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  1. So?? Scotland hadn’t beat Spain for 39 years…….. till Tuesday. The only games that could be thought to have any relevance to this Saturday are the three games between the clubs this season - and they don’t provide much justification for “the Caley should be winning this”, do they? Four-nil for us the last time you were here……. and we’re a stronger team since then.
  2. ^^^ Not so much North Stand, more the Stand Comedy Club.
  3. Wow, you Pertyck luvvies really work hard at maintaining your image, don’t you? Hope your pre-match manicure today went well……. FFS, if that post isn't a wind-up it really should be……..
  4. Harsh. It wasn't the best-taken penalty I've ever seen, a bit too close to the keeper, but Gaston guessed right and made a decent save. Crawford did well to get forward seven or eight yards so fast and get a decent enough header on target, but for Gaston to first dive to his right and then recover so quickly to make the save to his left was just excellent goalkeeping. In this league Crawford's header would've been in far more often than not.
  5. We might not win on Saturday, but only twice this season have we lost a league game by more than a single goal. Can’t see us losing 3-0 to you guys this week. .……and you’re welcome.
  6. Personally I’ve had no issues with the stewards, but yet again there was at least one stand turnstile out of action on Tuesday. It’s obviously a programming/software issue, rather than mechanical - high time it was sorted out.
  7. There’s no doubt that Morton want the game to be on, just as they did last time, and since we have an excellent groundsman and staff I’m sure they will be at least as aware of the weather conditions as you are. And about when pitch covers are useful in saving a game, as well as when they aren’t. But thank you for your valued and knowledgeable input.
  8. FFS........ Can you miserable arseholes not just shut the f**k up and enjoy the moment?? You're still top of the second tier of Scottish football, a position you haven't been in for donkeys years - it might not last, why not enjoy it while you can without all this shite??
  9. Wow, I know this thread has plummeted to to the depths but (apart from the Molotov cock tales, obviously) this has to be one of the worst. To still be spouting Trump-style shite the day after the game is ridiculous enough, but the guff about Stella, needles and alkies - honestly, have a word with yerself. You've just taken your first point of the season from Morton, albeit it's taken you till March to do it - you should be at least reasonably content to still be clear at the top of the division at the moment. And that last paragraph....... you didn't think that through at all, did you? Queens Park have been stinking out the lower divisions for more than a century now; it's taken a millionaire Celtic fan adopting you as his pet project of the day to get you where you are right now. Without his cash you'd still be grubbing about in League Two. Getting to the top of the Championship at this stage has clearly given you delusions of grandeur, as well as a nosebleed, whereas after the last couple of seasons Morton fans are delighted to be fan-owned, debt free and in with a good chance of reaching the playoffs. The "bitterness" and "rage" you speak of is all your own work. Seek help, sunshine.
  10. This, from a fan of a team managed by Owen Coyle........ If Imrie reacted to something from the QP fans it was in the heat of the moment. Coyles after-match comments though are almost always incredibly one-sided and made after he's had time to cool down - his interview after the last Morton game a couple of weeks back being a prime example. Watch Imrie's post-match interview yesterday for an example of how it should be done - calm, fair and objective.
  11. Never mind The Bunnet, Ally McCoist behind him is looking kinda rough…….
  12. 117 goals in 136 appearances for Morton. 58 goals in one season. Still the highest total in Scottish senior football in almost a century. A very good manager of Morton for over a decade and very well thought of by those he played alongside and those he managed. And, when you got the chance to speak with him, one of the nicest men in football. He'll be greatly missed at Cappielow and long remembered.
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