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  1. I'm conflicted between not wanting another Labour government and concern that Corbyn would just reinforce the militant SNP in Scotland to the point of a one party state, at least until the dummy's wake up to the con being done on them but by that time the damage done will be severe. These left wing parties are just beyond redundant and have no answers on a national level.
  2. Soaked in Bleach, 9/10. My main man Kurt Cobain was bumped off, pretty certain after watching this. I watched it twice to make sure I wasn't imagining the thing
  3. Has Levein headed down with the transit van or not? Don't blame me your man can't get through.
  4. Respect to Tom Watson, grew up watching that guy.
  5. Just don't see Waghorn signing because a fee would be involved for a guy with two years left and a record of 8 in 17 league starts. He'd be insane to sign for Sevco anyway, as no way is that a secure contract. Agents can con naive players of course.
  6. What's happened to the boy? Still waiting for his chance at Calais? Potter should get down their with the Riccarton transit.
  7. Marc Warren, good luck to him, but he looks and sounds a right h un. Thought Kris Boyd was being interviewed.
  8. They will continue (be allowed) to trade while insolvent with no proof of funding or bond posted to ensure they can fulfill fixtures. I will be surprised if they get to June without grinding to a halt, certainly admin is highly likely in the New Year given King has no cash and the only benevolent funding source (Ashley) is hostile to this board. Talk of share issues is fanciful given the lack of auditor, listing and Ashley controlling assets at present. I do see a collapse with no Rang3rs comeback, especially if they are struggling to improve on last season. I think Hibs will get at least 80 points, maybe 85-90, so they The Rangers will need to match this and if they don't the hordes will melt away. Not that it matters, I think they are in admin before season end and will not emerge from it.
  9. has Holt actually signed? Must be hoping the same sfa who gave them 204k for a youth prospect develop a succulent case of amnesia.
  10. Hoy is so overrated, putting him anywhere near Murray's bracket is not on.
  11. I watched Mir last night when I came in, hard to believe he is still relevant in the ufc but it part sums it up for me that we're looking at a pretty dire division. I can see Arvelovki Mir being served up. Regards Fedor, any guy that is stopped by Bigfoot Silva should stay retired.
  12. Yes, and I want their tax returns examined. Charitable donations can be claimed against, I give money to three charities annually but I also give all the tax relief. We're only talking about £1.5k a year for me, but this is £7k a year we're talking about. I want to see via their returns they've given the full amount and the the full relief and I want the charities named. If they don't do this we can call it what it is - MORE SNP LIES.
  13. Leave the Latin to us educated people you deluded militant.
  14. Good to hear he has quality, going to be an exciting season I think.. if The Rangers sign any players that is.
  15. Let's remember, charity payments are tax deductible. I want to see her full return for 2015-2016 and if she claims relief for the £7k she claims she'll donate to whatever charity.You mugs might swallow this whole, I certainly don't.
  16. You dicks swallow anything she and the snp say, that's the tragic part.
  17. 70's early 80's shows.. In no order.. Parsely and the Herbs Space 1999 Basil Brush Sooty Pipkins Noggin the Nog Wombles The Flashing Blade (best theme tune) Tomorrow's People Hong Kong Phooey Clangers Bagpuss Dr Who (only up to Tom Baker) Star Trek (original series only) Sesame Street Six Million Dollar Man Blakes Seven
  18. So she's now on £74k a year, some amount of chips and smirny ices that is. must be the highest salaried 20 y/o in Scotland!? How much of that £7k rise is she donating to her poor disadvantaged community? The ones she's so concerned about, they poor poverty stricken weans and asylum claimants. Savage Tory benefit cuts on the way for them, but not Ms Bleck.
  19. David Gray was released by Burton Albion and he's better than anything you have. Stubbs can spot a player,. Anyway, have you paid back those charities yet or handed back the three cups you cheated to win?
  20. Very impressive score. Aberdeen, a credit to Scotland.
  21. Britain will come out of this bad. Going to cost several billion and we're already in for 11 billion from the previous bail outs. Keep in mind those who are not brain washed gnats that Sturgeon wants us in this club and outside the eurozone, that means iScotland picks up it's share of the tab be it Greece or a much bigger economy like Spain. That alone is grounds to reject her loathsome party outright.
  22. Young Scott Martin being compared to Scott Brown. High praise indeed.
  23. White is going to see McGregor as a massive payday, franchise boosting fighter, the kind he hasn't had since the halcyon days of Liddell and Couture. Maybe the guy to save the whole deal which has gone pretty stale over the past five years. I doubt he is that myself.
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