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  1. Why bother improving on a formula when people will rush to buy the same thing they bought last year in droves
  2. Genuine misunderstanding
  3. Lukewarm is a one off, regular is a yearly repeat
  4. I don't know why you are so wound up that a mediocre game will be free within a year but ok
  5. Well put, I apologise for my first post, gets my back up a bit when people deny E-sports the legitimacy they deserve.
  6. Yes? E-sports are a legitimate industry.
  7. In this scenario I would legitimately leave home and not come back. Not even being dramatic.
  8. Rewatched trainspotting 2 for first time since January. Probably enjoyed it more than the first, it's such a colourful, attention grabbing film in a way the original isn't.
  9. One of the greatest actors of our time, apparently also a huge nonce. Shame.
  10. Only just started watching Breaking Bad. An actual good American tv show.
  11. It seems like a long time since we got a proper 5-0 doing from celtic
  12. Fine looking game but will be half price by Christmas
  13. How is competitive rocket league more odd than the swill that's on TV the rest of the time?
  14. You'll get it all for free on ps plus within a year
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