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  1. I hope Stubbs plays his strongest side, almost paid for not doing that mid week.
  2. It was a crass way to demonstrate his view (a view that should be permissible in a free society) that Islam is a diabolical teaching,which is my view also, racism is way ott.
  3. It sure does. A £10m IOU, no credit line, a loss making business mostly due to onerous unmovable contracts, no nomad or listing to do equity finance. WATP.
  4. As far as I can see there two big ills in this country (UK as a whole). 1. Immigration is out of control and is damaging the country socially, culturally and economically. 2. Unpaid taxes by corporations and super rich are adding to the deficit created by a welfare bill that is still unsustainable long term.
  5. Thing about Hislop is he is an independent, like me: some of his views are on the right, some on the left, some are mainstream liberal. People that fix themselves to one agenda, or set of beliefs, are always misguided.
  6. Guys like this are just the natural product of the police /sfa blind eye to the rabid sectarianism of that club, newco and deceased. It's fitting he's photographed back where it all started for him. No doubt the other Rangers fan terrorist will want his snap upon release.
  7. It is maybe unfair to call Sevco fans h*ns, it is a new club after all with no link to the entity in the hands of BDO, as those hundreds of unpaid creditors can painfully attest to. Also, shouldn't speak ill of the dead.
  8. It's true they tanned a few English towns, Manchester 08 was no first. I actually think they give the original h*ns a bad name, Attila was a savage but he had a sense of humour, unlike the toothless ones.
  9. Bigoted against who, Sevco fans? Yes, I am bigoted against Sevco fans, lock me up M'lud.
  10. He's failed at two clubs and doesn't have the playing resources at Sevco, there's your bottom line.
  11. You'd think Graham would at least approve of the orange jumpsuits, maybe see him in one soon with asylum poster boy and beautiful man, Mohammed Emwazi.
  12. Mrs Sturgeon in bed with yon Red Ed is a beautiful thought.
  13. Benefits are a career choice in Scotland, let's not deny it. I know of people that haven't worked since school now mid 30's and have kids to various woman, all paid for by the state. Get a social worker and a habit, you're made. I would put these junkies and suchlike in public work programs. And no migrant should get access to the Welfare state until two years residency. I think in Australia. NZ or Canada they just wouldn't access, period, so I'm turning red in my old age.
  14. Kennedy... Frankly my dear I could go a wee dram.
  15. Always somebody else's fault for this Islamic terror.
  16. Chuck needs a refill soon, voddy for his body.
  17. Kennedy looks like he's back on the bevvy.
  18. No chance, even if he resigned it would be by mutual agreement, just like all those Hibs managers: Fenlon, Calderwood, Hughes, Mixu... They all got paid. He was owed 10 months money, I assume 200-300k.
  19. No chance, he was paid up, only question is where the money came from. I predict Ashley as Sevco were running on fumes without that second tranche. King..
  20. Looks like an official snap by Vass, no doubt he is on standby for Graham.
  21. Where did the money come from to pay up KM and get in McCall? Ashley's second tranche £5m?
  22. While I admire young Chris's stand on benefit scrounger extremist Choudary, I think it would be more fitting if he volunteered himself for the Peshmerga. No surrender and all that.
  23. Can we have the lefty view on this poll? This isn't what diversity cheerleader Mrs Sturgeon and co are pushing on us. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/scotland-no-more-tolerant-of-immigrants-than-the-rest-of-uk-poll-finds-10099105.html Me, I support good immigration, as in people we need that are net contributors. I don't support benefit and burden street immigration. Regards today's Nige bashing, of course the race employment laws imposed by Blair are convoluted and constrictive (thousands of expensive cases a year raised in pointless hearings,and 99% get thrown out). Reading the BBC site on Farage, he clearly has widespread support if not votes.
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