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  1. You need to learn the difference between getting "riled up" and pointing & laughing at somebody's crap posts. You're in a hole, chum, and it ain't Maryhill this time. Stop digging.
  2. Jeez, patter from the Lex McLean era....... Give it up, pal, that's pathetic in the extreme.
  3. Haven't been to Greenock outwith the Cappielow area either, then.......
  4. Not as good a pitch as ours though. I see you're apparently in Aberdeen. You seen much of Maryhill recently? When I'm there I wipe my feet before getting back in the car.
  5. Yeah, ours was almost as bad as yours last season but it’s far better now. Win, lose or draw, it makes for a much more enjoyable watch. * * - especially since Sir Douglas arrived.
  6. Personally, I kinda hope you’re right. I’d rather see you in the playoffs or better and Yogi and the Pars going down, if only to make it even harder for Failkirk to finish in the top four next season. Please make it so.
  7. Unfortunately in this country far too many prefer to “support” the team they associate with the religion they were randomly dropped into at birth………….
  8. Pretty much what it'll be at gametime - 9 degrees, 60% chance of showers and a strong gusty breeze. Typical February weather.
  9. It's a well-deserved award. Six games into his first managerial job - I wonder there's ever been an earlier Manager of the Month award made?
  10. Can't be arsed checking, but was it not around this point last season that Queens suddenly hit a purple patch of form and zipped up the league from bottom two to safety, leaving us well behind? If it was, kindly postpone the start of this year's fightback for at least one more game, thanks in advance.
  11. For all any of us know Morton may have spoken to Ayr about rescheduling the game. We DON'T know, but VT being VT he arbitrarily decided that Morton didn't, and criticised them accordingly. Had it come out that Morton DID suggest moving the game, you can bet your season ticket that VT would've been the first to complain about their lack of foresight reducing Morton's chances of getting a result at Motherwell in the Cup next weekend. It's just what he does. Quote
  12. I’m surprised you aren’t more sympathetic towards that stance, then, given the utter contempt that you have for anything and everything on here and elsewhere.
  13. Stands to reason, then that seven days of recovery time will be better than five…….
  14. Every game is a big game for these two at the moment. Having maybe three days less recovery time than next Saturday's opponents probably figures large in the thinking here. Plus, there's no financial benefit to Morton in moving it and hopefully they now have enough about them to beat Ayr without having fans there to shout them on.
  15. Thee BBC’s stats say the Pars had a grand total of three attempts that were on target, so it must’ve been one of his easiest games since he signed for us………. and yet Hughes still claims Dunfermline were the better team yesterday……. Five-nil, John, five-nil. Get real.
  16. ....or maybe as the manager of the team at the foot of the league he's just aware of where he should be concentrating his efforts first and foremost? yeah, it’s a tough question all right……..
  17. I have to admire your optimism. Not your judgement, just your optimism.
  18. a New Year, but I see you’re still as tediously predictable as ever……….
  19. Hey, we aren't all like that wee knob - some of us are perfectly well-adjusted and normal. The voices in my pants told me so and they're never wrong.
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