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  1. Murray is a complete tool, no different to the average orc in that regard, but it sounds to me he hasn't yet grasped the reality of a loss making business with no credit line and a delisting approaching. This is aside from the fact The Sevco is a barely floating wreck, holed below decks in more places than he and his Lying King can ever hope to plug. The fact King does not want to immediately settle with Ashley tells you all you need to know. The enterprise is heading for liquidation.
  2. Guidi told the horde that Boydio would go onto score 10 plus after he got one vs Raith in Feb, save the Sevco off the radar mulyins!
  3. Notice McDowall is taking sectarian abuse from the Orcs. Doesn't take much for these **** to show their colours.
  4. 41 convictions for tax fraud in 2012, a director of a liquidated company in 2012. But... he claims he has £20m for the establishment club, promises more helicopter Sunday's... To summarise, all that matters is WATP, not FPP.
  5. Daily Record, I mean why don't they just come out as the Sevco fanzine we all know they are, maybe re hire Jabba Traynor to write corrupt drivel to sell copy to their dwindling toothless readership. Can't wait until there are a handful of Labour MP's and they do the swicheroo to Salmo and Mrs Sturgeon's camp. Hopefully be in the hands of BDO soon with their beloved Rangers.
  6. Only if he underwrites it, and even then then he would be increasing his position for the money. He may also convert the Ashley debt into equity for himself, but once he gets to 30% (which would happen instantly if he converted the Ashley £10m debt to equity) he has to make a cash offer for the remaining holders. So if Sevco delists he has to buy out the rest and run TRIFC as a private company, and if he underwrites rights and ends up with over 30% he has to buy out also. Impossible if he is not passed FPP.
  7. I don't doubt the likes of Regan and Dungcaster are well capable of ignoring their own rules and bringing shame on themselves, but AIM is another matter. King doesn't even have a nomad to make a case. If they say no he has to give fair value to the 85% of TRIFC or get out of Dodge,
  8. Guaranteed to be a loan or a rights dilution. Murray did not not put a penny into the deceased Rangers and King will do likewise with Sevco whatever the media fanfare says. Please do spend £10m on journeyman for the Championship 2016 title, better still give it to the fat gardener to spend.
  9. I don't get King's hubris on how he's not bothered if the SFA abide by their own FPP guidelines and AIM don't allow him to be a director. The key thing is (unlike his SA companies where he delegates executive power) King doesn't own TRIFC, he's a minority stock holder. So if the SFA act properly, and AIM do not anoint his directorship, then what has he got really? He can't be seen to be an executive of TRIFC. And if the SFA act spinelessly but AIM do not (possible) he's looking at a delisting which means he has to offer the other Sevco holders fair value - like Romanov did at Hearts, This is aside from the ludicrous boasts about £10m on players for the Championship next year, hilarious repeat of stupidity.,
  10. Did they make pay roll, or has Ashley loaned the second £5m tranche? I like how he has put his two place men on new contracts. King Rat is going to have to dig deep if he wants them out. The Orc garden is going to be crowded,
  11. Very small at 5'4" and not likely to grow any now, but better players than him have failed to make the grade.
  12. Quite fugly these peepul, age does weary them and the years condemn.
  13. Disappointed about the result, as I'm sure all Dons and non Celtic fans are. Just not Aberdeen's day.
  14. That auld liberal wife last night, totally detached. If I hear another liberal like her justifying 600k plus migration in one year with ancient Danes and Angles I'll puke. Find something better to sell this madness than 9th century habitations of empty space from the North Sea.
  15. You can see why Hibs are 9-1 over three games. I think we will totally destroy them on March 22nd.
  16. We should have bigger crowds but we've had seven years of utter dross at the club, it's commendable that an 8k hardcore still exists. Going to take a lot to get the stay aways back, I'm one of them tbh.
  17. Could argue that Telegraph piece is actually a very cunning piece of Lying King propaganda, on the basis all negative publicity around the clumpany is good till March 6th. The rabid sectarianism on show at Raith is another deal of course, although wee Amy is obviously deaf, unless the utter crap she was on about was her last record.
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