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  1. Lost what fucking argument? I've not lost a single argument related to guns since I joined you complete roaster.
  2. And again, shocking inability to absorb simple information. There are many countries around the world with significantly more liberal gun control and less crime than the UK, even with it's manipulated statistics. "HURR DURR ONLY AMERICA HAS LESS GUN CONTROL THAN US"
  3. I'm talking about the penalty you moron.
  4. f**k the rational, sensible debate where I absolutely wiped the floor with you all is still in that other thread for everyone to see. Bet that will get fucking deleted when I'm banned too!
  5. You're talking about being extremely drunk. Have you ever tried to aim something when extremely drunk and hit a nearby target? Then shut the f**k up, stabbing them would be much easier. The f**k are you talking about?
  6. If I had a gun I'd be trying to see straight and aim the gun, I'd probably be aiming 90 degrees to their left, being a drunk twat and miss. If I had a knife I'd just slash them and stab them a few times. Much easier.
  7. Clearly there fucking is, because you seem utterly incapable of taking in simple information.
  8. I agree completely. Doesn't stop there though.
  9. How fucking hard do you think it is to stab somebody? Compare that to trying to see straight and aim straight when fucking "blootered". Total fanny once again.
  10. No it wouldn't be at all. You complete tit.
  11. There's no good reason for you to consume alcohol. Banning it outright will stop all those crimes being commited, save all those people. Make the world so much safer.
  12. But I won't be banned. You're not getting it. Well f**k if you want to reduce the likelihood of fucking murder and horrors being commited ban alcohol. Surely you support that, yes? Think of all the things people do when drunk.
  13. You keep fucking saying that, I've given numerous good fucking reasons over the many threads. Why are you not scared of the fact that the person can drive a car, or buy a knife, or blow up a fucking building with improvised explosives, or incinerate dozens of people through arson. ANY stupid fucker can do that, so you must be fucking terrified constantly?!
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