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  1. East of Scotland cup

    I didnt take it as disrespectful mate, I knew what you meant, was just giving my thoughts! It was a very nervy game as they tend to be, with neither team wanting to conceded first. We too never played to what we can, I think the occasion played a big part but we done enough to get through on the night against most people’s prediction. I think we showed much more what we are all about in the final, I think Fallin gave us too much respect and changed how we had seen them play and gave us far too much time on the ball and allowed us to play,
  2. East of Scotland cup

    A couple stepped back up a level, and at the start of the season most were split between Sandys, Salvie and Newcraighall. And a handful just stopped playing. Since i went in to help at Lauriston a few weeks ago, Iv taken a few back there and next season I’d imagine a few more will be coming back on board with me.
  3. East of Scotland cup

    You had a very very good team mate. I've only ever seen pennies in the East., form wins you a league, in a cup you need to have a bit luck, favourable tie, home advantage but imo a final is down to a few factors, main one being who wants it more and i think ESV will have a point to prove. Iv seen Pennies this year and was very impressed with them. ESV will definitely be up for it thought and they have no shortage of good players either. They’ve proven in the league they can beat the top teams and they will fancy it.
  4. East of Scotland cup

    We had a very good team, that was no fluke in the semi. I’d have fancied us to have beaten them any other time too. Lot of people outwith our team and LEAFA wrote us off for that game.
  5. East of Scotland cup

    Quite a classless comment that mate nah?
  6. Leafa

    Very good win for Sandys yesterday. I said the same last year that if they win the league then it will be deserved because it would take a quite brilliant run of form to do so and same applies this year. I seen first hand what they can do when they build up momentum and in beating Salvie and Tollcross in recent weeks they seem to be hitting form at the right time again.
  7. Leafa

    HOME - ESV AWAY - Tranent, Craigshill
  8. Leafa

    Agree with most of that, however Lauriston are needing favours now after a couple horrific results they are a point behind AVU with same games played so AVU have to be favourites and are on a cracking run.
  9. East of Scotland cup

    Wasn’t at St Bernard’s Ryan is a very good player, il admit to being very pleasantly surprised with during my time with the select team at just how good he is.
  10. Leafa

    I can confirm this is a load of shite and having just spoken to Alan, he’s saying the same.
  11. Leafa

    There’s a good chance mate, yes. Wheels been in motion with regard to next season, but first, they have a season to finish with a good group of boys who can still win 2 trophies.
  12. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Now confirmed on SAFA website that Southside will play Hurlford
  13. Leafa

    Tollcross manager isn’t going anywhere, they will be as strong as ever next year and he will still be there.
  14. Leafa select

    Cheers mate, boys done all the hard work, I just pick the team! Haha