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  1. No mate, it’s not. For those of us with no interest wotsoever in the sniping and whataboutery between the fans of the Dundee clubs it’s just feckin tedious, and from when you posted till when I’m posting there have been plenty more in the same “we’re feckin goin up/naw yiz feckin urny” vein. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen with the leagues, or when. It could take months before a decision is made. If you lot ain’t gonna put a sock in it, kindly start a separate thread and keep it all in there. It’s the sort o’ bollocks you expect to get from the Sellic and Rainjurz fanbase.
  2. Hmmm, you two wouldn’t have any ulterior motives here by any chance, would you? 😄
  3. There has to be some contingency plan discussed and ready to roll out as and when it’s deemed safe to restart football. The alternative is to do nothing and find ourselves in as clueless a position when the go-ahead is given as we are in now. If any teams are unable to complete this season’s fixtures (if that is the option decided on) then all of their previous results against all clubs would be voided. Having some sort of plan for the eventual resumption of the game is essential.
  4. There is really no point at all in posting that, unless you felt it necessary to prove that you can use Google and Wikipedia just as well as the rest of us can. The most telling fact is that you fail to acknowledge that the fixtures were successfully completed in the years you mention. There was no nationwide, continent wide or worldwide suspension of football (and indeed virtually everything else) for an indefinite period, which is what we are seeing now. Yet again you’re comparing apples to oranges in an an attempt to make yourself look clever* . * - You failed.
  5. Stuck on a nail in a manky ootside privy somewhere would be the only appropriate answer.
  6. There are a few video clips online of those idiots in Cheers, and you have to wonder if they’ll maybe be high up in the running for this year’s Darwin Awards. Still, if we have to trim the herd a bit then the self-inflicted will probably deserve it more than most. .......incidentally, I think the management of that particular establishment should have their licence cancelled after that farce yesterday.
  7. Hold on just a minute here, be fair to viruston. Give him time to pore over the accounts of Dunfermline to the same degree of forensic exactitude that he obviously gave to the accounts of Raith Rovers before he pronounces his judgement on this matter. .......THEN you can rip it up for some much-needed arsepaper. 👍
  8. Wow. Next season in League One you’ll have a bigger budget than Falkirk. 🤪
  9. Is that the Grim Reaper in the foreground looking for either Coronavirus victims or for his scythe?
  10. You're totally correct. Unfortunately there are some who still don't grasp the realities of the situation the country, the world, finds itself in, so irrelevant questions and posts attempting to trivialise things will still be the order of the day for them. Sad.
  11. Aye, cause that was Falkirk's problem, McKinnon's empty gesture. If coronavirus means more of your attention-seeking nonsense polluting our thread then this place will be a tough read for the next few weeks. At least Cicero shows some self-awareness. ^^^ “VIRUSTON!” 😫
  12. More than happy to give you time to do so, since your current premise is way oversimplified.
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