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  1. In a totally unrelated note (promise), here's my album recommendation for today.
  2. Theres also the third option; John Nelms hasnt a fucking clue what he's doing...
  3. IF this is true, how long till we find out what we got in return for the yes vote?
  4. Tae be fair, naecunt wi half a brain would've trusted them afore this...
  5. Right lads just hame fae work, what the fucks actually goin on? Looks like a weeks worth o shite tae sift through, and Eh really cannae be bathired. Anycunt want tae gie is a TL;DR?
  6. Mate, Eh'm only sayin it half in jest masel. He couldna really dae much worse than the shite we've seen fae mcpake, mccann, and the last 2 seasons of Hartley... f**k it! How no?
  7. Nut. No haein it. Only one man can tak cherge an dae the joab that needs daein.
  8. Unless the club put on a deal or two again this year, this is likely to be the first year in many years that I've not been to a single home game. I refuse to pay £24 for any game of football, never mind one in the championship. Probably just keep going to see east craigie for my live football fix. Bus up, ticket in, a peh, an twa pints for less than a ticket to Dens would cost? Fuckin right.
  9. Exactly. And he's never had a bad thing to say about Dundee despite the massive amounts unnecessarily nasty shit that some elements of our support have put him through the years since he had to leave. I'm personally glad to have him back at the club.
  10. To be fair to the rest of the league, I think even half of us were in WTF mode at that one.
  11. It'll be Celtic and The Rangers, I guarantee it. Makes sense to rinse the old firm fans for every possible pound I guess...
  12. God bless you Simon Murray, you beautiful ugly ginger b*****d.
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