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  1. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    No, a sword img would be better represented by the 5-0 gubbing that one of your fellow scallywags refers to your team taking from Partick Thistle at this stage last year. Let's see what Tuesday brings when we play the same team before drawing comparisons, hmmm? PS - it's helluva hard to type with your fingers crossed.......
  2. Well, he can try, but he'd probably miss.
  3. .......fitted right in then?
  4. I've changed my original reply because, frankly, in view of recent events your post is in extremely poor taste.
  5. Yeah, why? Gives us a player for 6 months and maybe the option to extend if we want & if it suits the parent club, don't see what's automatically shit there. And he sounds like a very good player as well, so what's not to like? I'd rather have a good short-term addition than I addition at all.
  6. The video clip on the Greenock Telegraph website of the supporters applauding the cortege as it drove slowly past Cappielow is actually quite moving. Well done to all of those who made the effort to be there to pay their respects.
  7. Early Season predictions

    dunno if he's fishing or just not very good at 'rithmetic or equations or whatever it is that applies here
  8. Do you really think that any physical issues, and their seriousness and expected duration, would not have been taken into account before he was signed? Are you Szaba Laslo in disguise?
  9. Hmmm, now let's get this straight....... According to you, Duffy was Douglas Rae's puppet. As, of course, was Warren Hawke. And now, of course, Ray McKinnon is nestling quietly in Hawke's jaikit pocket....... So, how's the weather on your home planet?
  10. * ....and maybe Morton too. As others have said, most of us are disappointed that he won't be at Cappielow next season. He'd be a good investment for any team in this division.
  11. Douglas Rae did more good for Morton this century than anyone else has. He put a lot of time, effort and money into the club, and while his decisions did not always work out for the best they were always made with the best of intentions. A very sad day for the Rae family and for Morton supporters everywhere.
  12. Dunno, but some take fitba a bit too personally. We've had a few years of good service from big Tam and he was a standout performer the season before last. That article, and the one on the last day of the season when he made it public he would be leaving, make him look a bit of an arse, but can't say I've lost any sleep over it and I'm not gonna be booing him when he comes back to play against us. He's made what he thinks is a good move, let him get on with it and time will tell.
  13. Not a chance of either, thankfully.
  14. I see that Brian Wake has left his management job in Sweden. He was doing well enough out there, but I admire his timing - tho I don't think there was ever much chance of him washing up at Morton I think we dodged a potential bullet there. Much better off with Ray, an experienced manager who knows the Scottish game and players.
  15. Early Season predictions

    Player wise, maybe. As far as the fans are concerned, going by what I saw when the playoffs were televised I'd say Thistle have a pretty high munter quotient. Nae offence, like.