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  1. Any news on what's happening in the SOSFL ?
  2. My boy is too. Gives the boys something to aim for
  3. Ricky is the best ref in Ayrshire by a mile
  4. Anyone know the Glenburn and Hurlford scores ?
  5. Eastfield are favourites but Shortlees in their day can beat anyone. Glenburn destroying Drumchapel in West today was a shock to some
  6. Good idea but it would make the West and Scottish Cups less appealing which is why imo the safa wouldn't allow it
  7. Great result for Kello. Hope they enjoy their night
  8. Surprised by the management choice at Nithsdale. Club has always done well when run by local guys or ex players. Great start to season but looks like it's downhill from here. Great job for someone who knows the club
  9. Like them or loathe them, it's what Talbot do. They are unreal and the level of consistency is staggering
  10. Don't think Cumnock will make it easy for Eastfield
  11. Says on Ayrshire website Shortlees won 3-1
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