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  1. Turns out they didn't even waft a pamphlet at us. 😁
  2. ^^^ 🤣🤣🤣 another one who's trying too hard.
  3. I wouldn't have thought five foot ten would've qualified anyone as a midget in Dundee, far from it, but if you're happier making things up than crapping yourself about Tuesday night's game then you go for it, fill your boots. 👍 😁
  4. Hmm, don’t think we’ve seen you on the thread since the game....... I wonder why that is? 😁 And re your Imrie comment - why don’t you go find him and ask him to his face? Despite the pandemic I’m sure they could find a hospital bed for you somewhere.
  5. 😳 All that talk about rubbers from someone with no experience of them whatsoever....... * * - well, maybe apart from a “posh w**k” to an Ainsley video.
  6. Wow. That mug’s trying way too hard. PS - Thank you.
  7. ^^^ losing the plaice. (yes, yes, I know it isn’t - don’t carp on and on about it - it’s a bit of cod psychology. Or maybe I’m just fishing). ^^^ floundering for relevance.
  8. Ahh, so all of a sudden you agree that there is not only the Morton dynamic at play here........ now that I’ve pointed it out to you. 😁 And how well Hopkin is actually doing or NOT doing is irrelevant to the point that I made. Which letter of that little word “IF” are you not understanding? And when did you start to pay the slightest heed to anything that Ayr fans said anyway?? You’re clutching at straws here, chump. You hate to see it. Well, to be honest I don’t, actually. 😁
  9. Nonsense. All it would take is for Hopkin to do better than the guy he replaced at Ayr and Gus not to do better than he is now. Straightforward stuff - there’s another variable in the equation outside of Morton, Einstein; take off the blinkers.😝
  10. If Arbroath manage to scramble a few points from their remaining games (and they certainly have more forward momentum than us or Ayr) then it's gonna be pretty ironic if the guy who left us in mid-season manages to keep Ayr out of ninth at Morton's expense....... 🤥 .......another case of Crawford shooting himself in the foot.
  11. We're hoping they'll be "fool's gold"........ .......and that this will happen....... .......but in reality this is far more likely. Looking like we're probably bound for the playoff spot.
  12. What is it about calling someone "son" on the Internet..... It really rings alarm bells okay, bairn. 👍
  13. 😳 You seem to think yourself better informed about Morton fans than Morton fans are, since I have absolutely nae idea what you’re on about, son. You are indeed very wrong. Still, you’ll be well used to that by now I suppose.
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