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  1. Yeah mate westport bar do venoms right outside train station
  2. That is brilliant signing for forfar getting kirkpatrick would of defo taken him at gayfield he scored good few goals for alloa last season
  3. Think it is poor letting wallace go by far are best forward we have had this season ok if we are getting money for him its a bonus. As lichtie kev said donnelly as potential starter is big worry. Hopefully dick has something up his sleeve FINGERS CROSSED
  4. Why would he want to go to airdrie better staying in the championship he is far to good for league 1 he rommed it with east fife a few seasons agao ehich got his big move away. Silly to head back to them leagues.
  5. I think it would be a really bad idea to get rid of doris even not a fully fit doris is better than spence and donnelly and would be really worried if we kept them 2 and got rid of wallace and doris. Love mcCord as a player but he will go just cant get fully fit which is ashame likes.
  6. Nah he was not great either oh well still going to do it so no worries [emoji3]
  7. Christ cant be anyone decent as were really poor under lumsden cant mind anyone decent in his team [emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Any news on doris injury?? Hope its not serious likes as he was amazing yesterday again.
  9. How the f**k do you know so much big lichtie are you a board member or something???
  10. Yesterday was are chance to go and grab this league by the balls and we choked. It really annoys me the young dumbarton boy cant get a game he has the pace to get in behind defences as prunty and scott been poor for a while now. Hopefully dc sees this and changes it up and give the lad a chance. He cant be any worse than prunty and scott.
  11. Good point up there just need to get back to winning ways at home next week and good to see forfar still slipping up the title race is well and truely on MON THE LICHTIES
  12. Always good to see forfar slipping up 6 points now game on
  13. See hester was back on the bench yesterday has he been called back from loan already??
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