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  1. The vote was no, end of story, no recount needed, but we have the cybernats acting like 2014 didn't happen.
  2. Recap.. No auditor No Nominated advisor No exchange No investment from Glib Sally and various other gardeners still on books Assets still secured by MASH Existing off season book money only Claiming 21k sold but source is Traynor Three players signed by new manager whose main experience is short selling. All going swimmingly then. .
  3. When is she being unleashed on the docile public? Train wreck a comin.
  4. Derivative of what exactly? Cobain had influences but he went way beyond them.
  5. I would leave Scotland, or at the very least change my domicile, if FFA is ever visited on Scotland. FFA would be an absolute disaster. A very definite road to ruination and one that would not be easy to unwind after the proletariat (aka that sophisticated progressive social democratic electorate) work it out. The tax base is going to shrink as people leave and change domicile, there's your bottom line.
  6. The banking system collapses, nobody gets paid (state employees and all pensions and benefits) so the state cannot function and the whole structures of society break down. The sick will go untreated and the importation of food and fuel stops. A lot of the rich Greeks. and there's plenty of them as the 300bn euros they borrowed didn't all just vanish, will have the currency to survive on the black market and get anything they want, but the rest are going to starve unless the ECB gives them billions, But hey ho, they said oxi.
  7. They seem to think they can just do the walking away without any severe comeback. They are in for a very rude awakening in that case. And as I've sad, take note all the gnats about what happens when a state borrows beyond it's capacity to pay.
  8. How deluded are you? The Greek debt is roughly equivalent of our share UK national debt. Independence for Scotland equals the same disaster
  9. This communist Greek PM's statement is laughable, he's leading them to disaster. But a likley £11bn hit for us. Imagine if Scotland was a full separate member as the poor fools want, would be a minimum £1bn coming right out of our coffers. Sturgeon wants us to be full members so we'd be paying double our annual fee to cover Greek incompetence and greed. The other spin off is going to be humanitarian assistance to Greece by all the great and good. The £12bn foreign aid budget will be diverted from dictators and Islamists to Athens.
  10. No, it was obviously Celtic fans upset that Deloitte's inserted the contingent liability and going concern warning into TRIFC's published accounts. Celtic fans want TRIFC to be able to raise capital for war chests and Deloitte's are clearly a hindrance.
  11. She's cute and all, but it's just sad that such derivative stuff is so dominant in the culture. My eldest daughter is into the Doors and Nirvana as well as the Paramore's and other rock of today. thankfully not Swift or Perry.
  12. That record is the template for hard rock in my view, has not been bettered.Nobody else has put out anything with the same energy, AC/DC included.
  13. Show on Ch 5 last night, following family of Roma with eleven kids as they move from Romania to Britain to live off our benefits. Aw, cute eh. I only managed 20 minutes as my blood pressure couldn't take the full hour. Is this what my grandad fought in both world wars for? The old boy died in 1986 and voted Labour all his life but I think his generation and their sacrifice have been betrayed. The welfare state he fought for should be for British people in need (Scots/Welsh/English..) not these parasites. No doubt most here think otherwise. Tragic.
  14. Sevco paying dudes 8k a week when they can't afford to pay their bills. Amazes me players are so dumb to think there is any chance of these contracts being honoured long term by a company with no credit facility, no assets, huge overheads, a criminal as chairman and no way out of it except liquidation. Dumb footballers.
  15. Greece should be a lesson to gnats and other spend and borrow socialists. Scotland spends considerably more than it raises in revenue, fact, has a big public sector and a pensions time bomb waiting in the wings, fact. We're okay while Westminster (in the form of Cameron) is covering the debt and subsidising our better funded nhs, free higher education, free prescriptions and blanket council tax freezes, but if that was removed we would spiral quickly just like Greece into the abyss. And anybody who thinks snp empty vessels like Fungus Gobertson, the Sturgbanfuhrer or fat Salmo would have any answers needs psychiatric help. These clowns would be swamped and swept away, but the damage would be much harder to shift.
  16. The Spuire looks cooler, but I'd get a Mex strat if on a budget.
  17. WHO are these old men kicking Kanyo's ass?
  18. How can you be serious? West and his whole 'calalogue' of expletive ridden street beats needs dropped on the dark side of the moon and nuked from space. I will happily be the mission commander.
  19. Greece is just the front line in the collapse of the euro zone and the disaster of the eu political experiment. The same story is to be found all over southern Europe and of course in Ireland. Sturgeon and her minions get their way it will be Scotland with the same begging bowl out.
  20. A guy pushing 36 with a bad knee, sounds exactly the sort of signing to get the hordes buying books at the rate Kingcon demanded.
  21. Where to start with that one? So you don't think TRIFC are an embarrassment? Chuckie Green's IPO to crisis monthly loans and failed promotion despite a wage bill of £9m, and now a felon for a chairman. All while claiming to be the same club as the one in the hands of BDO. No laughs there. I haven't even mentioned Sally.
  22. 9 months for battering a guy in a bar. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-33204251 Would not have recognised the dude from that picture.
  23. The word international in their new name, maybe it means international embarrassment? Quite ambitious for a club only 3 years old.
  24. 30,000 across the whole EU, is that all you soft heads can muster to defend 500,000 inwards net a year into this small island? The island you want to break up, turning Scotland into an impoverished EU satellite run by SNP debt until it collapses like Greece. Aberdeen Bud sinks to a new low with his illiterate outburst, such misplaced anger in these militant leftists. I suppose when you have no stake in society, no wealth, property, children, you're happy to let those who do see it put in jeopardy. The English are not as dumb as people like Aberdeen Bud, thankfully.
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