like Norway has. We need to control our borders surely. Aside from the EEA, all those Muslim and African migrants in the Med, tens of thousands a week, are going to try and come here under freedom of movement for free benefits, health and housing. You do realise this? I know the vast majority will end up in England but it's still unacceptable that Britain is a dumping ground because of the eu, an undemocratic and wasteful enterprise. Just look at the impact of the Common Fisheries Policy on Scotland. That alone is grounds for no.
  2. Tombstone, Kurt Russel Q&A, Nick Nolte Payback, Mel Gibson
  3. Will be happy with any result that keeps Sevco down but I expect Well to win 2-0.
  4. Trade would be unaffected by eu withdrawal. http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/581026/Daniel-Hannan-MEP-European-Union-trade-barriers-Ukip-referendum So what exactly do we get for our 18bn euros a year? 12bn of which goes to ex Soviet bloc states? Britain, a country with a £90bn deficit, Scotland on its own £10bn, and we pay out this fortune plus another £12bn to 'develop nations' via foreign aid. These same nations whose nationals are poring in by the day at the rate of 600,000 a year. Cameron is going to be cutting £12bn from our own welfare bill while paying out £20bn a year for the welfare of the ex Soviet bloc and places like Pakistan with its nuclear weapons. Is this sane? Should our own suffer for this? These countries have 0 'development' budgets. Anyway, there is only advantages to leaving this insane Brussels mafia.
  5. Cameron is basically getting told he has to absorb 600,000 migrants a year - including all the non EEA trash floating about the Med who will mostly head to Britain once processed through Italy and Greece - and pay them all benefits and meet all social costs - no compromise. I was always a firm no to membership but this snub surely means Cameron has to recommend an exit. The EU is an ugly mess with Greece just the most obvious manifestation of this truth; other southern EU states are teetering on the same precipice and the old Soviet bloc contributes nothing but a constant stream of unskilled migrants and drains subsidy from Brussels. The strongest per capita European nations remain Norway and Switzerland who have no desire to join. The best thing we (Britain) could ever do is leave the useless, undemocratic and corrupt EU. In 2013 the EU cost Britain 11bn Euro NET! We are subsiding these enlargements and backward shitholes with 11bn a year, add in the £12bn foreign aid budget we're paying £20bn a year to other countries for nothing back. I'm UKIP for a damn good reason. We only want a trade agreement, nothing else.
  6. UEFA need to grow a pair and say no to this Qatar shambles, Boycotting will be the only option as corrupt FIFA will never change it now. There has to be a complete breakaway with UEFA having their own invitation tourney in the summer, let them have their winter bollocks in this Islamist dump. Surely nobody will go anyway.
  7. Sevco really are a poor side, any team with some pace and organisation will tear them a new one as Motherwell did. The goal they lost offers Sevco a glimmer, but that's all it is, and a faint one at that. Quite happy to be facing this mob again next season as they won't be any stronger, probably a lot weaker without Vukic and some others.
  8. This thread will soon be boycotted for one started by a Hibs fan. Bloody jokers these Hearts fans, bandits.
  9. There are thousands of dangerous foreign elements in the UK that cannot be deported because of HR and the EU's failure to agree repatriation within the EEA. Many are in Scotland committing offenses against Scots, but never mind, some pensioners are in Spain after all. Sit back and do nowt, usually best. Just let them all in.
  10. Financial services is the term you want, min. Your sheep shaggin jobs would have been okay though, min, Brent Crude down from $120 to $65 a barrel at present. Are you on the Aldi tills yet? Facts, min, facts.
  11. What do you expect? This is the wummin who ignored the same eu when they told her that Scotland couldn't continue with the delightful benefits of membership post a yes vote (basically a gtf!) This is wummin that ignored the BOE and Treasury when they said no pound post a yes vote. This is the wummin that ignored the fact all the defense contracts in Rosyth and the Clyde would go south post a yes vote, Ignoring voters and facts is what this wummin does.
  12. I'd also try and get Dylan M and Boyle on a deal as we've freed up some wages with Craig leaving.
  13. Dave will soon be signing you fit for work I fear.
  14. The vote was 55% no, Mhairi. Now go back to your chips and kola kube dinner.
  15. Seems to be collective media amnesia that Sevco only sold 40k tickets at £5 a skull vs Hibs last week. Yes, this club deserves 5k tickets for Motherwell according to muppets. No, it deserves 1500 tickets. Which is 550 more than the same shame kings give us and are giving Motherwell, Shameful club and lapdog media.
  16. No. They're bleck but not as stupid as the dumplings in Paisley and Renfrewshire South.
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