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  1. There problem yesterday was they had lots of the ball 30/40 yards out,but couldn’t do anything with it ,the Bo’ness back four were comfortable all game.Max got the tactics spot on.both wide men covered the fullbacks most of the game and were happy to give possession to Tranent miles away,I don’t know where you thought you were the better team,the best team won.
  2. Enjoyed the game today,very good win for Bo’ness can’t agree with [email protected] t boy,canny remember big Andy making any saves,while Bo’ness made 4/5 good chances,the game should have been finished after 1 hour,good tactics won in the end.BTW your goalkeeper is a walloper.
  3. Great performance from Bo’ness every player worked there socks off. Didn’t give Bonnyrigg any room to play .the closing down was excellent. The manager and the coaches must be very happy. That’s the big difference from the last management.well done.
  4. Great game,Bo’ness slightly the better team. McKenzie and Murphy top players for Bo’ness.ref could have wasted it,if he had sent anyone off earlier. Anyone from either team I should add.
  5. Was there no video of yesterday’s game.
  6. That’s true,love to see him lose a bit of weight.
  7. Watched him last night ,hardly put a foot wrong .
  8. Murphy is easily the best keeper in the league, my man of the match just ahead of hunter,
  9. 100% correct legless, must have punted the ball out for bye kicks about 10 times in the first half. Got to play into feet good 3 points.
  10. Scott Gibb is a good fullback,on yesterday's performance from snowdon I would go for Gibby any time.
  11. A wee bit harsh jambo, a few players missing yesterday,only 4 or 5 of the team that finished the game would possibly start the first game. It's still hard to say what his strongest team will be.
  12. Agree with most of that jambo, the big difference in the second half was Donnelly ,cut off all the supply to their no4 who was running the midfield.devon Jacobs looked very good.but Samuel as Wednesday the supply to the front 3 was poor.
  13. Only when they are winning.
  14. The kelty captain never gets sent off,he is the referee at home games.
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