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  1. Samson is class. Been through a hard time but started the season class. Match winner
  2. I think it was Darvel under 19s that went to the Juniors as they won there league unbeaten
  3. Nithsdale were always a well run club and never had the biggest budget in the league. Didn't know the last manager but things seem to have went downhill from the violence at side of park last season
  4. Sean's a fantastic player. Just surprised he went back to Cumnock. Hope he does well
  5. Sean has been at Cumnock before and it never worked out. Surprised if he's went back
  6. Great to see that at Creetown. Fantastic people down there
  7. Have Nithsdale kept Sean McKenzie and Declan Farrow ?
  8. Any news on what's happening in the SOSFL ?
  9. Anyone know the Glenburn and Hurlford scores ?
  10. Eastfield are favourites but Shortlees in their day can beat anyone. Glenburn destroying Drumchapel in West today was a shock to some
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