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  1. Awww I'm sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm sure you'll get through it though. In League One.......
  2. Wow, thanx for looking! They've been there for years, the work of a demented old troll (and his ten aliases) who's probably deid by now. Anyhoo, wot about you - a poster whose very username outs him as a deluded fanboy of a guy who spent most of his career as a jobber in the Scottish lower leagues. Wot an embarrassment that is.......
  3. naw, Raith Raver is way worse than I'll ever be. And you're no great shakes yourself, tbh.....
  4. ME encourage him?? A few of you guys never fail to bite whenever he casts his line your way. Until you stop responding he’ll keep on fishing. Pretty bloody obvious I’d’ve thought……. Can still visit ibrox or parkhead next season though? Looks like you never thought that through either, no surprise. Errr, you never heard of the Scottish Cup and the League Cup, or whatever it’ll be called next season? Never thought THAT through either, did you?? No surprise.
  5. Might get one of Celtic and Rangers away in the cups? Never quite thought that through, no surprised. It’s pretty obvious that he’s contrasting the preseason optimism about last seasons squad’s promotion prospects (notwithstanding having PG as manager) against the fact that you’re leaving the division in the opposite direction. Never quite thought that through, eh?
  6. As someone with no emotional connection to this thread, in my totally impartial view he’s coming across as a thick-as-pigshit arsehole. He’ll get bored soon enough and go back to playing with his Duplo.
  7. I'm sure most managers would be able to achieve such a thing when their budget dwarfed everyone elses. Allan Johnston did the same thing with us in League 1 and Pepe Guardiola has made a career from it. I think Raith would be a proper challenge for Thomson and one might not fancy taking on as a result. Wow. Quite something to be condescending about Johnston, Thomson and Pep all in the same post, but hats off to you, you made it!
  8. I only caught a few minutes of Sportscene last night, but I see he was one of the two talking heids. Don't know if anything was said to him onscreen about Friday, I doubt it,, but I bet Micky Stewart took the, err, mickey off camera - and I bet Foster just took it like a lamb.
  9. “Haud me back!! Naw, really - PLEASE haud me back!!” Wot a tosser………. And wot a way to end what should be the last game of your career…….. Back to ironing Amy’s scants!!
  10. I doubt you’ve progressed since about Primary #4, to be honest.
  11. Dear God…….. and this guy claims to support my team…….
  12. Not at all. The tumescence when Arbroath scored and perpetuated the shan fairytale was obvious. The sound of petted lips catching tears was clearly heard when we scored. Twice. That confirms it. You ARE kidding.
  13. On tonight’s commentary team’s performance you have got to be kidding, right?
  14. Ah well, means I can hope for a Morton win next Friday with a clear conscience.......
  15. Naw, it needs the Rovers to do the decent thing and beat Killie. Then a Morton draw with Arbroath for them to win the title on goal difference.
  16. Of course they were. We’re all indifferent to the vast majority of other teams *, except when our own lot play them. * obviously there are a few teams who are universally recognised as a shower o’ right barstewards.
  17. I'll let you into a wee secret - I think he knows that. Irony isn't your strongest point, is it?
  18. I knew a guy who drank varnish. It killed him, obviously - but it was a lovely finish.
  19. Can’t be as bad as the fanny we had at Cappielow last night…….
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