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  1. King better start planning for another year in the Championship. Get his warchest sorted now.
  2. Well we now know the Nimo investigation was nobbled from the off, but in my view those 7 were to be stripped from Rangers, not Sevco, who in accordance with Scot's Law are not Rangers.
  3. Is a belter reading those tweets. There were ***s like Graham still praising and supporting Whyte right up to the cva being rejected and the ticketus scam being revealed.
  4. It will be fun if they ever claim 55 titles when we all know their history was broken. 54 and 1 they might get away with if BDO are being highly charitable.
  5. I'm not bothered who is best - we need to get second and then deal with Sevco, or whoever beats them.
  6. Rangers can't win more trophies unless they're bought from BDO and reformed. Wee lies that Sevco are the same club won't cut it with anyone but themselves and their parasites.
  7. I didn't get LVG's substitution of Herrera for Carrick, very strange decision I thought given Herrera is a creative goal threat and Carrick a sitting midfielder, and he already had Blind in the middle. The second goal was just a bad mistake but LVG didn't help the cause.
  8. That scam has been tried already, and no credit line exists anyway to even be scammed by such a moonbeam.
  9. Has King found a nomad for the Sevco yet? Going to need one for any financing foolery involving newco equity. Or is he back to using up his kids inheritance for the warchest/running cost of 700k per month?
  10. The gardener, Souness and/or Uncle Legned would surely have us quaking in our boots on the 22nd.
  11. If we get to the final better not be reffed by Thomson again. I bet he'd have the nerve to take the gig though, shameless.
  12. Plus they beat the Jambos at the bus shelter. I think we'll edge it though.
  13. United deserved that after that harsh red. No way was that deliberate at all.
  14. If I was an orc I'd expect Ashley not to be a creditor at least by week two. Looks like King will ride to the end of the season end on the Ashley loan given his pronouncements on it.
  15. It's a secured loan with the terms in the public domain. If he doesn't put up the £10m to remove Ashley as a creditor soon it tells you there are serious holes below decks and he thinks he could get the same assets Mike has secured from an administrator - his original plan. Certainly he will not act in the interests of the stock holders should it become obvious we're looking at a write off.
  16. Excepting Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders, they only mob up and attack white British people also, rule of thumb.
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