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  1. You should be applauding the dude for voting on his principals and not what deadbeat party is going to give him most benefits.
  2. Especially when Mhairi Black got elected and you didn't, that is heid in the oven time surely.
  3. Dunno, you maybe need to put that needle down bro, concerned. Your case officer maybe needs a call.
  4. I've heard chasing too much smack can result in memory loss, maybe give your veins a rest.
  5. We had a 'once in a generation' vote last year. 55% said no. And business opposed the SNP root and branch, and still do, The business people I met last year who were remotely soft on independence all accepted it would mean years of hardship, very likely in the Euro which means no fiscal control and higher costs for export businesses. Social growth sounds like spending and benefits to me. Scotland has plenty of that already but you want more. Where the money is coming from, who knows.
  6. Must be quite alarmin fur ra capital's citizens that an unsuspectin Londoner has goat Ms Blacks name written on thur foreheid, the first skelping canny be far away. Dependin on the availability ay flavoured malt beverages, ah'd gie it a fortnight taps.
  7. Finns party got 20% in the Finnish election, which translated as 40 seats in their assembly. A bit more democratic than the SNP's 4.7% getting them 55 plus Mhairi Black at Westminster. SNP, happy to exploit and ride on undemocratic practices when it suits them.
  8. I noted a eurosceptic party in Finland (Finns Party) has just become the second party of Finland. Finland, quite a similar country to Scotland, or what Nippy and co want Scotland to be: an irrelevant backwater of the eu flooded by needy migrants. If Finland is not happy with this arrangement why would Scotland? The Fins are famous for being fiercely proud of their identity and independence, obviously a bit more right of centre than your typical SNP cultural Marxist, but a very similar nation in population and GDP - not happy with eu though.
  9. The workings of the militant nat mind on the eu is truly a beautiful thing, the belief the same numpties who voted for them in droves are sophisticated enough to work out the nuances of the eu, benefits vs costs, or could even point to Brussels on a map. Highly unlikely. Could be they will just all vote how Frau Nippy tells them, maybe the only reason the snp sheeple block will vote to stay in the eu. You look at the polling they mostly want a vote and are unhappy with migration levels, so Frau Nippy has some work to do to sell this steaming pile of corrupt political waste to her newbie flock.
  10. SNP are firmly on the left, not centre left, accept that and we can move on I agree,
  11. Must say, they all seem delighted to be at Westminster these 56 anti British agents. I think they are going native already. A bit like Reece Dinsdale in the classic London hooligan film ID. On that, won't be long before Scary Mhairi is turning out for the Millwall Bushwackers, likes a bush as we know.
  12. Good to see Farage staying on. 4m supporters across all sections of society, and many more who would have voted for him in under PR.
  13. They won because they didn't want fat Eck as deputy pm, thanks god.
  14. Coburn is a businessman who owns a freight company, a self made dude like me. He would have got my vote for sure in Falkirk. What are you getting at?
  15. First thing on the Tory cards is reform of the odious human rights act, many of the 12,500 foreign criminals costing billions a year to house in the prison system will soon be getting deportation. Nippy won't be happy no doubt, potential 'new Scots' getting shown the door. Fuming.
  16. Has Nippy challenged KH to a fight yet? That would be a good scrap, better than Charlotte Church.
  17. How such a joke and embarrassment even got near to being on the ballot has to be a serious question for the shameless SNP.
  18. The Hampstead socialists are the worst breed. Remember the dude Charlie Gilmour, one example.
  19. Long may she offend, a breath of media fresh air compared to the cultural Marxism and bias at the BBC we especially saw during this election.
  20. You got 1.3m votes, one third of the potential electorate in Scotland. The fat b*****d in your avatar came out with some nationalist pish about lions roaring, fucking Parsley the Lion had a bigger roar, "Hello, my name is Parsley the Lion and I roar louder than fat Eck and his feeble 55. I'm also harder than that wee nedP Mhairi Black, "
  21. 3.9m votes to 1.3m, and that 3.9m would have been much higher without the need for tactical voting, And as I said on Friday, I'm happy enough that your nippy leader ensured a Conservative majority. Lolll on that.
  22. Yes, bigoted Rangers fans are at the core of Scottish Conservatism, Why didn't I think of that before.
  23. I'd call them old redundant left, no concept of fiscal responsibility: want to spend big on things that are just pure cash burn like benefits that are already too high, up taxes on wealthy which chases money and investment away, weak on how to run and what makes a strong competitive economy in a global marketplace, naive about things like nuclear deterrents - willing to unilaterally disarm in the face of increasing threats. All the sort of things the old left in Labour were forced to confront to be electable in the 90's, but then allowed to creep back in with predictable results. If this was 1975 and we still had forty years of peak north sea oil production to come I could indulge the SNP's old style tax and spend, but we are not in that position or even close. So naively old left and in for a rude awakening.
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