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  1. Perfectly fine thank you. Unfortunately, using a mobile it’s as hard to get Trump Lite and Andrew Neil together on here as it is to get them together in real life. oh well.
  2. I visited this thread to see how the OP could justify such a crap title for it, but sack that - your new avatar is the most offensive thing I’ve seen on here all weekend. There’s no place for that on a football thread. .......though he does indeed deserve a good kicking.
  3. Some female athletes and footballers in the news today saying that they are arranging for their brains to be used after their deaths for research into Alzheimer’s and other diseases. Male professional footballers are not generally noted for their altruism and selflessness, but today at 3.04 pm one Thomas O’Ware went one step further than the ladies and donated his brain with immediate effect. Nice.
  4. Christ, things must be tedious and boring in Dundee. You should've stopped at "Fair play, autocorrect". Trying way too hard after that.
  5. ..... and was dead right based on the info available at the time. Fact is, since around 9.00 Thursday it's been much colder than those forecasts predicted. Still, even the dimmest can have 20:20 vision in hindsight, eh, mate? 😋 ETA - this is probably the first time this season that Morton have gone three Saturdays in a row undefeated. Unfortunately it isn’t providing much of a feel-good factor.......
  6. Aye, you’re right - sometimes “rain” isn’t even mentioned 😟
  7. Going by that, the temperature might drop from 1 degree to -2 between 6 am and noon on Saturday and then back to 1 degree and above in the afternoon. Not close to cold enough for long enough to freeze the turf, so the game’s in nae danger. MORTON are.
  8. Dunno where you're seeing that, I've just checked 2 weather sites and both show between 1 and 5 degrees through Friday and Saturday. No risk of it being off. Unfortunately.
  9. Be quick, you still have time to fix your quotation marks in line two, nobody else may have noticed. Gee, thanx mate. It’s a shame that there are no quotation marks in the second line of my post, nor is there any need for them. I’m sure you meant well though. 👍
  10. Would off been happy with saints away been a good few years since I was up in Perth as missed the game in the betfred a few seasons ago. That’s HAVE. You would HAVE been happy. FFS, “would OFF’ is even more unforgivable than the usual ‘would OF’. The missing punctuation later in the post can be addressed another time, let’s get the more offensive error seen to first.
  11. Note to self - Avoid reading P&B next time Tarmo Stink has a day off.
  12. 😆😁😄 Nick of this, after the state they got into at Dumbarton the other week....... And only a few months after trying to pull their directors out of their cars after getting relegated too....... Embarrassed for you.
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