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  1. For all any of us know Morton may have spoken to Ayr about rescheduling the game. We DON'T know, but VT being VT he arbitrarily decided that Morton didn't, and criticised them accordingly. Had it come out that Morton DID suggest moving the game, you can bet your season ticket that VT would've been the first to complain about their lack of foresight reducing Morton's chances of getting a result at Motherwell in the Cup next weekend. It's just what he does. Quote
  2. I’m surprised you aren’t more sympathetic towards that stance, then, given the utter contempt that you have for anything and everything on here and elsewhere.
  3. Stands to reason, then that seven days of recovery time will be better than five…….
  4. Every game is a big game for these two at the moment. Having maybe three days less recovery time than next Saturday's opponents probably figures large in the thinking here. Plus, there's no financial benefit to Morton in moving it and hopefully they now have enough about them to beat Ayr without having fans there to shout them on.
  5. Thee BBC’s stats say the Pars had a grand total of three attempts that were on target, so it must’ve been one of his easiest games since he signed for us………. and yet Hughes still claims Dunfermline were the better team yesterday……. Five-nil, John, five-nil. Get real.
  6. ....or maybe as the manager of the team at the foot of the league he's just aware of where he should be concentrating his efforts first and foremost? yeah, it’s a tough question all right……..
  7. I have to admire your optimism. Not your judgement, just your optimism.
  8. a New Year, but I see you’re still as tediously predictable as ever……….
  9. Hey, we aren't all like that wee knob - some of us are perfectly well-adjusted and normal. The voices in my pants told me so and they're never wrong.
  10. ....except, of course, that that isn't necessarily fact at all; it's merely YOUR foolish opinion as opposed to that of various others. You really should know this, it's hardly rocket science. NEXT......
  11. Really ?? Thirteen fouls to Killie's eleven, and the only red card a deserved one for your player.......
  12. Nope, not at all, no comprehension issues here - but there ARE serious issues with your interpretation of my post of earlier today. Your attempt at distortion and deflection was pitiful.
  13. Hmmm, since when have posters only been allowed to quote and comment only on posts addressed specifically to them? (Helpful hint: the correct answer here is “NEVER”). Still, that’s an entire post where you managed not to refer to the player or his offence and nor did you brag about drug taking (further helpful hint: it’s not big, it’s not clever and nobody particularly cares about that either). Well done - keep it up!
  14. Fan ownership in this regard is irrelevant. Why the f*ck should a club reveal who was on an interview panel? I've never, ever been aware of a club making that information public.
  15. Whether you like it or not, on this subject Branch Ton does have a point. As you say yourself, you've been consistent in your criticism of Lithgow. The problem is you've been CONSTANT as well as consistent. Absolutely nobody condones what he did, but he was found guilty and sentenced something like a decade ago, maybe more; can't be arsed checking. Some folk were against the signing in the summer, but like Lithgow they have almost all moved on..... Except you. Nobody cares about your feelings on the offence. Nobody LIKES what he did but we all now manage to keep our opinions to ourselves..... Except you. Do us all a favour and stop boring the tits off us on this subject. I'm sure you'll find something else.
  16. Hard to believe, ain't it? Guy really ought to try organising his prejudices into some semblance of importance, but there you go.......
  17. Don't know, don't care. Branch Ton is definitely heavily prejudiced though.
  18. Re that first paragraph - that's exactly what was happening under Gus, except that the platitudes were all along the lines of "we're doing ok" instead of "we must do better". I really don't see why you have a problem with Imrie upping the ante and I hope he's being even more forthright with the playing staff. And re the second para - a month ago the writing was on the wall. I'd much rather it was on Imrie's arms.
  19. After the past five months I think it should be called the MANAGER bounce (if it happens!)......
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