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  1. Crosshouse vs Catrine

    Anymore news on this debacle ???
  2. Players with many clubs in 1 Season?

    Threave won't win the league and getting pumped from Creetown didn't affect that. Great to see Creetown on the up again. Great people down there.
  3. Biggest surprise so far...

    Great place to play football
  4. Biggest surprise so far...

    Always hard to beat at home. I think they have problems with commitment of some of the players at away games. Sort that out and will do well as it's still a young squad
  5. Biggest surprise so far...

    Been long overdue at Lorimer Park. Had some really good teams that have underachieved. Great set up at Sanquhar
  6. Poor Referee

    Hes the worst referee about. It's all about him and there's no talking to him. Speaks to players like utter shit
  7. West of Scotland Cup Ties 17/11/18 Predictions

    Colville-Shortlees final????
  8. Mindless vandals attack junior club.

    Shocking!!! These wee arseholes need this done to their house and see how they like it
  9. Poaching players and not paying the money

    Ability wise, he will make Talbot stronger tho. Good player, that's if he even plays
  10. Poaching players and not paying the money

    I understand that. That would piss me off to be fair. Brave boy when he stays in Cumnock
  11. Poaching players and not paying the money

    Ok. Cheers. Surely Cumnock are better off without him if he's that disruptive and has a poor attitude
  12. Poaching players and not paying the money

    Who is his "agent" ?
  13. Today’s scores and reports 8/9/18

    Good players at Glenmuir. If they get comitment, they will do well
  14. Goldenhill v shortlees.. The big one scottish cup final

    Well done Shortlees