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  1. Honestly, this is like pulling teeth……. The game against Ayr was the 16th league game of the season. Therefore there were 60 points to play for after it, regardless of the result. In no way, then, can that game be described as “crucial”. Important? Yes, of course, as are all the games when you’re in our position; especially the ones against the other four teams in our mini-league of relegation candidates. But it would only have been “crucial” if it were one of the last games of the season and we were still in danger of going down. We’re in agreement that he had to go - but we should’ve been further down the line in terms of replacing him before we gave him the bullet. The situation after the Ayr game wasn’t great, of course not - but it wasn’t so dire that we had to leave ourselves in the hands of two guys with no managerial experience (and Andy bloody Millen) for at the very least the next two league games.
  2. So scroll on by…….…… ……but read the edit to my post first, maybe you’ll feel better. I don’t.
  3. A match threat, eh? The only threat to us is that the match might take place……. It’s an open forum, mate. Scroll on by if you’re not interested. But if it makes feel better - your club are having a great season. You’re third in the league and are currently 14 points ahead of Hamilton in sixth. For a part-time team in this league that’s phenomenal, but without the slightest disrespect intended the five teams from Hamilton down to Morton should be thoroughly ashamed. PS - anyway, there’s no room for this on the Morton thread right now. They’re all busy on there discussing the Ayr United manager………….. go figure…………..
  4. Are you guys being deliberately obtuse here? Hamilton were “relatively” comfortable at that point. I would rather have been in their position after sixteen games than in ours - who wouldn’t? - but they would’ve been looking at us just as we were looking at them and we were all thinking “a couple of results and that could be us…….”. As were Ayr, Dunfermline and Queens. Question: after 17 games, Hamilton remain sixth on 17 points; Morton are bottom on 13 - whose staff and fans will be feeling SLIGHTLY more secure at the moment? None of the teams or supports involved are anything close to putting their feet up and getting the cigars out - that’s not what I was saying at all and I’m sure you know that. There is absolutely nothing illogical in what I said. For the third and final time - Gus had to go. It was just a question of when. But he had kept us within touching distance of safety, and we still are - we’re four points away from sixth, with 57 points still to play for. My feeling is that we should have kept him in post until we had one or more realistic replacements in mind, not sacked him and then invited applications for the post. It’s hardly rocket science. You don’t have to agree with my opinion, but don’t twist it to suit your own.
  5. Christ, BARP, don’t YOU start using vt’s tactic of twisting things to suit yourself……. As far as I was concerned Gus’s long term future was “anywhere but Cappielow” after that game against Queens. Queens were the only team below us in the league at the time, yet they outplayed us. Better individual technique, better organised and they just wanted the result so much more than our bunch of, with very few exceptions, wimps. Doesn’t matter about the pitch or the tournament, we were absolutely dire. Even after the Ayr game, though, we were still within touching distance of what would have been a safe position had we maintained it, that’s a straightforward fact - but I wouldn’t have been concerned had they bumped Gus after either of those games, so long as we already had a replacement in mind. But we didn’t.
  6. Not only is it not a clever argument, it isn’t what I said. To borrow from “The Virginton Anthology of Hackneyed Phrases & Keyboard Warrior Insults”, try reading for comprehension next time. I want Morton to win every game they play, regardless of the competition, though like all of us (well, all of us who are realists at least) if I had to choose a fixture to lose it would (out with the semi and the final) be in the Challenge Cup. Nor am I in any way, shape or form what you refer to as a “happy clapper” - another bland phrase trotted out from the anthology. In the very post that you were commenting on I referred to the “gutless, shambolic display” the midweek before he was bagged. I’ve said often enough recently that were painful to watch and that the long punt upfield only to see it come straight back at us wasn’t working and had to change. To explain my original point one more time since you’re obviously either hard of thinking or, more likely, deliberately ignoring it - we all want the team to be at least 5th, 6th or 7th if not higher. 8th is too fine a margin - squeaky-bum time. Like it or not, when he was sacked MacPherson had us within 2 points of that (relative) comfort zone. Had results not improved by the end of December, or had we found ourselves adrift at the bottom by 3 or 4 points before that, I’d have expected him to be .gone - I’ve said so before on the Morton thread. However, to bin him when we did, obviously with absolutely no idea of who would replace him and when that would be, smacks of disorganised panic.
  7. It also didn’t change the fact that, when he was sacked, we were well and truly in the pack of five teams in our own wee mini league. Yes, we were crap to watch, but we weren’t bottom and we were only a couple of points off sixth - in other words he was pretty much on target for fulfilling his remit of finishing in no lower than eighth place. Not like you to be very selective with the facts……. Personally I think he had to go on the evidence of that gutless, shambolic display against QoS in the Wee Diddy Teams Cup, but to sack him days later without having a potential replacement in mind was a mistake. I’m pretty sure we would’ve lost last Saturday with Gus in charge, but I very much doubt it would’ve been by such a margin. Yes, indeed you are. Surprising to see you display a little bit of self-awareness……. but I suppose it’ll be quite some time before we see a little humility from you.
  8. …….and on yesterday’s evidence we don’t have better players than ANY team in the division. Nor do we have a manager right now. We’ll be going into 2022 supporting the weight of nine teams above us.
  9. Not very high on our list of priorities right now, and nor should it be when the attendances at around 95% of games can be accommodated under the existing roofs. ( I almost said “COMFORTABLY accommodated” but since that would’ve led to resurrecting some of the perennial moans about main stand legroom I’m glad I didn’t )
  10. It won't happen, but imagine the seethe out Dunfermline way if we managed to get Petrie....... Back in the real world, Darren Young is available after taking East Fife to the bottom of their division..... How Morton-ish would THAT be?
  11. F will be closer to the centre if that's where you want to be, but still only a maximum of around a third up the pitch if you sit as far right as possible. I don't imagine anyone sticking to specifically numbered seats, unless the stewards are particularly snotty or a seagull has crapped on it.
  12. In the interests of balanced reporting it should be added that although we may have some arseholes on the pitch there are more than a few in the Cowshed and on P&B. Carry on....... ETA - wee rid dots from two of the usual po-faced suspects inside an hour of posting - looks like some wee ears were burning!
  13. What a pile of utter self-indulgent crap. Absolute cringeworthy garbage. So let’s cut to the chase. There are two very straightforward issues here. First, the manager of this football club wished to sign a player. The player is a convicted sex offender who was punished for his crimes and has no history of re-offending. The board at the time, and presumably MCT who were about to take over the club, discussed the matter, gave the go-ahead and the player was signed. No comment regarding the player’s past was needed, nor was any offered. That’s how signings work. Clubs do not have to comment beyond the usual welcome-to-the -club platitudes; nor do they have to disclose who amongst the decision-makers was for or against the signing. It’s called collective responsibility and is common practice in business. The signing was mildly controversial amongst some of the support but that soon died down - with the exception of a few fans who refuse to let it go, you amongst them. One fan on the Morton board even ran a poll hoping to get an overwhelming majority voting against the signing, but when only a small number voted and voted roughly 3 to 1 in favour of the signing he quietly dropped it as he wasn’t getting the result he wanted. Second, the club has since felt it necessary to make two statements in support of their player. Again, they quite rightly did not address his offences because there is no need to do so; he was punished for his crimes and we all move on. The first statement was made in order to stop any repeat of a few numskulls singing a daft wee song that they thought was funny. The second was to condemn abuse aimed at the player after he had been sent off last weekend. And according to virginton that abuse came from one solitary fan. One. Solitary. Fan. That’s how low the level of feeling is that this matter generates now. The vast majority of the support don’t give Lithgow or any other player a moment’s thought between a quick chat about a Saturday game during the first teabreak at work on Monday and the naming of the team before the next game. These are the facts, plain and simple. I’m not emotionally involved in this matter at all, I’m simply stating the facts, All the posturing by the likes of you and vt is just mouth music, looking to make a non-issue into an issue. The more you regurgitate the same old lines the more you make yourself look a dick. That’s your prerogative, but it doesn’t have get bloody tedious.
  14. The only braying, horseshit nonsense is coming from you and that other idiot. As I said above, away from these pages nobody cares about Lithgow except with regard to what he does on the park. If that continues to be as poor as it has been up till now then he’ll be away at the end of his deal. Gus may very well be away before then, but that will be dependant on not just results but whether we are still in the pack or are isolated at the bottom. The only thing certain is that it won’t be because of anything said on a football forum.
  15. Wow, where do we start with this?? You admit that the club have issued two statements, yet then you immediately claim they haven’t addressed the issue…….. Jesus wept…….. A statement condemning fans’ behaviour was the right thing to do, and they’ve now done it - twice - but try thinking sensibly about it for once instead of emotionally. Do you really think Lithgow would want or welcome the club going into personal detail about him and his past offence? Of course not. Then the bit in bold - “They could draw a line under it.” They did. They signed the player and it was a done deal from then. No further comment needed. It’s only the abuse that he got for being stupidly sent off that has seen them, rightly, make a further statement. Look back at the pages on here relating to his signing. There was a small amount of debate and controversy about it which quickly died away. You are one of the few who continue to bore the tits off the rest of us by bringing it up on a regular basis. You are one of a few on here who attach far more importance to P&B and that moribund Morton forum than is justified. The reality is that only a small percentage of the support read this stuff, and even fewer post. Most fans don’t know or care that these sites exist. Many of them won’t know of Lithgow’s conviction or just don’t care; the only time he will get a thought from the casual supporter will be when a) he’s named in the team, b) when the game’s being played and c) when, like on Saturday, he does something that draws the attention. They only care about what he does on the park; the rest of the time they don’t give a toss, if you’ll pardon the expression, about Lithgow. The few posters who made an issue of this signing, and the even smaller number who think that getting some reaction on here is significant, are deluding themselves. Douglas Rae listened to a few of you re signing Lithgow a few years back, but you can’t run a football club that way and the new regime quite rightly made their decision and have stuck by it. No further comment needed from them……. Or from you. Let it go, you and vt can trumpet away on here but the truth is that nobody cares outwith these pages.
  16. Don’t talk nonsense; they’re speaking out in support of their player. And don’t start off with this guff again - the guy is here for the duration of his contract. Nobody has to like what he did, but nor do we need you going on and on about it. Move on, ffs. More important issues than this to deal with at Cappielow.
  17. Good to see Spoonsy is still kicking a ball. And anything he can do to keep that team off the Pertick Thistle media luvvie darlings route can only be a good thing.
  18. I’d argue that it does make sense. The second point is an opinion on how he selects and sets up the team. The first is an opinion on how likely it is that the board will swing the axe. I think they’ll remain very reluctant to do so if we’re still in the pack. If at least three of those four teams are still separated by just one or two points he’ll still be here - as you say, if he can average a minimum of a point a game it’ll probably be enough for eighth place. I’m not saying it’s what I want to see as this season has been no fun for anyone, it’s just how I read the situation going forward.
  19. There’s a lot to agree with re your second point, but I don’t agree with the first. The only way he’ll be under more pressure after those games is if we find ourselves four or more points adrift at the bottom. Some on here have been saying every week for the last six or more that “if he doesn’t get a win today that's it - he has to go”. If they keep it up then I suppose they have to be right sometime, but unless we’re at least a win and a draw behind the rest he’ll be here till January and maybe beyond, like it or not.
  20. The “Yogi bounce” will probably last long enough to keep the Pars in mid-table, so automatic relegation will be one from Ayr, Hamilton, Morton or Queens. Fifteen games in and only one point separates them; in essence they are looking at a 21 game season starting from now. A wee good run or a wee poor run for any of them could be crucial to their fate - as could sticking with or sacking their current manager. It’s probably the fact that all four are equally rotten and grouped so close together that is keeping their managers in place right now, and I don’t think we’ll see any managerial changes until there are at least four points between bottom and second- bottom. Of the four, AJ at Queens seems to have the confidence of his board if not the fans, and Taylor at Hamilton has only been in post for a handful of games and is likely to be given time to maybe improve things. Of the other two, the fact that we gave Gus a two-year deal in the summer means we’d struggle to pay him off. Jim Duffy went to Ayr as an assistant saying that he didn’t want another job as manager, understandable after his health issue a couple of years back, and I believe his deal only runs till the end of the season. All things being equal you’d think the Duff most likely to be the one to be sacked or to stand down, but as I said a couple of results poorer than the rest and any one of them will be in more danger. Seems ridiculous at this stage of the season, but for the fans of all four teams every game is squeaky bum time right now.
  21. I’ve been saying that for weeks. Two goals off bottom, one point off sixth. Any of those teams could end up bottom though Dunfermline might pull away a bit for a while. Glad someone else has woken up and smelt the crappy.
  22. The thing the baby Jesus was placed in since there was no room at the inn? Gee, thanx for that - none of us had the answer to it, great to have your input to clear it up for us! Hang on though - that question mark at the end - you weren’t telling us, you were asking us. That figures.
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