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  1. Craigroyston FC who play In the East of Scotland league have entered an under 20s team for the new season in the development league and are looking for players in all positions Open training sessions have already begun. Only players born after 1.1.2002 are eligible Players/parents can contact the clubs Twitter/Facebook page or I’m happy to answer any dm’s. Manager Gav and assistant manager Rico’s details also posted
  2. First minister just announced it in her latest address.
  3. Contact sport allowed from 17th May at the earliest. Over 5 months since the last competitive game of the season. Got to imagine null and void may now be a big possibility as you’re going to need at least two weeks of contact training after such a break before even thinking about games.
  4. With a few West regions rumoured to enter tier 4 this week, will this affect any the games or travel between East/West or do we expect to remain exempt?
  5. I can confirm no song was sung and singing is not a requirement of signing for us!
  6. Pathead now in championship and Edina Hibs in league 1.
  7. After West Barns folded, I believe Danderhall have been reinstated to the Premier having originally been relegated.
  8. Has it been mentioned if the championship players are returning with testing or as normal? If it’s with testing then game is up the pole for our level of football in 2020. I’ve been told the Lothian and Edinburgh Amateurs are thinking January for their return. Without introducing summer football, there’s not much hope of getting a season finished, even on reduced games if it’s January start.
  9. Brad finished the 18/19 season with me and played a few games and then he had a great season for me up until the season was ended early so he has been playing mate. He has so much potential and is a class act. Delighted to get him back at a better level where his talent belongs.
  10. You’ll probably find every manager than moves to a new team takes boys he’s previously had that he knows well and trusts. We don’t have any playing budget so we won’t be able compete financially with anyone. Very happy with who we have been able to get in, including the 3 so far from Leith that noboby would have said were predictable given how good a season they had. As for being disappointed because we have the same sponsor, how ridiculous is that comment?
  11. Our committee voted for average points. I’d have said the same had it been my personal choice. We win our league. It’s not the way anybody wants to win it but I think we would have gone on to win it comfortably.
  12. LEAFA clubs vote 63-27 in favour of ending the season based on average points. There was never going to be one way to keep all clubs happy and this now gives them a basis to form divisions next season. Well done to all league winners.
  13. I think that was accurate. Teams listed in rank of average PPG I think and then put alternatively into A and B working down the list. That’s the way they’re being calculated.
  14. St Mark’s park as always in outstanding condition the other day.
  15. LEAFA have recommended that leagues are finished on average points per game with the possibility of finishing 4 cups that are in the latter stages if the season can get started at a time that allows them to be completed. Teams have until 8th May to submit a counter proposal in writing which has been submitted by a second team. If one is received then it will go to a vote between that and the executive committee’s proposal. There will be a counter proposal to null and void so it’s going to go to clubs for a vote.
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