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  1. If you recall, some 40k Sevconians bought season books then the IPO was launched. The IPO and season money funded their dodgy doings until Ashley had to bail them out over Christmas.
  2. That was when they were gearing up for a £25m IPO scam. That money is long gone.
  3. Who of sane mind is going to sign for Sevco? This is a club with a convicted absentee felon for a chairman that last season existed on loans from Mike Ashley, who wants his money back, and month to month loans from non exec director Douglas Park. What agent puts his player into this club? As an accountant who has represented footballers, albeit retired ones, I can tell you my advice would be you can't trust them so don't deal with this mob.
  4. Its a good start but I hope we still get in Boyle, McGeouch and get Fontaine sorted out. Allan on an extension would be the big one though. Do all that and we can steal a march on Sevco, galvanise the whole club and get the fans right behind the team. Much like Hearts managed last year.
  5. Norway has paid in 4bn euro equivalent to the eu since 1994, enjoying the full benefits of membership without any representation in Brussels. UK has paid well over 100bn euros in the same period. Last figure I can see is 18bn euro for 2013 - 12bn of which never came back. So, if England wants out of the eu and the dolts here don't, Sturgeon wants Scotland to stay in and pay circa £2bn (our FFA pro rata share) per year when Norway, with a much higher GDP than Scotland, is paying just 400m. So, to summarise, Sturgeon, in exchange for a few paltry MEP's and 0 presence on the eu commission, is willing to give Brussels (in reality the ex Soviet bloc countries) 1bn more than Norway contributes. Seriously, this is why these SNP morons are not to be trusted. That 1bn will be debt that out children's children will have to pay for generations because we have gross incompetents controlling our politics.
  6. Sad to hear about his passing this morning. My politics are on the right these days, but I respected Kennedy as a serious political figure and he'll be missed from public life. rip.
  7. Mohsni was also trying to square go with the Well lad outside. Oozing dignity of course.
  8. Not for me to say, but he is a proven liar and convicted felon that no reputable firm would trade with or represent.
  9. Will continue to trade while insolvent and will be on life support again before Christmas. As far as football goes, very unlikely they beat my club without the mythical warchest and that ain't happening is it.
  10. I take it you mean a season loan? Is a very good centre midfield prospect, technically good, and can score although he's just been an occasional sub since Stubbs came in and has gone back as a result.
  11. A bit rich Sevco moaning about Motherwell fans when they spent 90 mins aiming missiles at Mark Oxley, Scott Allan and anyone in green at Ibrokes. Butthurting Sevs.
  12. No, not in 2016, and there only hope of avoiding liquidation is Mike Ashley, I see no other source of credit. lol
  13. Who's on the karaoke at Ibrokes tonight then? I fucked it ... myyyyyy waaaayyyyy
  14. Yeah, but these guys still need signing on fees and agent fees as well as a wage, and they'll need to be decent because they are going to have to gel very quickly with Hibs having a strong squad and maybe St Mirren also. I can't see this working for Sevco. In fact, I guarantee you Potless Paul will be already arranging a beak crisis meeting at Hampden to beg for reconstruction now because his newco will 100% die without it. I think this is certain: they have to be in the prem to survive and sell the books to the horde. Even then survival is not assured, and King is going to have to put in at least 11m in equity dilution. No chance of that imo. The entire Sevco stock is not worth £11m just now. Watch out for reconstruction in the coming days.
  15. Can Sevco survive another year, especially in the lower league, without an insolvency event? I think not. If they sold an optimistic 20k season books at an average of £350 an orc that would be £7m in revenue. It costs £1.5m a month to run Sevco, onerous contracts and all, so they need to find another £11m from some outside source, with no credit line available, to make it to May next year. Cannot see anything sizable being obtained from a share flotation unless it's underwritten entirely by King, and then again that would have to be passed at an egm as the dilution will whack the existing shareholders, including Ashley and the Easdale block, and even then it would be well well short of £11m. So where is this money going to be funded from? The Ashley loan is also going to have to be covered by King shortly via the egm; I don't see the TRIFC holders outside Park and King not voting to pay Ashley back and recover their secured assets. We also have the Park £3m loan unsecured, lol. The main thing from a fan and promotion point of view is they need players - at least a dozen players and probably a whole squad, and they are going to have to pay over the odds as usual to keep the orcs happy although they cannot afford fees of course. Personally, if I was an agent, I would not let my player sign for Sevco without a large insolvency insurance policy but no broker is going to touch you. On that, King has been passed FAPP by the succulent SFA but no reputable company will do business with him due to his convictions as we have found with his forced delisting of TRIFC stock. So, I think Sevco will last to the New Year, tops, and then have an insolvency event, with liquidation very likely. They are not coming out of the championship in 2016, count on that.
  16. Mohsni now playing the Muslim card and trying to get Erwin done for some type of waycist abuse.
  17. Chick Dung slagging Well fans on the radio. "Finished 11th, why are they celebrating." One bitter Orc he is.
  18. The team that finished above then in the league will also improve. Sevco will need to come through another prem team. Mark my words.
  19. I take it the hu ns are not allowing any dressing room video? Both games it's been Well, I suppose nobody wants to see grown men greet.
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