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  1. I'm all for players on this one. Things thrown at them and they have just to accept it. Even if they are hit and hurt, probably don't find the culprit. Every right to react. I know some will not agree with this
  2. I've heard Lesmahagow put a complaint in about last week's match being off and it's being investigated by SAFA. I'd reckon Stewarton will get thrown out. Could have been a good game aswell
  3. As far as I'm aware, the pitch isn't registered to be played on. Find it strange what Stewarton have done. Should be kicked out of competition
  4. The changing rooms aren't even worthy of a tramp
  5. I heard Stewarton had boys unavailable. Really poor doing that
  6. The pitch hasn't been played on in years
  7. I was planning to go watch this game tomorrow but it was called off this morning. I saw Stewarton had Cockelbie down as venue and they don't play there. Normally the sports centre. Can anyone shed any light on this ?
  8. Darvel get pelters at times for no reason. Aye, they have money but it doesn't always win you things. Outplayed today and lost to a better side. Michael Kennedys interview was 1st class. Lost to a better side today. Honesty
  9. Shock result as New Cumnock have been going well. They have everyone available ?
  10. So do I. There's no a massive gulf in class so far
  11. Agree but 17/4 Cumnock on SkyBet is tempting
  12. And one of them is possibly best player in your team in Samson
  13. Love the "trampoline stealers quote"[emoji19]. How many players have Talbot got from Cumnock over past few years ? As I imagine that would make yous trampoline stealing stealers[emoji1787]
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