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  1. How is it positive? Its an absolute irrelevance designed to give you and him a chance to stroke yourselves and your egos over replica kits. No one gives a f**k. As for hospitality, aye probably, though anyone stupid enough to pay for em gets what they deserve. Mr berwick-the-unbeatable, I have highlighted 2 sections of your post which sum you up nicely... you are an irrelevant wan*er... even your name on here is, not only factually incorrect but in view of the current situation makes you look like a completely deluded imbecile. You suggest earlier in this thread that the retro shirt thing should be saved for a time when it is appropriate... you should do the same with yourself on here, with such a stupid name you should go away until a more appropriate time... when we are in fact unbeatable, otherwise your very presence is making the club look like a laughing stock and may well be deterring potential players who might like to sign for the club but then read P&B and think to themselves "why would I want to join a club whose support includes such brain dead fu**wits as the idiot who calls us unbeatable... he is just taking the p*ss" One positive thing about the club right now is its social media profile which has improved out of sight since the "Donald Trump of self opinionated greatness" who could not even decide what his own name is... Dale Jones or is it McRea?? left... he even had the clubs official e-mail set up so he got a copy of every thing the club sent or received direct to his own inbox, including after he left for Gods sake!! The club get e-mail CVs for the managers position and old Dale knows about it before the club do!! Then he has the gall to come on here and slag off the very people who are trying as far as they can to raise the profile of the Club. Dale... complete ar*ewipe. That is all! Thank you. Coo coo
  2. He is unavailable for appointment this weekend as he is off to Creamfields.
  3. For someone who purports to be a writer, your grammar is awful Mr Stuart Bell. Line 1, the full stop should be inside the parentheses with which you started the sentence, only if the parentheses appear within a sentence is the full stop outside. Line 2 contains a double negative which tells us we have seen something and this makes no sense in the context of your previous sentence. Go off rambling elsewhere, the Yorkshire Dales perhaps and leave this thread alone.
  4. With Albion Rovers, Berwick Rangers, Elgin City and Peterhead all failing to score a single goal in their four league cup games is this going to be the most boring season ever in League 2?
  5. It is common knowledge around Berwick that Moray McLaren is trying to take over!! Coo coo... or indeed Coup coup!!
  6. Behave yourself... it is common knowledge around Berwick that Moray McLaren is trying to take over!! Coo coo... or indeed Coup coup!!
  7. I am indeed... also 51 and not trying to play football... oh yes and my clothes fit!! #NeedsABiggerShirt
  8. I thought I was fat 'til I saw the state of Cowdens number 9, no wonder they are struggling having to resort to that!!
  9. Looking at the rain from my perch under the Main Stand roof at Shielfield... a dry perch thanks to the efforts of former manager JC... this match has a 50/50 chance of being on... it is to brighten up later on but that will not help at inspection time! Coo coo!!
  10. I do not understand why people think this was not a red card... off ground and out of control... studs to ankle... red card... simple...
  11. the point here is that it is unlikely... no actually there is just no way that Cowdenbeath will win 5 more games than Berwick do from the 13 games remaining... equally Berwick will not win 5 more games than Stenhousemuir do... so... Berwick will not make the playoffs nor will they finish bottom... so... This is a totally unbaised chance to debate the events of Saturday as, which ever way you paint it, it does not matter one little bit in the bigger picture... Just a chance to discuss opinions on referees I suppose and on what should or should not be done in such situations. It would be nice if we could see the official observers view of the incident.
  12. Whether a foul is inside or outside is a matter of opinion, this was not... it was a failure to apply the laws of the game... FIFA have set a precident on this with the mentioned international, also ONLY BECAUSE THE MATCH ENDED WITHOUT A RESTART no other factors can have been argued to influence the overall match result, had the ref restarted the match and played a few seconds more then we have a different situation. The match should have ended when Goodwillie stopped his run up.
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