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  1. Morton v. Alloa, Tues. 9th April

    I’d settle for that. Because: a ) we are crap, can’t win games and couldn’t score in a barrel full of fannies b ) with so few games remaining we would be in little danger of the playoff place c ) I’d rather see you guys stay up rather than the other two main contenders So, can we agree on 1 - 1 then? Or, maybe more likely, 0 - 0 ?
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    .......aye. And if yer auntie had baws, she’d be yer uncle. She doesn’t, tho. And you didn’t. Live with it, you’re where you deserve to be, as is every other club in the division.
  3. I’m glad someone “bumped” this thread as I couldn’t be arsed looking for it. I said at the time of the first post above that there was no way Falkirk would average 2 whole points per game between then and the end of the season. Fast forward to today and well, what do you know, 13 games down the line and your team has collected, err, 19 points. I’m sure you can do the ‘rithmetic....... well, some of you. A little better than I thought you’d do, I’ll admit, but only good enough to get you one solitary league position higher, and that only on goal difference. Maybe you’ll shitfest a point in Fife next weekend, maybe you’ll get a point against us or maybe even beat us for the only time this season, but I doubt you’ll have any joy against the champions elect and the team almost guaranteed to finish second. Will it be enough? Dunno, doubt it, but it’s definitely squeaky bum time out in Grangemouth now. As I told you months ago - Ray McKinnon’s NOT the Messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy. Still, seem to remember he did okay with Brechin one division below. Maybe it’s his level.
  4. Queens v Falkirk

    Christ, imagine what you’d be like if you’d actually LOST.
  5. Queens v Falkirk

    They scored it. Pleasing.
  6. Queens v Falkirk

  7. Unexpected, but welcome. Especially given the 92nd minute snakery down in Dumfries. Hopefully we can get three points there on Saturday. Edited to add: Lolkirk. HAHAHAHA.
  8. Bloody hell, what do we do now?. Doubt we’ll get them all tonight
  9. Morton v The Wasps

    As if. We all know you read every single post on here,and not just on this forum. It’s what you do; you couldn’t bear to miss an opportunity to stir things up or slag someone off. What you really mean, but can’t bring yourself to say, is that you can’t muster a decent riposte because there just isn’t one that could defend your position. Pleasing.
  10. Morton v The Wasps

    Always looking for someone to blame, and always with 20-20 vision in hindsight. In case you weren't aware, brainiac, it's been a very wet few days in Inverclyde, coupled with snow overnight and into this morning. I'm no expert on grass and soil maintenance but I'd imagine after a certain amount of water is on the pitch or in the soil putting covers down would be counter-productive as it would prevent any evaporation from taking place. In any event, if there Is anyone to apportion blame to that would be the groundsman. Not the chief exec. But then why start now with letting facts get in the way of a rant, eh?? Edited to add - Eight senior games postponed in Scotland today. The reason given for seven of them was "waterlogged pitch" and the reason for the eigth was "weather", which in the circumstances is most likely another way of saying" waterlogged pitch". Are you proposing that Hawke be held to account for some or all of those other games too, as he would have had as much (or, rather, as little) to do with those postponements as he did with ours?
  11. County Vs Morton

    Not me pal, I'm a punning linguist. Close, but no cigar (and none needed).
  12. County Vs Morton

    The stuff of leg-end,
  13. Hmmm, seem to remember a lot of you saying the same before last Friday's game....... didn't come close to happening though.
  14. County Vs Morton

    Venison pie?? Sounds like it's offa dear.......