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  1. Don’t you rate Turner? Be interested on your views on how he played with Pars, there has been a lot of positivity about his performances at Airdrie which is why we’re happy to sign him.
  2. McCall said in his Jagzone after match interview that he would be sitting down in the coming days with Jagzone interviewer to share his thoughts in what happened, so maybe aired later this week.
  3. Surely you would want to finish second? Gives Airdrie second leg v Cove at home? McCall already said that 5 of Thursdays starting 11 won’t be involved on Tuesday. Last Saturdays game v Airdrie our toughest by a mile since the restart and you definitely have a superb chance of promotion via playoffs.
  4. Aye who were the Dumbarton commentators tonight? They were excellent, not just commentating on the game but their overall football knowledge was superb. Well done.
  5. They played last night so have today and tomorrow morning before KO, if the played Sunday lunchtime they would have Sunday afternoon Monday and Tuesday before their 7.45 KO. It’s not rocket science to schedule games equitably, I don’t even support Montrose not sure why I’m even debating with you, I just think it’s wrong to ask them to play 39 hours after the end of their last game.
  6. Foster has been superb for us this season and is definitely not the weak link he is the best full back at the club playing LEFT back this season. If you want a defender who can defend and assist with some goals Foster is the man, if you want a defender who isn’t comfortable defending but good going forward then Williamson is the man for you. I hope we keep Foster for next season whatever league we’re in.
  7. Not arguing with that but why couldn’t they have given Montrose another day and played on Sunday morning, surely that’s not beyond the SFA to organise?
  8. Think you are being quite hard on yourselves, last night was the kind of night that happens every 2/3 seasons where everything went right for us, that added to the fact we have strength in depth which allows us to freshen things up with like for like replacements. Our players before the game were saying that the game at LP earlier this season has been the toughest game this season. I hope you make the top 5 playoffs because over the seas you have deserved it with some great results. The only thing that is likely to stop you is the insane number of games you have been asked to play. The SFA / SPFL have a total disregard for anyone other than the OF and any full time team would struggle with the schedule you guys have. I would play a youth team v Killie on Saturday if I was SP and rest as many players as possible. Good luck.
  9. Is Devine classed as a development loan, not sure if he is or not? If he is, then in normal seasons development loans don’t count towards the loan quota?
  10. Sena signs a new 2 year deal, great news for Thistle and the boy himself, he has had to go through a lot to get here
  11. Cracking player, in the few games he played for us he was by miles or best CB. Would have liked him at Firhill this season but think our league status ended our chances of that. Definitely an upgrade on Ashcroft IMO.
  12. Caldwell played him quite a bit, either starting or as a sub and he improved with games. He is a talented boy who will do really well for QoS, he can play wide or in behind the striker(s) and will contribute goals, great bit of business by you guys.
  13. DR Doom strikes again... what fckn difference does it make unless all you want to do is continue to peddle negativity about the club??? For accuracy the fans have raised more than £185k out-with ST sales.
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