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  1. If its Sean Mckenzie, hes a cracking player. Not always reliable tho.
  2. Are Mid Annandale as bad as league suggests ? Always thought it was a tough place to go
  3. Bonnyrigg clearly are good side. More or less in SPFL. Talbot are there and will beat them.
  4. I hope Talbot win their finals, what a season that would be
  5. John Gall was classless but Michael Kennedy was superb. He's a winner but he was classy in his interview.
  6. Folks I'm a great believer that leagues don't lie. The best team wins the league. Doesn't matter about money spent as that doesn't always work.
  7. If its a big competition, could an SPL ground not be an option ? Grass preferably
  8. One more question, is this fin being played at Hampden ? Amatuer cup final is there.
  9. Talbot play Bonyrigg in final. Is that a bigger competition now after league ?
  10. Is the SSC classed as the biggest cup outwith the league now ? Excuse me for asking but wasn't sure
  11. Is it true that Samson is going to Morton at end of season ?
  12. Some of yous Talbot fans, wrightly or wrongly, are coming across as self entitled. Yous expect to win everything because yous have been spoilt with success. Some of the criticism is uncalled for. Win your last 5 league games, I suspect yous will win the league. Semi final at home in SCC and final of Junior Cup. Fs lads, I'd hate my team to be that pish and on the verge of a really good treble. Must be hard.
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