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  1. Playoffs have to go ahead or Scottish Football will once again be a laughing stock.
  2. Don’t understand why tomorrow game off but Aberdeen are then to play two games within quarantine period. What is the difference St. Johnstone should be awarded points tomorrow to set a standard that must be met.
  3. Should have been 14-10-10-10, promote top two, no relegation and meant that Brora and Kelty would have been given chance also. Would then have built into proposals to hold talks in two seasons about a full restructure giving clubs time to consider a number of options prior to start of season 22/23 where promotion relegation etc can be agreed prior to the commencement of the season.
  4. If this goes through then Brora and Kelty would not be promoted at all which I think would be a shame. Go for 14-14-16 and allow them in based on this season situation.
  5. Budge should be nowhere near any task force as it effects Hearts status in the league. Should have been an independent group to sort out this mess. Finances going to clubs is vital so that’s good. Let’s hope the focus group make decisions soon so teams know where they stand for next season so season tickets etc can be sold to bring in more finances during this difficult time. I wonder if Dundee been promised a 16 team top league to allow them to be promoted also?
  6. It’s about time the Spl, sfa were reconstructed also with independent board rather than what happens now. What a shambles and not surprised in the slightest.
  7. Stefan Winiarski, good lad and decent player also.
  8. Would be good if the Scottish football players take note. Every player singing the national anthem, showing passion prior to playing. Good luck to the lads in Japan.
  9. Any new new ideas brought into Scottish football rather than what is on offer at the moment can only be a goos thing. Standard of Scottish football isn’t good.!
  10. All leagues, international teams organisations as one and have a new plan to sort things out. Would wipe out them all and start with a brand new committee.
  11. Kris Boyd spot on. Until Scottish football is under the one umbrella and start with basics then this will get worse. Whether we win the nations league play off or not then that will paper over the cracks but would be great for the fans.
  12. So would I like a couple of additions Moving on Callaghan would be a great start to making space.
  13. Poor defensive performance by Montrose. Fair play to Forfar. Played to their strengths. Would have liked same team to have played as Tuesday night as believe we missed Watson as Callaghan was once again very poor. I know we treat these games as a preseason but we had a chance to win and head to Brechin looking to get our third win which could have led to us qualifying and the hope to get a decent game in the next round which could have brought in extra income.
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