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  1. Borrowing billions you can't pay back, yes that's a good thing And what is she going to spend these borrowed billions on? Infrastructure? Wealth creation? No, upping benefits. Progressive socialism = a progression to bankruptcy. What happens then? Vast reductions across all areas, public sector pensions, health and benefits being the first to be slashed if the Greek model is anything to go by.
  2. Yes, and you'll get 10% of that debt, debt you'll have to pay interest and capital on every year, and add £10bn borrowing from somewhere to cover the current Barnett expenditure, an expenditure your party calls unacceptable austerity. I want the failure of the SNP, not Scotland. Scotland's interests are best preserved within the union. The SNP are a charlatan party who were against the Holyrood parliament, played no part in its foundation or its remit, and are refusing to accept the will of the people in 2014. Who is against Scotland? Who wants Scotland to fail? Not me.
  3. Which will be their undoing. FFA for the SNP would be a great deal for England, save them billions in subsidy, and we all know there is only one 100% guarantee with socialists like the SNP - they run out of money. So for Cameron wishing to preserve the union, put the ball in the SNP court I say, give them immediate FFA and watch the idiots collapse. SNP know they need full independence before FFA because the proletariat will return to Labour and drop them quickly when FFA hardship comes, just now they are fooling a lot of people, but you can never fool all of the people all of the time as we know. FFA is hardship without independence, a very bad half way house for SNP and other extreme nats.
  4. . We had a referendum in September. Do you recall the result? The hard left nat party failed.
  5. Aw, wee bravehearts will be breaking on here. At least we won't have another 'ah wid' poll.
  6. She's managed to cobble a few highers to get on a uni course so she's obviously a more qualified person than Ms Kane. The nat mind at work again.
  7. Brent Crude, $65.45 a barrel, that's in the real world and not your deluded wee nat mind.
  8. I'm sure it will be a very advanced and formidable force, along these lines. Nippy Muttley and Eck Dastardley.
  9. So Nippy wants an end to austerity, demands more money from Dave to shower cash on her core feckless voters, but FFA is years away she declares. Does this muppet want her independence or not? Is this maybe because she knows FFA means massive cuts and taxation rises that will sink her and her unwashed party overnight? Maybe she is bi polar and needs some medication?
  10. They were putting the boot in right up to election day, odious and vile corporation of public purse freeloaders.
  11. Will be fun when Dave says: here's your FFA, now f**k off with it and your getting no more subsidy from me. Nippy then has to find £10bn a year and pay the capital and interest, along with the £130bn share of national debt. I predict, as I said yesterday, that lots of thicko newbie nats who think IFS is a furniture store are going be hoisting Jacks like a month of twelfths when the real cuts come. Murphy will be back as their saviour.
  12. Reality yet to sink in for the nationalist community I see. Poor wee souls don't know their feeble 56 are just that.
  13. What can you say except the voters of Paisley are a very discerning bunch, they obviously want to send a message to Mr Cameron and Miss Black offers the perfect means of delivery. Cameron's tea and teeth will soon be oot.
  14. Latest generation of Hampstead Socialists thumbing their privileged noses. I spent a few years in Singapore in the early 00's. They know how to deal with miscreants: a cane across the arse.
  15. Clear foul initially by the Sevco player, but this is the guy who watched Meekings.
  16. Well I'm hardly going to call them liars am I. They're local Cowdenbeath, and the older dude who owned the business was about 60 and obviously knows the area very well. So the foobank is doing roaring business and Roma gypsy's have set up two camps outside the town on somebodies land, laying down concrete paths, with police turning a blind eye to avoid any 'community issues'. This is what they told me. Anyway, I was just back from Manchester and was looking in on my mother as I drove past from the airport. As you do,
  17. I'll take it back if at least two Cowdenbeath posters can confirm/deny. It was actually two Cowden guys who told me this today, the boss and a workie. Excellent work on my mother's extension btw, use Scottish tradesman! He says these Roma are doing odd jobs about Fife, probably also nicking lead off church roofs etc (that last bit is my add on, they didn't say that) ps, Lib Dems...
  18. Cowdenbeath contractor's words, maybe somebody from Cowdenbeath can confirm it.
  19. Talking to a guy from Cowdenbeath who's doing an extension on my mother's house. Apparently the foodbank in 'Coodie' is so popular and big it's putting some local shops out of business, all these feckless buggars are getting their vouchers and free bags of food and loving it. This is according to him. He also told me about two camps of Roma outside the town that have taken over separate land plots, the larger mob has laid down concrete paving with pillars and a pair of matching lions at the camp entrance. I mean WTF. Police don't dare go near them he told me so they have carte blanche to create their own wee Fife fiefdom. He calls them Feckies, which apparently is Coodie for foreigner, anyway was more confirm, if needed, I'm correct to continue my UKIP support.
  20. Ah, another sophisticated SNP supporter and connoisseur of agricultural football. Such wit, charm and repartee. I feel your pain chump. Tories across Britain are toasting your wee clueless Nippy one.
  21. I don't agree with the Tories on a number of issues, they are too representative of money'd classes and some of their election promises - like right to buy for housing association tenants - were stupid. I disagree with Cameron on Europe, and his foreign policy on Libya/Syria/Ukraine has done more harm than good. But... he's going to give me an eu vote and we will have stable economic growth, deficit reduction, and a reduction in the Welfare benefits craziness and the end at last to the abuse of human rights legislation by foreign criminals. So, I'm not a Tory, but the country is going to be better off without the reckless planned spending of SNP/LAB and their do nothing approach to Europe and migration. At least there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The SNP, although toothless in London, are still a scary and hostile to business party. If they can somehow get FFA, ram up taxes and the min wage in Scotland it's going to be a disaster. As a guy in business I can tell you people will move to England/elsewhere when their cost base escalates and their returns shrink because of SNP needing to raise to cover FFA and their other spending. 52% of country still doesn't want them despite their 56.
  22. 5 years coming up and take your medicine. Your feeble 56 are going to be nothing but a noisy rabble, soon to be barred from voting on English issues, marginalised and ignored. All Sturgeon's talk about inflicting herself on England has come to zilch, in fact her big mouth helped Cameron push the undecided English into his fold and got him an 11 seat majority - well done Nippy and Labour budget writer fat Eck. It's 79 all over again. And if Osborne does decide to grant FFA to her, watch out. She's got to find £10bn a year just to break even with Barnett. All you 'give me something for nothing' newbie nats are going to be rushing back to Labour with tails up yir arses. UKIP got 4m votes and were unlucky not to get more than one seat, a travesty, but I'm delighted with the Conservative majority. They can address so many issues leftover from Blair's stupidity. Happy days.
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