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  1. How is the Mokka? My wife is looking for a new car and was thinking about one.
  2. Is it a hassle to sell a car through gumtree/auto trader? I mentioned it to my wife and she’s says if I want to do that I’ve to do it. What do you need to do DVLA wise?
  3. Calm doon and go for a pint ffs, some folk moan about anything nowadays
  4. I might be wrong but is that not the order what it started like?
  5. Don’t hate my job as it’s different most days but I think painting and decorating would be a brilliant job. Once it’s all set up with dust sheets etc then it just a wee relaxing day singing along to the radio
  6. If you’re seriously insulted about this then you need to have a word with yourself. I don’t think you are though, I think everybody in your house went to bed and you’re just up playing with your keyboard.
  7. Afas has been the stand out tonight, very good player all over the park [emoji122][emoji122]
  8. Back to work today. Been getting pains from sciatica since before Christmas and was gradually getting worse until 2 weeks ago when I woke in the middle of the night and couldn’t stand up. Been off work since. Went up to see a spinal therapist in Perth on the Thursday and (touch wood) not had any bother since. For the first time in six months can put socks on without being in pain.
  9. Seemingly emails have been sent to supporters with tickets for Saturday. I mustn’t have got one.
  10. Anybody know when we should be expecting emails for the game on Saturday?
  11. I've just noticed I was offered a Brighton ticket as well, was to be paid last night though, is this because Rangers have been allowed to sell more tickets.
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