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  1. Mrs Sturgeon on a Labour SNP coalition and Trident in one minute: We won't be in a coalition with Labour if they support Trident.. then.. Eh... we won't be in a coalition with Labour if they still plan Trident's replacement... then. Eh... we'll maybe be be in a coalition with Labour but we won't vote with them on Trident or it's planned replacement.. Woman of conviction.
  2. Cheers mate, hopefully some good clean fun.
  3. Would prefer Spartans, would be nice to play them, although wee Colin Cameron deserves some applause at ER like he got for his consolation goal in 2000.
  4. Got to confess my views are quite Daily Mail these days, I'm leaning towards Nigel. Good guy, likes a pint and a fag. Doesn't want to pay Brussels millions a day. Ed is not even giving us a vote on it - if he doesn't trust the voter why vote for the clod?
  5. Rangers, maybe this, decent proof their own stupidity and arrogance is the reason they died. Sevco, too many to list and no doubt plenty to come.
  6. Zombies have to come to Leith and get something, can't see it with 9-1 being the current agg.
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