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  1. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Or you’re naive for believing it’s not the truth? Goes both ways
  2. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Well a starter for 6 is he played for Craigshill last season.
  3. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Is there a better source haha?
  4. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Some do, I have absolutely no reason to doubt this one though. Im not one to make silly accusations, I speak the truth give honest views and opinions on all things good or bad.
  5. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    I know of a player that has been offered money to stay at one of the two merging clubs.
  6. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    As far as playing at Falkirk goes, I don’t think that’s an issue. We've had teams from Shotts, Linlithgow etc so I don’t see any problems there. There are bigger concerns about the move that Iv already mentioned. Absolutely all for better teams coming as it raises the standard for everyone else, forces the top teams to get better and freshens things up a bit, but they need to play by the same rules as everyone else and I’m not sure that’s happening.
  7. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Cracking addition to LEAFA however I’m going to play devils advocate here and ask why didn’t you go EoS or junior if you are paying players. Iv never believed it up til now but a player that played for one of the two merging teams (I won’t name them) disclosed what he has been offered to remain to the manager of another team who tried to sign him. (Again I won’t name that manger or team). I come on here and always give my honest opinion in my own name and don’t agree with it in the slightest. I fully expect this to be strenuously denied.
  8. Select job

    I’m not sure at the moment mate. If there is someone that can put more time into it and watch a lot more games than I can that wants to do it then I’d be happy to step aside if it benefits the association . Last season Mikey and myself watched a lot of games to see as many players as possible, obviously this year will be limited to teams we play against or when we have free weeks. Equally, I enjoyed it and would definitely do it again if the committee wanted me to.
  9. Leafa

    You can't deny a few posters on here are totally dismissive and arrogant to anyone who isn't a sandys player or a salvy player...... even tho tranent finished above them? I stated that imo kiddo wasn't a great CB in a back 3 and Jules would play in that sandys team and some boy started a thread about it..... utter desperation!!! There is some bang average players in all top leafa sides, with better players in lower leagues but don't get recognised because they play in a lower league. I think you also need to take into account how many people are at the wind up on here aswell posting for a reaction. It’s been directed at me a few times aswell, you soon learn who is giving an opinion and who is at it!
  10. Leafa

    I think the rumours about Sandys will prove to be unfounded and they’ll go in stronger than this season.
  11. Select job

    Believe it or not mate, it’s not a sought after position and there aren’t a lot of people clambering for it. It suited me because I couldn’t commit this season to every week but I can see what people don’t want it having just experienced it. You get no thanks, you definitely can’t please everyone and everybody else can do a better job. Before I done it, I said the same but have seen first hand it doesn’t quite go to plan like club football. I enjoyed it all the same and I’m sure the boys you know enjoyed it aswell, it’s a good experience. I’d imagine the committee would be delighted to have more people put themselves forward for it, especially guys like you mentioned that have been successful. Your comment is factually incorrect though, I suspect you will say Mickey Mouse league, but won a league all the same. And major
  12. Leafa

    Not tips, but if they’re not up there going for the league at the business end of the season I’d be surprised mate. Both will be guaranteed to have the squad to do so. That’s not to say other teams won’t either, until you see what sort of squad the other teams put together, it’s all a guessing game at the moment. The more strong teams the better though so I really hope these teams can compete over a season.
  13. Leafa

  14. Leafa

    I think there’s a difference between totally dismissing teams and being asked who you think will challenge. Tranent had a brilliant first seasoning the prem, I’m not sure how they faired against the “bigger” more establishes premier teams on head to heads but they fell short in the end and need to step up a level to challenge which I think is what people are saying. Sandys and Tollcross will again go off as everyone’s favourites and you can see why, they do it consistently every year and that’s where the bar is set for everyone else. For what it’s worth, I seen them a few times last season and they have some very good players so it will be interesting to see how they fare next season if they strengthen. I’m sure they’ll want to prove some people wrong if they feel they’re being written off, wether they can or not remains to be seen.
  15. Leafa

    played him like a fiddle, convinced me aswell, I was telling him to do all sorts hahaha one of the best that!