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  1. Benefits should never be an easy existence, but the fact is it is for many hence why they are on it for life. They still get their drink and fags, as we know, maybe that's why the fire is not on. I grew up in a single parent home in the 70's, no money, my mother did not even claim housing benefit but we got by. These socialists just prey on these people's BS for votes.
  2. Come on, be serious. They want fed, housed, protected and medicated for life and they'll get it here to our considerable expense, you know it and so do they hence why there are so many attacking us from every terminal and port in Europe. Over £100bn non EEA migration has cost since the Blair years, a large chunk of national debt can be ascribed to it and its going to rocket. We need to reform ECHR very badly, create a new fit for purpose border force and protect our public services from abuse. These people have to be discouraged somehow. And that includes leaving the EU. Our so called eu partners are pointing and sending them directly here.
  3. Mad Max Fury Road. 5/10. Very silly dialogue light CGI fest, almost comedic. How it has garnered such hype is beyond me, great film for 15/16 years olds. Montage of Heck, 7/10. Kurt Cobain was an intensely creative artistic genius, driven to express his angst and this film shows that. You can see the breakdown and tragic trajectory he was on, although the film ends without much comment on his suicide which for what is supposed to be the ultimate visual document of his life I found a bit odd.
  4. Rangers or The Rangers International? I voted yes for both.
  5. Well read the article, Josif from Sudan went through seven safe countries but wants in here for the benefits. We need a complete reform of benefits access, ECHR and a border force fit for purpose as well as out of the EU because at root lack of border control is enabling these criminals.
  6. She sums up the SNP perfectly for me, a complete joke and embarrassment.
  7. Really stealing a march on Sevco with Keatings, Carmichael and now Boyle. A few extensions still to announce and we'll be stronger than last season and with a settled side.
  8. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/584478/Britain-migrants-borders-politics-immigration-Calais If you want a stark example of why the EU is a farce and bad for Britain, just look at the situation in Calais. UKIP's Steven Woofle visits the 4000 strong Afro male ghettto in Calais that the French encourage. They all want benefits and free health and know they can get it here. Tens of thousand more are on their way to the same spot, and a good percentage will end up in the usual dumping grounds in Glasgow and elsewhere all at our expense. Just a nightmare.
  9. So the peepul are now happy King will be making no investment? If he can't recover the securitised assets and the 25% of retail from MASH with his own loan on the same terms it tells me 100% he is not going to provide unsecured monies, and in all likelihood he has no liquid funds. Good news for my club.
  10. A pity UKIP could did not get proper representation for their 4m votes, would now be in coalition with Dave and would surely get us out of this EU disaster zone. The spoon fed idiots up here will possibly vote to stay in, keep the migrant tide and £12bn net subsidy flowing while the rotten eu collapses from within. I think Greece will be bankrupt in a month and will take a few more down with it eventually, so we're seeing the collapse of the corrupt euro disaster all by itself. Meanwhile we have an out of control illegal migrant situation run by Islamic State in the Med that includes terrorists being seeded into the EEA. What are they doing.. rescuing them and encouraging millions more and another unmitigated disaster to unfold. Pandering to for profit media and fiddling while Rome burns is all these fools are good for.
  11. King said he would spend spend spend but wouldn't put a figure on it - unlike the £30m kiddies inheritance, he said previously would be invested in TRIFC. Get buying those season books, berrz.
  12. https://rangerssupportersloyal.wordpress.com/2015/06/05/the-sound-of-silence/comment-page-1/#comment-1381 Penny starting to drop in the arcade. I knew King was not just a liar and tax evader, but a serious criminal defrauder, one who should be behind bars, certainly somebody my own accounting and legal firm would not touch as far as representation goes, but here is the truth - he's no money to bring to the Sevco table, the entity will be running on fumes again very soon with no soft Ashley loans to keep it alive. Get your money on Hibernian to win the Championship. 6/4 at reputable bookmakers.
  13. I've seen Messi up close and he's the best player I've seen on a pitch. I like Ronnie also, saw him plenty times at OT and he is outstanding, but with Messi you have somebody that is beyond the ability of anybody in the games history. The only black mark is the lack of WC which he might have one last chance at in 2018.
  14. Thought Juve were going to do it when they equalised, on another day they might have. Neymar goal rightly chopped off, don't know what Townsend was on about.
  15. I think the extension Hibs are trying to get him to sign has a £1m release clause, so all NewGASL and Paulie Potless have to do is meet the £1m. They also have to ply him with drink, which won't be easy given he's a diabetic.
  16. he would have said ask FIFA before last week.
  17. Not Sevco 5088, Sevco Scotland or current trading name: The Rangers International, there's a clue.
  18. So gnats and extreme lefties, Kennedy (a high profile highland unionist) did not receive abuse from national socialists? http://www.libdemvoice.org/daily-mail-on-how-charles-kennedy-was-hounded-by-the-snp-in-runup-to-the-election-46291.html The Lid Dems themselves say it happened as the DM reported. But never mind, eh. We all know the DM only prints lies and GNATS and other lefties shit smells of lavender,
  19. A shame he was abused by the highland gnats at the end, a shameful party and their easily led sheep masses that don't have a clue who or what they voted for last month and are not likely to work it out.
  20. When they were cheering that Romanian who said, in effect, we must welcome in all the hundreds of thousands of migrants a year and give them British passports I knew were looking at a trad BBC 'activist' audience, the same type of audience that cheered Odious Owen Jones the previous week. And I don't know why the Lib Dems get invited on every week and not UKIP, 4m votes to 2.5m.
  21. Jeez, 16 pages on this shite, I bet if they were Islamic militants having a fest there would not be a squeak from the gnats, Personally, let them have their religious/watp motivated garbage. It's Glasgow anyway, and The Rangers don't give them any cheer.
  22. If they want Stanton or Handling on loan then we should offer one or other to negate any development fee for Boyle,
  23. The thing about agents is they let greed cloud their judgement. If Sevco can front up a chunky fee to an agent there's a good chance he'll convince his player to go and let them suffer the likely financial consequences later, feigning ignorance when the same player's wages go unpaid or get halved. It was all fine signing for them in 2013 when Green had over £20m in IPO loot but this is a club that has no reserves, no credit facility, they can't even raise an overdraft to cover a few days worth of expenses as we've seen. Sign for them at your peril.
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