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  1. I was surprised at the result last week so Harp will fancy it again although most people would fancy Eastfield in the replay. If they do progress, it’s probably the tie everybody privately wanted to avoid. We’ve not had it easy in the draw in any round so far that’s for sure. I’m having that game watched tomorrow so will be kept up to speed as it goes while we play.
  2. I’ve been advised not to comment but I can’t help it when I see things that aren’t true. In their statement they have said they made Lauriston aware of a breach of the rule and that we chose not to address it, that is not true at all, not once did they tell us anything. It’s the last I’ll comment on it. Tomorrow we should know what’s happening and if the matter is closed.
  3. 2 weeks on Saturday, unless this is rushed through then I don’t think we will be up by then.
  4. We will soon find out the answers, it’s been confirmed to us that the protest has been lodged on time and as it should be so we now await notice on when we will need to go up to Hampden.
  5. There’s not much anyone can do or say until it’s all received by relevant parties. Our chairman should find out more details today. My own personal opinion based on a lot of stuff that has been sent to me on social media (by complete strangers backing us) is that it won’t go very far.
  6. No letter yet, I expect that will arrive today as we should receive one from Harestanes.
  7. Dinsey


    We had games planned for before the year but the weather ruined that. We hadn’t put the squads up due to how many changes we were finding so the team on the night was a bit off from what was posted. No call offs as yet for this evening though from the squad I was able to name Select v Preston Scott walker - Fernieside/Westside Liam Robertson - Lauriston/ Gorgie Hearts Andrew Kidd - Sandys Phil Blaney - Tollcross Andy Crichton - Tollcross Kevin Smith - Tollcross Liam Mccardle - Sandys Arran Gosman - Meadowbank Wayne Macintosh- Sandys Dean Cunningham- Sandys Ross Grant - Meadowbank John Robertson - Sandys Stewart O’Neil - Tollcross Anton Mckillop - Tranent Colin Chalmers - Tollcross Luke Leiper - Edinburgh United Vale Ryan Moore - Edinburgh South Vics Michael Osbourne - Sandys
  8. Dinsey


    Both Lewis and Kenny unable to commit to the select, happy playing Sundays. It’s not for everybody, some fancy it , some don’t, work etc The squad i first write down usually changes by 7/8.
  9. Dinsey


    A welcome distraction!
  10. Haven’t a clue mate but I’m sure we would also have been informed which we weren't. Let’s see what happens as of yet we’ve heard nothing so it’s all speculation until we do, that’s if we do.
  11. This makes no sense then, you can’t complain about one rule being broken whilst breaking another 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. See the rule above though mate, not allowed to do that. They would have to have at that point raise a protest as per rule 15.
  13. Rule 15 of Scottish Amateur Cup Rules: Protests relating to ground, goalposts or other appurtenances and violation of rule, must be intimated to the referee and to the captain of the opposing team at the time the infringement takes place with such protest being made in writing on the reverse side of the teamlines, witnessed and signed by both team captains DID NOT HAPPEN
  14. If there was a protest going in, we would have to be aware of it as our captain would be required to sign the back of the team sheet at the moment it was raised during the game.
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