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  1. Yes indeed a striker to compliment what we have already along with the incoming Blair Lyons. Would be good to get a couple of signings over the line soon.
  2. In my mind Callaghan should have been released. Why keep a player that hardly contributed last season and when he did, was poor. Need to get a new keeper, replace Bolo and add some attacking threat from midfield as worry about goals next season in a league which is going to be strong. Lot of clubs done a lot of good work so new additions will need to be an improvement in what we had last season if we are to push on which I believe we have to as it’s going to be tougher next season.
  3. Have this set up within the app and my phone but don’t receive anything? How can this be resolved?
  4. Best right back in the league returns to Montrose. Welcome back Cammy
  5. Get rid of the Sfa board and start again as dread to think who they will appoint.
  6. Problem here is he has no competition. Error was letting Jordan Millar go without being replaced by somebody that could challenge for the position. Certainly will be an area to improve next season.
  7. Fantastic horse and jockey. Bryony smile has lit up Cheltenham again. Hoping Paisley Park can follow that.
  8. Think the quota is 5. Could be doing with a centre half if anything to tide us over to the end of season since Matty Allan is likely to be out for a while yet.
  9. Don’t understand why Rennie wasn’t in the team yesterday as he had scored in recent games and confidence must be better. Poor stuff yesterday.
  10. Be a really tough game against the league leaders. Best team I have seen this season and deserve to be top of the league. Hoping they have an off day and we can be the first team to beat them in the league this season.
  11. Foxy been carrying few injuries but hopefully be back in squad this weekend or next according to manager on Tuesday night. Would like to see Martin Rennie given a regular start as hopefully getting a goal will boost his overall confidence as we need somebody to start banging the goals as he is our best bet until January.
  12. It’s certainly a worry as we have no cutting edge. None of strikers getting a run to gain form either though as they change most weeks. Don’t understand why Redman and Fotheringham are not being picked more often in midfield either.
  13. He likes to moan but would have him in our starting 11 easily considering our own options.
  14. If you don’t want him, we will have Lewis Milne back as he is being missed.
  15. Since he has been kept, am surprised he isn’t involved more as he is still one of the best passers of the ball in the squad. Was more surprised Webby and Ferguson have stayed.
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