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  1. Better Nige than on the arm than the Nicky Sturgbannfuhrer.
  2. Greece just about history, and a bank collapse on the way that will reverberate across all of the eu creating more financial chaos. Really see no benefit to staying in this farce as a full member - just more cost, mass migration, loss of sovereignty and instability as has been the pattern for 42 years.. EU remains a bad idea, badly executed, a highly expensive and unaccountable bureaucracy, driven by self interest. And as for Scotland remaining a full member on it's own, as the genius that is Sturgeon is pushing for if England votes out and we don't, with 6 pointless (powerless) MEPS for a £2bn annual fee and likely £400k rebate.. How can they be serious? Send in the clowns.
  3. Lena Headey used a body double. I don't blame her tbh, a bit much to walk bollocks in front of so many. Her bum looked a bit firm for a 40's woman.
  4. 1. Hibernian 2. St Mirren 3. Falkirk 4. QOTS 5. Morton 6. Raith 7. Dumbarton 8. Alloa 9. The Rangers (docked 25 points for admin in January and relegated via play off to League One) 10. Livi
  5. Run All Night, Liam Neeson. Another v good action picture with Ed Harris giving a good grisly performance as the mob friend turned baddie, some amazing New York chase sequences. 7/10. The Neeson Indian summer continues anyway.
  6. GNATS stewarding another unemployment rise in Scotland as it continues to fall in England. Proof positive their continued militancy is driving money over the border, we are only seeing the beginnings of this also.
  7. Nobody my age knows who these people are, my wife watches this junk and she couldn't tell me one Rita Ora song or who this Grimshaw is. She's 40 mind you.
  8. I caught a bit of Murphy claiming the "militant insurgent SNP" would use any excuse to leverage in another referendum. Obvious that Labour now hate the gnats - the 55 plus Mhairi Bleck - more than any other party, and rightly so. While I'd like to credit Sturgeon with her strategy of sinking Labour in England to make it easier to sell referendum two, I'm not sure this was by design. I'd be impressed if her demands on Red Ed were indeed an elaborate scam, but I doubt such an unsophisticated soundbite politician as her has any kind of strategic mind.
  9. I wasn't overly impressed with Coburn. Pretty certain I could have done a better job with the very limited amount of air time he got, and way he was easily ambushed by the media, like the pathetic Sarah Smith. But I'm not interested in standing for office. I'm not a member of UKIP, they just most closely represent what is needed to advance and protect the country right now - EU withdrawal, a renegotiated trade deal only, recovery of lost sovereign powers, complete reform of the gravy train ECHR, control of borders, scaling back of the ridiculous foreign aid budget which in reality is £20bn a year, the end of the disaster that is the common fishery and agriculture policies. A controlled migration policy: we can't sustain the current immigration levels and population growth, the services and housing cannot cope, and the migrants are in the main not the high net contributors we need. The main pressures are in England, where I go regularly and see the affects, but it's projected the population here is to shoot up to 6m largely thanks to EU migration. Where are all these Szymons and Nadias going to be housed..? Who foots the bill? But I'll leave you to happy clap this very ignorant 20 y/o girl and her very ignorant party that are already driving people out of Scotland with their crass stupidity. Coburn at least knows a bunch of idiots when he sees them.
  10. Hadn't even noticed the empty vessel until today. I won't be noticing him/her/it again.
  11. Robertson did a good job anchoring the midfield, especially when we played a 352, will be missed.
  12. I wonder if WarChestBurton is on anything like the 800k of Chancey Gardner. Sally still Being There n'that. What was wee Durranty on? £300k? If Weir's Way is on even half that it has to be a serious lol. Get those books bought berrz.
  13. Will take that as an admission. How is Marvin these days anyway? Still happy as larry on the benefits?
  14. Nothing made up about it. I thought you were a Lib Dem? Or are you one of these undercover Gnat/ turncoats? Principals as deep as the puddles you drink from. Sad.
  15. Thanks for unveiling yourself as a moron. Where you on the Scheme perchance? What character were you. I'm going to guess this one. A Mhairi Bleck ex?
  16. I don't care what you believe, pal. I'm giving what she was told by a party member. I can also tell you the same source told her that the Liberal Dem party members/organisers in Edinburgh South were told, by letter, to vote for Ian Murray to keep out the SNP slimeball candidate.
  17. My mother knows a senior highland Lib, who will go unnamed, who informed her last week who informed me yesterday. SNP were banned, excepting Mr Swinney, and rightly so.
  18. SNP banned from the funeral, only Swinney there. Swinney is the only SNP I have any respect for. I think Kennedy must have been of similar view. Certainly a man of integrity and non aggressive demeanor, unlike Sturgeon or the fat fool Salmond.
  19. You got a legible sentence out of her outside a bar cafe, wow. I'm impressed.
  20. Predestination. I got the plot gimmick/twist before the end. Was a good basic idea that in the end didn't quite work for me, became a bit too bizarre, although it held my attention so 6/10. Loopers, Was somewhat enjoying this until Bruce Willis showed up and ruined it. Amazes me this tired old luvvy still gets hired. I switched off soon after so can only judge the first forty minutes which was quite good, so 5/10. In Bruges, Watchable/enjoyable nonsense with a nice happy ending. 7/10.
  21. I'm up to 10 on season 5. You can see where it is heavily borrowing from other big epics/franchises but it is a genius work. I still can't warm to Emilia Clarke, just knew a dragon was going to rescue her wee bum.
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