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  1. A very liberal city decided this killer deserved to pay the capital price and the jurors were prepared to bear that personal burden of condemning this dude. All I'm saying is if that option was available to a jury here, in similar circumstances, they'd probably do the same. And there should be no need for backsliding, liberal hand wringing, all the usual churchmen and apologist voices to stop that verdict. The victims should also have a say, in Tsarnaev's case there were 264 injured, many with terrible injuries.
  2. Gerrard made 100k at Liverpool and Lampard 200-250k at Chesski, although SG could have moved there if he'd wanted. Respect the man for showing some loyalty, Unlike that little shit Sterling who is going to walk for the biggest check.
  3. Half what Lampard earned at Chesski.
  4. Aside from its undemocratic and bureaucratic nature, its huge financial cost to Britain in subsidy we give out, the disaster of the euro, agriculture and common fishery policies, the complete surrender of our borders and sovereignty. You can't force together nations that have no common language, culture or economic infrastructure, that is the main reason this eu experiment has dismally failed. You can have an economic agreement yes, but you can't force people together who have nothing in common. The US federal system is based on shared language, culture and constitution, that's why it has endured. The eu will never ever be that. We need drastic reform or out of it.
  5. If that Boston bomber kid had carried out his atrocity in Scotland, maybe your own patch, would you be all so liberal and forgiving? He's getting what he deserves, a one way ticket to hell to dine with his brother and their rancid culture. Boston, the most liberal of US cities, 12 of its honest citizens, all came to the same conclusion.
  6. Talks a reasonable game Murphy but he's deluded and fighting imaginary class and poverty wars that finished up long ago, much like his party it has to be said.
  7. OP is a tit, Stevie G is Liverpool's greatest player since the golden 70's and 80's eras and one of the best in Europe for a number of years. Respect him for staying at Liverpool also , could have won more and made more money but showed loyalty.
  8. Into the championship play off final. Eck Neil still silencing doubters.
  9. Hostile media manufactured BS. Regards the aids comments in the debate, it was framed in the context of health tourism that costs Britain £2bn a year. That is surely more unacceptable than any comment by Farage.
  10. We're here to stay, deal with it. Yes won the argument? That's the kind of arrogance that made it a no. And even the SNP don't want FFA now, just hilarious.
  11. Not for me pal. Nige laid it out pretty clearly last night that they (eu) won't give Cameron anything meaningful in the way of renegotiation, so if we're not out of the Brussels political straight jacket by 2020 our vote will double, Populist, straight talking politics are here to stay anyway.
  12. Guaranteed they invite on face fur radio Mhairi Bleck soon, that will be some train wreck.
  13. I can see Labour's collapse moving into England and their traditional voters there moving towards UKIP.
  14. If we can avoid an Islamist terror attack like Hebdo or another 7/7 then I'm prepared to abridge some freedom. We live in dangerous times with lots of crazy people prepared to commit atrocities in the name of fucked up religion. This threat has to be countered. Separately, the HR act needs urgent reformation, something that is obvious to all but the idiot and irresponsible progressive liberal left. Like everything, welfare reform included, once it is reformed they won't change it back which speaks volumes.
  15. Nige again the star of the show last night, even when under attack from BBC audience plants.
  16. I say yes, but that's only because the current prison and criminal justice system is no real deterrent and not much of a punishment - high re-offending rates etc.... If we had a harsher prison regime, tougher sentencing and proper victim restitution I would say no need for capital punishment.
  17. Not that lame comparison again, LOL. Several ex clients of mine that have done this. They are all self sufficient and come back here for health etc.. They get nothing from Spain except residency.
  18. Tell me how that affected the 400,000 eu migrants who arrived in 2014? Including the two camps of Romanian Roma I found out about on Friday outside Cowdenbeath.
  19. Eu mouthpiece, arsepiece might be more accurate
  20. In your wet liberal dreams dreams he does. And there's a big difference between enjoying a drink and alky, Guess what box your rid heided wee jakie c**t ticks?
  21. Once wee fat Eck's pink champers loses its fizz, the seethe is going to be exclusively owned by him, Frau Nippy, the Holyrood horde, and 55 plus Mhairi Bleck. And don't say I didn't tell you so!
  22. Lord Kennedy.. just a wee ginger drunk. Danny Alexander will fancy he can get directorships, no doubt he has made city connections. Douglas Alexander, feel a bit sorry for him. I don't see where her goes from here. Must be disillusioned severely, 18 years and booted for Mhairi Bleck. But the proletariat are bewitched by Frau Nippy and the great SNP vote bribery scam, might be temporary given it hinges on the Barnett bounty and it's under threat. Murphy, just a deluded man who thought it was 1985, not 2015.
  23. In ascending order, shitest first. Blair, worst. EU constitution sell out, opened the flood gates on asylum and eu, said 12k would come and 2m turned up, the human rights disaster, all his pc laws on race and employment, a minefield for employers and charter for greedy lawyers, Iraq War.. on and on.. all covered with that stupid grin and his repulsive trough eating greedy lawyer wife. Heath, the traitor, nuff said, Brown, the man with the midas touch that was asleep at the wheel Wilson, did he do anything except nearly bankrupt the nation? Major, most remembered for shagging Edwina Curry Callaghan, stabbed in the back by unions and SNP, handed Rhodesia to Mad Dog Mugabe, nice legacy. Thatcher, easily the most important figure post the consensus, dealt with the unions, scaled down old industries that were no longer competitive, made lots of people rich with right to buy and share flotations and won a great victory vs Argentine dictators in 82. Poll tax she lost it, did not listen and was wrong to use Scotland as a testing ground. In the end a strong leader who surrounded herself with yes men. Cameron has a chance in the next five years to correct some of the madness of Blair but I'm not holding my breath. Just now he's a work in progress.
  24. Don't care for Dan Snow, twat is married to the Duke of Westminster's heir, smug little git.
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