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  1. sad he's away, but how is Chick Dung still there?
  2. I'm against fox hunting but it's obvious Frau Sturgeon is just politicking on the issue. Gnats seem happy enough with anything that upsets Dave and co so it's an easy tap in.
  3. Now clear they were using Allan's name to shift books to the gullible horde via their succulent media.
  4. Holt got 5 in 15 for Sheffield U on loan last season, so a good prospect midfielder. The Telfer fee was a desperate sfa move to inject some cash into sevco at the time, as we all knew, but the precedent has been set.
  5. I see Levein says Sevco will have to pay a fee for Jason Holt. Must be be at least £700k going Charlie Telfer's tribunal. A guy with one TRIFC appearance was valued at 204k by the hampden ebt recipients. These are the same people who named a convicted tax criminal and liar as FAPP of course.
  6. A colleague of mine has a relative new build three bedroom flat, nothing but problems with it, leaks especially, Structurally thrown up.
  7. Wasps only, although if I can get it out a window I'll take that option. Bees won't sting you, don't kill them.
  8. Those pesky Finns are saying oxi. Imagine an independent Scotland, as Sturgeon and muppets still want, after all the tartan flag waving you get a wee bill, like Finland has, for a few bil to bail out Greece AGAIN. I mean, gnats, please explain why iScotland should bail out Greece with billions? I'm all ears. Finland are are heading for their own Finxit.
  9. I'm not surprised Sturgeon is ambivalent to fox hunting, a few right hounds in her party after all.
  10. There is a mentalist simmering under most of them, my experience also. Anyway, I bet he got the barca top from Sports Direct. Digging his own grave with his big team.
  11. Why are so many teenage kids still walking about with Nirvana t-shirts and plastering posters on their walls if that's all they were? Were you even around in 91 or are you just picking up pseudo guff you picked up from snooty music mags? Anyway, I know it was influenced by the Pixies but certainly did not sound like their plodding surf punk. As for three chords, not really, Have you worked through any of the tracks on guitar? I did in the 90's and it wasn't three chord rock at all. Every track on Nevermind has great hooks in it. Cobain was a great player with his use of feedback and noise. Anyway.. no doubt you think that was all from Thurston Moore. If only it was that easy to sell 20m records.
  12. Rolling Stones peaked 40 years ago and are still basking in the afterglow. If Sir Mick can still strut about at 72 and pull a ballerina chick of 27 then there is hope for us all, even if it's imaginary.
  13. They don't put out the same energy,Metallica in the Bay Area crica 86 were an inferno compared to now., Likewise the Who last week, a pretty tame version of the 70's peak. Dave Grohl is probably the same but I don't like FF.
  14. I don't like Paramore, my daughter does. If you prefer Swift to the Doors then you are a moron, nothing wrong with that of course, just means you are one one the unthinking masses.
  15. Was in Florida last year and got a taste for Bud Light but I'm on the Coors here, hardly any pub does Bud light but Coors is good.
  16. At 47 it's the legs going aspect I like least. Could do the 100 in 11 flat in my mid twenties, now I'd be lucky to break 14 secs. I do the gym twice a week and run about 12 miles a week. Resting heart rate is 52/53 which is athlete for 47. Some guys my age look shit I have to say, not me,
  17. Would love him back, a class act. Stokes on loan would be great, can't see it though.
  18. I think I got a warning point for a swear word, I'll expect the same here.
  19. I suppose if you're looking from the vantage of Ferguslie Park and blotto on a cocktail of fortified wine and jellies Ms Bleck is quite appealing. Only just mind.
  20. Their numbers and claims are not even close to adding up, this is why I'm opposed to iScotland. They've managed to bribe the masses with free prescriptions, fees exempt higher education, council tax freezes... all paid for by the Barnett formula they want to replace, but they're ideologically driven and are not telling the truth. We saw that with their North Sea oil revenue claims during the referendum. Spectacularly wrong. £35bn wrong. They are muppets.
  21. Ironic, given her legendary drinking, her party has decimated the pub trade (food and drink) with their savage reduction in the alcohol limit, pubs being shut down every week thanks to gnat interfering dogma..They're going after woman rights next, at least being a lesbian Ms Bleck won't need to worry about unwanted pregnancy. Dungarees at the ready.
  22. Must be! King promised £30m and his weans inheritance didn't he? His weans must be sweating so far!
  23. Don't swallow the snp bile mate. We dodged a hail of bullets.
  24. Hope Sturgeon is taking notes on this likely Greek collapse as that is where she is steering Scotland, or would if she could get away with it.
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