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  1. It's amazing how far being a glib and shameless liar can take you in life and King is living proof of that But Is anybody still dumb enough to swallow his Sevco bluff, bluster and BS? Green and Whyte were straight dealers compared to this felon. Nobody is going to put their money near this born liar, no lender or investor, so better get that imaginary second £20m ready. Mon Hibs.
  2. I'll be there expecting Hibs to fight for every ball, make up the two goals and take it into extra time. It's well overdue we put in a big display in a high pressure game and this is going to be it. Shut these b*****ds up Hibs.
  3. So according to the SFA, King did not tell the SA tax authorities he earned 10k when he earned millions, did not lie to them when questioned on this, and didn't lie to the court prior to his conviction on 41 tax evasion counts in 2013? He is fit and proper to uphold the "honesty and integrity" of Scottish football? Is this possibly about helping TRIFC, ignoring their own rules, and not the game in Scotland? Corrupt to the core.
  4. Amazed they haven't put Madden or Thomson in. We know who they and Lawwell want in the prem.
  5. A few shareholders might disagree with that. He's a crook who can't get the rifc stock listed.
  6. The Corrupt FA anointing their gid Rainjurs man won't change the minds of any NOMAD, you can be rest assured on that front. King remains radioactive.
  7. Desperate SFA move. We knew they were corrupt in favour of this new club, masquerading as Rangers FC, but now we have it proven. If King is FPP why won't any NOMAD touch him, SFA? Why won't they risk their reputations to sponsor this character? Your integrity (for what it was worth) is in the gutter tonight.
  8. The emigrants (who are outnumbered 2 to 1) are mostly British people with skills, hence the UK tax take has dropped despite record employment and the in work benefits bill has sky rocketed. That won't concern you though. Being an accountant, however, I take note of these things, and when I lose clients to overseas, good clients who were paying a lot of UK taxes. it informs my opinion. But continue with your uninformed ignorance by all means. If you feel enriched in Gorgie these days that is great for you.
  9. Hibs, do we play Craig? I maybe refer McGeough with Robertson and Allan, I know Craig has done okay in the last few weeks, but does McGeough offer a better balance? Hard one. Forster needs to be fit for at least Saturday's game. A shame about him and Boyle especially.
  10. Bland pop to me, but I'd give her a swift one.
  11. As a Man U fan, just annoys me we dropped 13 points in the last 6 games, could have been on 82 points and won the thing. Carrick's injury was what killed it, we were flying before he got crocked.
  12. It's going to be renewed so it's pointless debating it. Nippy no doubt still wants Faslane shut down, but it's not in her remit to do that. 55% said no, ken.
  13. Hunger Games on ch4, J-Law, fit young bird and some good bits but it didn't totally convince. 6/10.
  14. Can see GASL doing the walking away regardless of FPP. Him and potless know the truth about the Sevco finances and that they are seriously holed below decks, he knows Ashley is wanting his £5m as well as answers on delisting/NOMAD and how they plan to keep Sevco going... If I was GASL I would not put in the kids inheritance. In fact, I would be praying the HFA declare him unfit (as he is by any definition) and give him an escape route. Big Mike can then return to squeezing the Sevco lemon and keeping them on life support.
  15. RIP. Really nice ballad this, showcases the BB voice.
  16. Don't know much about her. I can see them going for a woman though. They missed out on Chuka UmBama for whatever reason - I don't buy the paps at the door excuse he gave btw, some skeleton is in his cupboard - but they will want to project the modernity ticket with a woman.
  17. I can't agree with being out of the UK, just wouldn't work for Scotland. We have too big a public sector and too big a welfare bill. If the English are happy to continue to give us £1200 per head more than they do the people in Surrey with the oil price in the toilet then it would make no sense to change this, We are getting the kind of subsidy from England that Britain as a whole gives to the ex Soviet bloc countries via Brussels. The enlargements are another very bad aspect of the eu for me, places like Romania and Bulgaria have no business being in an economic union with advanced economies they cannot hope to compete with in terms of productivity, all it has meant is a stampede of people into Britain and elsewhere. And the Ukraine farce underlines again the eu is a bad influence, the undemocratic commission kicked off that whole deal with it's desire to absorb Ukraine when it knew the division and Russia's influence.
  18. There isn't a credible candidate there, and that included Umunna, but I think Cooper will get it. I'd put my money on her, sympathy for Balls and all that might help her.
  19. Liverpool are going nowhere fast? The Sterling kid is 20 years old, Liverpool almost won the PL last season and have had to adjust to losing Luis Suarez, they'll come again. What would a Stink Midden fan know anyway?
  20. Paul Dennis, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition, 0 votes. The English have sense, no doubt.
  21. Using trog Rangers fans and loyalists to attack 55% of the population who had the good sense to kick out what would have been a total disaster for Scotland.
  22. And I'm calling you a bloody idiot, some people should not get suffrage and you are one. Those Boston jurors are not extremists for exercising their will, fool.
  23. You're calling the jurors in Boston extremists now? Get a grip. It wasn't your people that are walking about with prosthetic limbs obviously, idiot.
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