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  1. As long as Thomson or Madden are not ref I fancy Falkirk vs Sevs.
  2. Maybe if I bought one Mrs Budge could buy the other for Hearts, Donkeycaster has set his stall out so we can put the uefa trophies in the cabinet. Just because it is against Scots Law is no matter, Donkeycaster says it's legit.
  3. Thinking of buying Parma's history for my club, maybe one of their UEFA cups. Well, you can buy history from a dissolved bankrupt club and call it your own according to Donkeycaster.
  4. Chelsea and Sevco fan, ex RUC, can't imagine why he isn't fully embracing of diversity and minorities. He was just doing the Souleymane dude a favour.
  5. 28 terrorists have used it to avoid deportation, and countless more criminals have done likewise. It's a charter for abuse and easy money for lawyers like Mrs Blair. It was her that got her grinning other half to blindly sign up to it.
  6. I won £25 on Djedje as first scorer, wasn't a bad day out at all. Nice pint in Middletons before the game, a bit cold in the second half mind. Very poor away support must be said, maybe 100? That Hibs team is much better than the one that got relegated, better organised also. Stubbs has defo done well, another year in that league would be no good though, even if the Orcs are in it.
  7. I abstained, couldn't vote either way, but with the oil price where it is, thank god it was a No.
  8. Quite happy if Dave wins a clear majority, bar some issues done an okay job for me, get an EU referendum and reform of the disastrous human rights situ. We'll see continued efforts to reduce the deficit which at £90 billion a year is still way too high. The thought of a Lab or La/SNP coalition is quite horrific tbh, I definitely prefer Mrs Sturgeon to Murphy, and maybe they are the best party to run the executive in Holyrood, but no more than that.
  9. Man U are beginning convince me they are going to miss the CL. That was another disgraceful result today. Moyes did better than this when you factor in the money spent.
  10. Should have been more than 3, Hibs were on another level. Pretty impressive considering Allan and Cummings didn't play.
  11. Action is long overdue, that's the bottom line, and points is the only way. Collymore as an outsider is well placed to expose Scotland's Shame, which includes the enabling authorities as well as the newco and fandans. If he was up here he'd be a marked man, just like anybody who dares confront this mob - who are these people, I want them named etc..
  12. Point deductions is the only way it can dealt with, an award of 0-3 to Raith last night and the same for any similar airing of the UEFA sanctioned anti Irish/Catholic racist party tunes. Long long overdue. But what an own goal by the vermin, Mr Collymore vindicated fully. Hope he continues to expose the Shame.
  13. Collymore has this rabid mob right. Respect that dude.
  14. I'll take any win, but expect a decent performance and goals.
  15. Three years in jail for each of them according to the oh so offended beeb for keeping the boy off the train. I hate Chelsea almost as much as Sevco but come on. A tad ott.
  16. Polygamy legal in most Muslim countries, up to four wives per gadge. Mohammed himself, the perfect man, had fifteen wives that he was said to service regularly by one source, Allah having infused him with the prowess thirty dudes. He also had concubines and license to shag slave girls. I'm amazed brother Sheridan has not converted. Sharia is progress really, isn't bad news for us guys who convert. Insha"Allah.
  17. Not to mention trading while insolvent, breaching the sfa rules of association and about to put forward a tax fraudster and bankrupted director as saviour. It was Chelsea fans that phoned those hotels btw.
  18. I would have probably walked out of Lost in Translation and Shakespeare in Love if the other half had agreed. Two of the most overrated films going. Some really bad 80's films like Absolute Beginners, would have walked out from that also bar the girlfriend.
  19. or anyone with a skill we have a shortage for. Most welcome to work here, and bring their spouses of course. A definite minority of the current free for all, but we don't see the affects of mass immigration up here hence we feel free to ridicule UKIP, and student leftists feel at liberty to attack the Nige dude on site when he dares to cross the border. Mrs Sturgeon has no clue about economies either proven by her outburst on austerity last week. Greece is a place Mrs Sturgeon had her holidays in the 90's, that's it.
  20. Just for teh UK We're 'taking in' 250,000 a year, and that's just the net legal figure, What percentage of those do you think are registered nurses and qualified medical practitioners? 1 or 2% maybe? There is such a thing as controlled immigration you know, also known as good immigration, bring in people that have the skills needed to fill shortages and might actually be net contributors over a sustained period, I.E pay your pension when you're an old fart, It's what sane countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand have in place and why they have much smaller budget deficits.
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