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  1. Plenty the first time round lad so cant see why getting punted in the main stand this time round JOKE
  2. Why we getting punted into the main stand always better behind the goals poor show
  3. Hopefully new signings in chalmers and hilson and possibly wighton if that deal happens can all kick on and chip in with goals and get us back up the table
  4. He has just signed a pca with inverness i seen it on here yesterday sure of it. Dont know where he is going to find a decent forward to score us some goals.
  5. Would love to see them players come in think logan chalmers will come in this month hopefully soon but none of the others glass going straight into uniteds midfield alloa never let trouten go to rival club fighting at bottom half of table. Megginson and easton on big wages at cove and kelty respectively. Hope he can find few new faces and keep us up MON THE LICHTIES
  6. That is bullshit he is far and away arbroaths best player and would not swap him for any other defender in this league SIMPLE.
  7. Thought we played well today gutted we could not find the net for the equaliser. Only thing i was disapointed in was the subs what a awful decision to take off linn and kader too all width from the game and last 15 mins we did not even barley cross the half way line after subs went off. Total wrong call from big dick but we move on to next week MON THE LICHTIES
  8. Station bar is a good bar and tutties is right across from the ground and the townhouse has few rooms its very nice you can see if they have any rooms for you
  9. My team for saturday Jamieson Thomo little tob hammy Gold whatley murphy linn Mckenna Doris Hopefully pick up the 3 points we need. Mon the lichties
  10. I think 4-5-1 is fine against the dundee teams and ayr away but against other teams think we should be 4-4-2 and defo have gold as a winger as better than mckenna out wide and have 2 up front and might give us a better chance of creating chances and hopefully scoring a few goals.
  11. Did not make this game today buy even by the 5 minute highlights are looked a class act and they will defo be up near the top all season as long as no injuries to any important players. Big reaction needed at dens but have faith in dick to get it right and get a few more points on the board in the next few weeks.
  12. No just if he keeps up this scoring record he could break some records like and yeah we at least deserved a point. Uses hope he does not get injured like what happened at ayr 2nd half of last season.
  13. Gutted is an understatement to how i feel we played brilliant from 1-11 and seriously the owners of dundee united better have deep pockets to keep paying shanklands goal bonus's [emoji23][emoji23]. But we have to move on to next week but think we will fine in this league if utd are the best in this league. MON THE LICHTIES
  14. Just got my ticket tonight for this game. Hopefully we can get something from this game. Quietly cofindent we can fustrate united and hopefully snatch us a goal and win the game. MON THE LICHTIES
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