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  1. Gonna be good if Big Mike takes the vote, can see the gazebo being stormed by rampaging Zombie Orcs. Dignified Zombie groups like SOS and RST, I.E overage casuals, into the fray. Gonna be good.
  2. Some animals are best kept in their cages I agree: Sevco EGM now at Ibrokes.
  3. Maybe these hotel owners have watched the pre-zombified Orc away day in Manchester 08 DVD? Cert 18.
  4. London Zoo might be good shout, the ape house. I doubt the regular zoo patrons would notice the drop in class of simian exhibit.
  5. I think it's a pretty consistent 60 percent polled want migration reduced. Is 80 percent in England, which contrasts with SNP policy at the referendum - the hush hush plan to add 1m to the population, and their bi-polar EU policy - in out, shake it all about - let's become a non entity controlled by Brussels, along with their desire to keep the pound and be controlled by the BOE. It's like Mrs Sturgeon on Trident and a Labour/SNP coalition, just not credible.
  6. I laugh at the consensus abuse dished out to Nige. Most Scots agree with the man when they're polled on the individual issues: migration and Europe especially, but when they find out that it's a UKIP policy they like it's... well ehh mibbes naw then. Generational trade union/socialism kicks in... bellends etc..
  7. If El Alagui can come back to the level before the injury, even if it takes a few games,then it's going to set us real well for the play offs. I rate Malonga and Cummings also, mind. Not sure about the French Ivorian dude yet.
  8. I hope Fellaini plays up top from now on for United, he causes real problems unlike the others tbh. I really thought/hoped Falcoa was going to be a sensation at United given his record at Athletico and Porto, just hasn't happened,.
  9. With all these rodents feasting on the bones at Mordor, if King wins does that make him King Rat? I might have to start rooting for King Rat.
  10. I think United are going to end up like Hibs after they sold all the family silver - fans left watching shite.
  11. Worst officials in Europe surely. But the Sheep were on fire there.
  12. To me the H word always meant RFC fan, certainly nothing to do with churches, Presbyterian beliefs or voting No in the referendum. It's served as an excuse for fans of the deceased club to spuriously claim sectarianism over the years on the diddy teams who abhor the homourless unchanging loyalist anti Catholic bile they serve. Horrible club, but they revel in it don't they.
  13. Next Rangers has a kind of ring, naw? I can see that being registered at Companies House soon. Sally must be recalled from ra gairdin.
  14. Is this the same 'baffled' polis that watched sevco fans raining down cups of urine on Hibs fans at Ibrokes? Methinks calling them to the scene would be more likely to cause Mr Llambias more zombie mischief. Gonnay describe him again, Derek?
  15. Removal of the mysterious stars could be a start. I think (guessing) they refer to titles won by a liquidated club that earned most of them by cheating, before they died in 2012 owing £60m to 276 separate creditors along with an as yet unquantified tax bill. There is one change the Unfit King could make if he wants to charge Big MASH.
  16. Only question is will it be a release based on four humpings or six. Sevco lose at Easter Road on March 22nd, high likely, then it might just be the four doings. After years of watching oldco - beefed up on dodged tax and Bank of Scotland's shameful misuse of funds - mostly beating my club, it's been good. A defo DVD buy if we go up.
  17. Sad the man Llambias cannot have a quiet pint in his hotel without suffering zombie attack. I suggest he peruses this site before his next beer http://zombease.com/survival-guides/anti-zombie-weapons-and-defense/
  18. Is he still writing letters to HMRC? Keep the Renfrewshire constituents happy, eh Jim.
  19. FOS for me, although most of the tartan army cannot sing it. The egg chasers can, not the ta.
  20. And now a traditional musical interlude, ♫ "Swally in the garden, the garden the garden, Swally in the garden, the cheeky chappy lier..." ♫
  21. The irony is if he'd come clean instead of lying like Tam Pepper he'd maybe still be in politics, have avoided jail and have got his claims compo. He liked the burds and hated Murdoch more than the truth,
  22. I'm leaning towards Mecca it's true. Great afterlife benefits I've heard.
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