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  1. This must be an alternate reality - but you are agreeing with VT. "judge the post, not the poster". (doesn't everybody? 😊)
  2. You're right. Anyone who decides to pile cash into a Scottish football club should know that it can turn into a bottomless pit, that their money could be wasted and maybe lost forever. Without effective, experienced management that can happen even at the top level - look at the mess than Ann Budge and Craig Levein have made at Hearts - and at our level Falkirk and Partick are just the most recent examples. While I wish my own club well with the forthcoming community buyout, I have some concerns about what the quality and experience of those put in place to run the club will be. From what I've seen this last year I hope that Dave McKinnon will remain in post alongside them. For players offered lucrative contracts by such clubs, though, it can be a no-brainer. So long as the regime rains in place for the duration of their contract they'll be paid more than before to enjoy their football; if and when it all goes tits up they go back to the sort of club and wage level they were at before.
  3. 😅😅😅 "Applauding??" "White Knighting??" Honestly, where do you dream up this guff? Back in the real world, let's take Bob McHugh as an example. A guy who will never make his fortune out of football, but a decent player by our standards who served us pretty well, and having met him a few times I can confirm that he seems to be a thoroughly decent bloke. As a result of all that, I don't blame him in the least for taking a longer deal for more money than we offered and I wish him all the best. As I expect most decent and realistic Morton fans will. The guy will be earning more and still gets to enjoy his football - nothing remotely wrong about that. BTW, does your disdain for those who move for money - as most of us outwith football would - extend to your hero David Irons, who did much the same when Gretna came calling? Classic case of journeyman footballer taking the money/getting his coaching badges/getting a management gig. And still rattling about the lower regions of the game and taking what money he can get. Just what you were sneering at a couple of posts back. 😆😆😆
  4. 👍 Thank you. Noted, and filed in the round file, where it belongs.
  5. *sigh*....... A post full of the usual breathtaking arrogance, total lack of empathy and stunning generalities that you so specialise in. Do you actually believe any of that, or are you just posing for effect as usual? If you believe in such a jaundiced viewpoint, why do you even bother with Scottish fitba’? Maybe - but it's only maybe - your views might change a little if - and its a very big "IF" - you ever manage to somehow end up in a relationship with someone, and have that person plus his or her guide dog to take care of. PS - Have you ever considered getting into teaching, vt? I reckon you've the makings of an absolutely memorable careers officer. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Think he’s just trying to save face after accusing Random Guy of over-reacting a la Helen Lovejoy earlier.
  7. 😳 Can someone ask vt’s mum to go and check his bedroom? On the basis of this and one or two other posts tonight I worry that his spleen may finally have vented itself into oblivion.......
  8. Not quite final, there’s still the pretty significant matter of who meets the costs of the legal action that Hearts and Patrick raised and, errr, lost.......
  9. Think you’ll find that grounds are even emptier at the moment, mate, and it’s got nothing to do with pricing. .......but if you think the price you quoted was bad, I suggest you avoid finding out what Hearts will be charging for Championship matches this season.......
  10. Those “journeyman mercenaries” as you call them, vt, realise that being a fitba’ player is just a job. They have lives to live, bills to pay and, in many cases, partners and/or families to provide for. They know they’re never going to make a fortune out of the game. Who the hell are you to sneer at them for taking the offer of more money and/or a longer deal? As opposed to earning less by staying in a Championship where we almost universally agree that the standard of football is not much higher than shite? In the real world, that’s the kind of decision that people have to make. And most other people are big enough, sensible enough and worldly enough to appreciate the reasons behind their decisions
  11. Thanx guys. My memory of him at Morton is along the lines of Supersouth’s post, , ie Oliver is a trier whose contributions ranged from pretty good to pretty poor. Was hoping he might’ve improved, but heyho.
  12. After his second stint with Queens, Gary Oliver is about to start his second with Morton. How'd he do with you guys last term?
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